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Chapter 6

Kaname's POV

I can no longer wait; I put my Yuki to sleep and told Ichijou and the other to erase everyone's memories of Yuki being here today.

I saw my parents waiting for me outside as I carry my bride with me to where she belongs.

I let my parents hold her until we arrived at our home. The same one that Yuki should have grown up if she wasn't taken away from us.

"Kaname, are you going to turn her back?" my father asked me

I only nodded.

When we arrived at our estate I immediately took Yuki away from them and went to my room.

My parents will understand my actions.

I gently laid Yuki down on my bed and caressed her face.

I don't want her to be in pain, so I had put her to sleep.

I sat at my bed and moved Yuki to lay on my lap.

I moved her hair away from her neck and licked her neck.

I smelled her intoxicating smell that I will never get tired off.




Normal POV

Once the process was done, Kaname waited for Yuki to wake up.

Not a minute later, he felt Yuki waking up.




Everything felt different to her, she felt thirsty, she can hear clearly than before.

She slowly opened her eyes and saw that her senses had heightened.

She didn't know why, but the last thing she had remembered that she was with Kaname Kuran.

Suddenly images of her past came to her.

She remembered her past, that she was taken away from her real parents by Shizuka.

She remembered her brother, Kaname.

She remembered her parents and the room she was only allowed to.

The one without any windows, but she didn't mind, as long as she had her family, especially her beloved brother.

Suddenly her vision was block by none other than her brother.

"Yuki, do you recognize me?" he asked softly.

She blinked and cried happily.

"Kaname-oniisama, I'm sorry I left you alone for a long time. "

"No, it is not your fault my dear. I'm here now. I won't leave you alone anymore, I promise you. I shouldn't have left you alone." he said and hugged her.

"It wasn't your fault, Kaname." She sniffed

She felt safe; she is finally back to where she belongs.

To the arms of the one she loves. She remembered her promise to him that one day that they will be like their parents.

"Our parents want to see you as well Yuki, will it be alright?" he asked her.

When Yuki nodded, Kaname helped her stand and guided her to the same room that she was allowed in. the windowless room.

When they arrived, they saw that Juri and Haruka was seating on a loveseat worrying.

"Okaa-sama, Otou-sama." Yuki called to them.

Immediately, Juri and Haruka ran to where there precious daughter was.

Kaname stepped aside and let his parents hug his Yuki.

"Yuki, my sweet baby, Mommy missed you so much." Juri sobbed

"I'm sorry for worrying you Mommy" Yuki replied and hugged her tightly.

"My princess, welcome home. Welcome back to where you belong." Haruka stated in the embrace.

Once they had felt that Yuki won't disappear on them, Juri and Haruka motioned Kaname to join them, in which Kaname obeyed.

Juri sighed happily.

"Our family is finally complete." Juri stated while the others nodded in reply.









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