Ren was sleeping peacefully. Suddenly, he woke up. He sat up frowning. He was sure he had heard a sound. He then caught sight of the tree. "So that's her moving tree!",he said to himself surprised. "Hey Kyo-"

Ren found himself staring down at an empty bed. "Kyoko?", he quickly got out of the bed in alarm. To his surprise, the door was closed. He opened it and went out to search for Kyoko. Almost as soon as he was out of the room, he fell over something soft. It was a teddy bear, which they had put on the rocking chair in the playroom.


He looked up quickly. Kyoko's voice was coming from the playroom. Who is she talking to?, he wondered. I was in bed all The time!

He got to his feet and made his way to the playroom. He heard a soft click and found the door had been shut. Ren began to try and force the door open , but it wouldn't budge. He heard a gasp, followed by wheezes and pants.

"KYOKO!", he yelled, banging the door desperately. Within a few seconds, the door gave way . He flung it open and stopped dead.

Kyoko was floating in midair. Behind her was a hideous looking monster holding up its arm. It slowly moved its hand pointing towards him, and with a flick of the hand, Kyoko was thrown backwards, straight into his arms. Then the monster gave a loud cackle and the door shut with a bang.

Ren was bowled over as Kyoko crashed straight into him like a rag doll. For a moment, he was tempted to open the door and see whether the creature was still inside the playroom. But Kyoko groaned, holding her head and he turned his attention to her.

"Kyoko!", he gently pressed her forehead. "Open your eyes! I've got you now."

Kyoko's eyes fluttered open and she stared up at him in horror. "Ren!", she exclaimed sitting up. "That wasn't you in the playroom?"

Ren shook his head, nonplussed. "Of course not! Why should that have been me?", he asked.

"Where were you anyway?", Kyoko asked, ignoring his question. "I went looking for you and fond that monster masquerading as you!"

Ren stared at her in confusion. "I..I don't understand what you mean Kyoko!", he stuttered. "I was in bed beside you all the time! Okay, I rolled over to the edge in my sleep, but I don't quite see how you could not have seen me!"

Kyoko listened to this, her heart cold. She believed him. She had to after what she had seen last night.


Kyoko yelped in fear, clutching Ren's hand. That inhuman cry had come from the playroom.

"Let's go!", she said nervously pulling his hand. "I don't want to wait for that door to open!" Ren was in no hurry to find out what would happen when the door reopened. He quickly scooped Kyoko up in his arms and hurried downstairs before setting her down on her feet.

They ran for the door, but found it was still locked. They took chairs and tried to break open the door and windows. But after a long time, they had to give up. It was hopeless. They were like trapped mice. There was no way out.

Kyoko gave a scream of rage. They had exhausted themselves trying to get out, but these damned spirits seemed hell bent on finishing them off!

"We'll never get out of this alive!", she said, kicking the sofa in frustration. "Careful now!", Ren said warningly as she winced in pain. "If we're going to get out of here, we can't risk having injuries!"

"But how do we get out?",she cried hysterically. "The President's car is missing! He knows we're here, but the spirits won't let him help! We're locked inside Ren! And the only way out is death!"

She broke down completely, and fell to the floor sobbing. "Why us?", she sobbed. "And why now?! I was so happy Ren! I had finally fallen in love! I..I thought the P.. 's car would co…come to our rescue…and we'd live happily ever after! J..just fairy tales! And now I find that my love stories are always doomed to have unhappy endings! wha-hmm"

Kyoko's eyes widened as Ren's lips captured hers for the first time. At first, it felt weird. Then it was mesmerizing. Once she had got over her initial surprise, bit by bit she relaxed and succumbed to his kiss. She put her arms around Ren and kissed him back with all the love and passion she felt for him. Ren finally pulled away from the kiss reluctantly.

"Kyoko.", he said gently. "We are going to get out of here. And alive. But if we don't..", he said with a wry smile. "I don't want to die with the regret that I never kissed you."

Kyoko gave a small laugh. "Idiot!", she said shaking her head. "This isn't the time for romancing! Right now we must think of a plan!"

Suddenly the lights came back on. Ren and Kyoko jumped, blinking due to the sudden brightness. To their surprise, Kanae Kotonami began to walk slowly down the stairs.

" If I heard right, the two of you must have already kissed right?", she asked with a sly grin. Ren and Kyoko still looked dumbfounded.

Kyoko was the first to speak. "Moko?", she asked unable to believe her eyes. It was probably the first time she forgot to greet Kanae with her usual enthusiasm. "I thought you were on a Love Me assignment!"

Kanae grinned. "I didn't lie!", she replied. "Chiorin and me, we were in this together. Our assignment-scare you out of your wits, have you call Ren Tsuruga to your rescue and hope that you two get together! Wait..I'll get Chiorin. She's hiding in the store room. Wonder why she hasn't come out yet."

Kanae went in the direction of the kitchen and came back a few minutes later, followed by a very sleepy looking Chiorin . "You were supposed to be awake you dope!", Kanae was scolding her. "You were in charge of the downstairs spooks!"

"Tisn't my fault!", she grumbled. "I was awake all night yesterday and today!" She immediately curled up on a sofa and closed her eyes with a contented sigh. "You tell them.", she mumbled. Kanae shook her head in exasperation and sat down to tell the whole story.

"It started when you called me that day and the President interrupted us.", she started.


2 days ago

Lory Takarada was watching a horror movie. It turned out to be a dud. Falling furnitures, rocking chairs that rocked on their own, grotesque killings..and on top of that, the leading couple managed to squeeze in some romance time in the midst of all the horror!

"Would that happen in real life?", he wondered seriously. "Just put a couple in a horror room and sparks fly? If it was that easy Mogami san-"

He sat up excitedly. "That's it!", he exclaimed, pounding a fist on his palm. "Sebastian!" He quickly gave him some instructions. An hour later, Sebastian informed him that the tree had been arranged for. He had also arranged for some workmen to assemble the tree in his country house garden.

"Good!", the president said gleefully. The next day, he informed Kyoko that she was to go there on a Love Me assignment. After that, he called Kanae and Ms Amamiya to his office.

" The reason I asked you to refuse Kyoko's invitation,", he explained, " was because I want the two of you to go there and scare the living daylights out of her."

Kanae and Chiorin exchanged surprised looks. "Why?", Kanae asked curiously. "Is it supposed to build up her confidence or something?"

The president shook his head. "Listen to me carefully. I want you to do whatever you can to make her believe that the house is haunted. You can buy whatever you like-sheets, balloons..I leave it up to you. Just be a little imaginative. The only thing I can offer you is an old horror show prop I have in a storeroom. Sebastian will show you how to operate it. Its got extendible arms and wheels.."

"But then what?", asked Chiorin. She'll only run away!"

"No. In Kyoko's eyes the car will have left for the city, only to pick her up when she's finished. In reality, it will be hidden a little further away. Sebastian and the car will entirely be at your disposal. Now, Kyoko must not choose to brave the dangers alone. I've left a load of horror movies for her to see, but there's no guarantee that she will. So make sure you rattle her real good!"

The two Love Me girls nodded.

"She will call Ren for help!", the President continued enthusiastically. Here, Kanae interrupted.

"Excuse me sir. But how can you be so sure she'll call him only? What if she calls you, or me, or Chiorin?"

"I don't think she will.", the president said dismissively. "I believe, she genuinely cares for Ren now and he will be the first person she'll think of calling. But if she calls any of you, just ignore it okay?"

Kanae nodded a little doubtfully. It was a rather strange way of match making.

"Oh! And do everything you can to keep them in the house. Here's the window lock remote. At the click of a button, all the closed windows in the house will be locked! And now, you have enough time to get what you need. Sebastian will drive you there before dropping Mogami san."

"But what if she tries to break open the windows?", Kanae asked.

"I spent a fortune on that house Kotonami san! The windows are bullet proof. So I assure you, that even if Mogami san manages to hit them with a table, there won't even be a scratch on the glass!"

As they were leaving however, the president stopped them with another reminder. "Don't forget to move the tree!", he said.

"The tree?", Kanae asked in surprise. The president nodded. "Its only a plastic tree, so it has been nailed to the ground. But as soon as it becomes dark, I want you to religiously move the tree next to the window with the red curtains. That is Mogami san's bedroom."

Kanae sighed once they were out. "This is the weirdest assignment he's given so far.", she said fervently. "Oh I don't know!",Chiorin said cheerily, "It sounds fun!"

"Oh sure it is.", Kanae grumbled. "A lot of fun."

But by the time they were finished shopping and on their way to the mansion, Kanae's mind had already devised a variety of spooks. She was beginning to look forward to this.

When they reached the mansion, Kanae quickly explained Chiorin about everything that she was to do. Chiorin was to manage the spooks inside the house. Kanae would work from outside. "It looks like its going to rain.", Chiorin said looking up at the sky. "Perfect spooky weather!"

Kanae handed her a few props and Sebastian unlocked the door to let Chiorin inside the house. Once he had unlocked the door, Kanae took him aside. "When Kyoko comes here, she'll want to know why that monstrosity,", she pointed at the plastic tree, " is here. So, this is what I want you to tell her.."

Sebastian listened attentively . "Very good miss.", he said robotically. "But why?"

"To make sure she doesn't come snooping near the tree of course!", said Kanae impatiently. "This is exactly the kind of story she'll swallow. You can be sure, she won't come within ten feet of this tree!" Sebastian bowed respectfully before driving away.

Kanae looked at her main prop. It was a woman in a white gown, carrying a bouquet in one hand. A veil covered the face. It was a pretty weak looking thing. "Oh well.". she told herself shrugging. "Might as well get some practice!"

She crouched down, lifted the gown and crept inside. It was extremely uncomfortable. The dummy was placed on a single stand with wheels. There was a small button which would make the hand wave eerily. There was a small wheel attached to the stand. All one had to do was turn the wheel round and round like a fishing rod and the other arm would stretch longer and longer.

Kanae practiced pushing the dummy around the lawn. It was pretty uncomfortable, pushing around the dummy, in a bent position under the gown. Kanae huffed and puffed as she pushed the dummy and began trying out the arm controls when she stopped.

Chiorin watched her for some time and then went around exploring the house. Somehow, it didn't fit in with her image of a haunted house. Chiorin doubted it would ever look like one even if it was painted black and filled up with chests of skeletons.

The moment she had stepped into the house, she had felt a leap of joy. She loved places like these. She danced around joyfully checking out the rooms and looking out for prospective spook props. She was so happy, it frightened her. There was no proper reason for her to be so happy. Is this what people call being fey?, she wondered. Is this a premonition that something terrible is going to happen?

She shook her head irritably. This wasn't the time to be thinking morbid thoughts. She needed to concentrate on scares! The very idea was now starting to give her the giggles. She went upstairs and hid her 'props' which weren't many to begin with. Just a few sheets and some balloons. She wondered when would she get to blow them. Kanae was counting on her to be heard and not seen. Throwing furniture around, screaming, the usual crap. Visual ghosts were to be a last resort.

Much later, she hid herself inside a cupboard when she heard the car enter the driveway. Kanae had already safely hidden herself and the dummy. Sebastian would turn around and join her later after leaving Kyoko in the house.

Chiorin got out of the cupboard when it looked like Kyoko wouldn't be coming upstairs in a hurry. She tip-toed to the door and peeked outside. Yes, she had already got down to work. But..she was bringing the cleaning materials upstairs. She scurried back to the cupboard when Kyoko began to make her way upstairs.

She kept the door a crack open and waited. Around fifteen minutes later, she heard Kyoko go back downstairs. She crept out to spy on her. She was working on the rooms downstairs. After what felt like hours,, Kyoko was finished and ready to eat. Once she had got her dinner ready, Kyoko sat down to watch a movie. Chiorin's stomach rumbled when she saw the tray of food, but she kept her ears open to find out what movie Kyoko had chosen. She was hoping for a super scary one . Kyoko chose 'The Grudge'. Perfect!

Chiorin beamed. Once Kyoko was done with that movie, scaring her would be child's play. A little later It had already started raining. Even better! She hoped Kyoko would be a sport and would watch the movie till the end. She did.

It took all of Chiorin's strength not to laugh out loud when she saw Kyoko sprint down the passage to the kitchen. She waited a few seconds and then hurried down the stairs. She made her way quietly towards the kitchen and peered in cautiously. Kyoko's back was towards her and she was busy washing the dishes.

Keeping her eyes riveted on Kyoko all the time, Chiorin noiselessly stretched out a hand to the door and slammed it shut with a terrific bang. Then she ran up the passage and up the stairs to the playroom, snorting with laughter.

Once she was in the playroom, she went to the window and grinned. The tree had been moved away safely. Then she heard Kyoko coming up again, and quickly retreated to the cupboard.

Meanwhile, it had taken both Kanae and Sebastian to 'pluck out' the tree and place it near the window. Sebastian kept the tree put by nailing it down again and stood there holding an umbrella. Kanae was to stand right in the middle of the garden, so that Kyoko would get a full view of the ghost lady.

After an hour or so,Kanae called up Chiorin. Chiorin had got out of the cupboard and was waiting in the playroom. She picked up her phone when she felt it vibrate. "Hello!"

"Chiorin, I'm ready with the dummy! What's with all the lights?"

Chiorin laughed. "She's so spooked, she's switched on all the lights in the house! She's sleeping like a baby now!"

"Well, switch them off, and close her door!"

Chiorin went to switch off the main switch, which she had found during her exploring, after closing Kyoko's door. When the lights went off, Kanae gave Sebastian the signal. He began to shake the tree so hard that one of the branches knocked against Kyoko's window, waking her.

Kanae was peering at Kyoko's window from beneath the dummy's gown. When Kyoko appeared at the window, Kanae began to push the dummy forwards.

Unfortunately, it wasn't as easy as it had been in the morning. The rain was creating a problem. The lawn was muddy, making it difficult for her feet to get a firm grip on the ground. Kanae had to be careful that her feet didn't suddenly stick out of the gown. When she was near enough, she breathed a sigh of relief and began to work the arm mechanisms. She peered out again and saw to her great satisfaction that Kyoko was no longer at the window.

Kanae began to push the dummy with full force forward towards the door. If she thinks of escaping, this should discourage her!, Kanae thought gleefully. Suddenly, she tripped against a stone.


Kanae fall into a puddly-muddy mess and the dummy was thrown forward.

"Shit!", she cursed the rain and ran to set the dummy upright. "Oh no!", she cried in dismay. The white dress was covered in mud. The wheel stand was broken and one of the arms had come off completely.

Kanae quickly dragged the dummy to the nearest hiding spot-under a bush next to the house. It was near one of the windows, so she had to hide it very carefully. Kanae looked up from her work and her eyes widened. Two windows away, Kyoko was staring out towards the garden. In any minute, she would look this way and the game was up!

Kanae tore away the white veil from the dummy and put it over her face. Then she suddenly popped her face in front of Kyoko and watched her scurry back, with a sigh of relief.

Kanae looked at the bush. The dummy was fairly well hidden. But she would come back for it later. She looked around desperately for something..anything…to carry on with. Then she had an idea. She ran to the dummy and extracted the broken arm. She went to the door and began to hit it with all the strength she could muster. She began to scream and cackle and made a huge racket that would have got her arrested in the city for noise pollution. She noticed Chiorin was also busy. She was now having great fun with the lights. On,off,on,off, it went on.. Then with a final scream, she left the door and beckoned Sebastian to take her to the car.

By the time he lent her his umbrella, anae was soaking wet and a mess. She was covered in mud, but the rain washed most of it off. Her Love me outfit was ruined, but she wasn't exactly mourning about it. Kanae dried herself in the car and waited for Ren to show up. Let's hope she's called him., she thought.

She called Chiorin who said yes, Kyoko had called Ren and promptly fallen asleep.

"Asleep?", Kanae asked herself incredulously after hanging up. "After all the efforts we put in?" She was so indignant, that she forgot they were on a match making mission. She began to try and think up more scares for Kyoko.

Much later, Sebastian spoke for the first time. " Tsuruga san should be here by now."

"Yes.", Kanae said absent mindedly. " And Kyoko will have a hard time convi-", Kanae suddenly realized that Ren would not believe one word of Kyoko's adventures. If anything, he would be sure to smell a rat and insist on searching the whole house.

She whipped out her phone and called Chiorin.

"What?", Chiorin asked in a sleepy voice.

"Chiorin! Get out of the house!", Kanae said urgently.

"What for?", Chiorin grumbled. "Its raining out there and I'm nice and cozy in here! I'm not budging!"

"Chiorin!", Kanae said angrily. "When Tsuruga san hears Kyoko's story, he'll be sure to search the whole house! He's not the type to swallow rotten ghost stories. GET-OUT-OF-THERE-NOW!"

"And how do you suggest I do that?", Chiorin asked sarcastically. "I can't risk the door! Kyoko might wake up if I go down!"

"I don't care what you do! Just do it! Come to our car!"

"But, I don't know where's the car! How am I supposed to find it?", Chiorin tried one last excuse not to get out of the comfortable house.

"Come to the main gate! We'll turn on the headlights. You'll be able to see it! Now get a move on! Hurry! He should be here any minute now!"

Chiorin hung up with a sigh. "Can't stand to see me comfortable!", she grumbled. "What am I supposed to do now?"

She thought for a minute and had an idea. It was a very stupid one, but it was the only plan that came to her head.

Chiorin began to make sobbing sounds, that grew louder and louder till Kyoko finally woke up. When she did however, Kyoko only yelled at her back to shut up. Chiorin was stunned for a minute and then decided to try the last resort.

She took out one of the balloons in her pocket and began to blow it to a decent size, before covering it with a small sheet. Then she began to scream and create a racket. That spooked Kyoko again. She got up and began to back away towards the door slowly.

Faster!, chiorin thought desperately. She began to yell at Kyoko to go away and and released the balloon. That was the last straw. Kyoko turned on her heels and ran for her life, leaving the door open.

Chiorin flew down the stairs picking up the balloon which had drifted to the ground under the weight of the cloth and ran out of the door laughing . She couldn't help it any more.

She ran in the opposite direction as Kyoko and decided to wait by the house until Kyoko met up with Ren. A few minutes later, her patience was rewarded. To her surprise, Kyoko had been lying in front of the house all along. Ren Tsuruga came running from nowhere, picked her up and walked inside the house. Chiorin managed to find her way to the main gate with great difficulty. She could vaguely make out the headlights some distance away and began to walk towards the car.

"Why park here?", she said irritably, getting into the car.

"Well, if we were to use headlight signals, we had to park the cars so that Tsuruga san couldn't find us right?", Kanae replied throwing her a towel.

"What's next?", Chiorin asked drying herself as best as she could.

"Nothing. We spend the night here and break into the house tomorrow morning. We'll lock them inside and get back to work in the night."

"Why night?", Chiorin wanted to know.

"Because," Kanae said stretching across the seat, and using Chiorin's lap as a pillow, "ghosts need their rest. Even human ones. Now go back to sleep."

"How can I after all that I had to go through.", Chiorin muttered. She tried to sleep, but failed miserably as she was in an uncomfortable sitting position.

She gout out of the car first thing in the morning, when it was only drizzling. She woke up Kanae.

"Come on! We need to get back into the house!", Chiorin said. Kanae woke up reluctantly and together the two of them went to the house.

"Aha!", Kanae said looking at Ren's car. "We must make sure they stay here. Lucky I brought this." She took out a pocket Knife and punctured each of the tyres. "Done!", she said with an air of satisfaction. "Now Chiorin, I left the dummy in the bushes last night. "You wait here a bit. I'll go and dump it somewhere further away.

She came back a few minutes later . They went and hid behind some bushes. A little later, Kyoko and Ren came rushing out of the house.

"Now!", Kanae whispered and the two of them ran into the house. They made for the store room and waited. "When they get back, we'll lock the door. I have a pair of duplicate keys." Chiorin nodded doubtfully. "What if they use their own keys?", she whispered. "Where will they go? The car's out of order!", Kanae replied.

They waited patiently till they heard Ren enter the kitchen. Minutes later Kyoko came running to him. She seemed upset about something. Then Ren made some cheesy friendship declaration which put the President's entire match-making plan to the dogs.

When The two went upstairs, Kanae seized the opportunity to run to the drawing room. To her delight, they had left the keys in the keyhole. Kanae locked the door and pocketed the keys. Then she quickly drew open the curtains and locked the windows with the President's special remote.

After admiring her handiwork, she ran back to the store room. She then subjected poor Chiorin to a very boring lecture on what she was to do to scare them. Chiorin was beginning to feel sleepy and Kanae wasn't letting her sleep. Finally she made up some excuse like wanting to check up on the couple upstairs and made her escape.

Chiorin slowly crept upstairs. She could hear voices from the playroom. She stood near the door way and listened. It was normal conversation. Then suddenly, Tsuruga san's past or something came up in the conversation. At that moment, Chiorin felt a sudden cold wind blow past her. She shivered and looked around in surprise. Now where did that come from? She wondered.

Suddenly Ren began to speak. Chiorin frowned. His voice sounded different. It was..too mechanical. Like someone had made him memorize lines and he was being forced to recite them. He told a long winded story and then confessed to Kyoko in the most unromantic way possible. While he was hugging Kyoko. Chiorin nearly gasped out in surprise. Quickly clamping a hand to her mouth, she turned around in fright. She had felt that sudden cold wind blow away her long hair. And Chiorin could have sworn she had heard a laugh.

She got up and hurried downstairs to the store room. Kanae was sitting on a bucket and looked up when she entered.

"He confessed.", Chiorin informed her and told her quickly what she had witnessed. Kanae looked encouraged. "It's a good start.", she said with a grin. "No matter how lousy his confession was. As for the wind you felt, the windows upstairs must be open right?

Chiorin opened her mouth to argue but decided against it. Kanae had a skeptical mind and would refuse to accept anything out of the ordinary unless there was proof. Better not tell her about the mist outside. She won't find it abnormal., she thought.

Soon it was night time and Chiorin was again beginning to feel drowsy. She was relieved when Kanae finally got up and went upstairs before reminding her for the hundredth time not to mess up with the spooks downstairs. Chiorin nodded half-heartedly and promptly went to sleep when Kanae had left.

Kanae noted with amusement that all the lights in the house had been switched on. She went to the playroom, disarranged the toys and took the teddy bear on the rocking chair. She tip-toed to the guest room and dropped the toy near the door. Then she went to switch off the main switch. Chiorin had told her where it was. When she was done, she hid in the bathroom next to the bedroom and kept the door closed.

She smiled to herself when she heard the banging. Switched off lights was the signal for Sebastian to shake the tree again. Any moment now, Kyoko would drag Ren out, notice the fallen toy, and with a bit of luck, the disarranged playroom. That would freak her out enough to go running to Ren Tsuruga again. Every little bit counted to bring them closer. Sure enough, she heard light footsteps going towards the playroom. Probably Kyoko. Then there was silence. Kanae frowned and tried to open the her frustration, the door was pressed her ears against the door. She could vaguely hear voices. It sounded like Ren was already in the playroom. That's strange! When did he get there?, she wondered.

Then to her utter bewilderment, she heard another set of footsteps, followed by a commotion and loud voices. Kanae then heard the voices fading downstairs. She tried opening the door and finally it gave way. She walked slowly towards the stairs.

She could hear every word they were now saying. She smiled and put on the main switch.


Kyoko didn't know whether to laugh or be mad at her best friend. "I can't believe you managed to pull all that without me knowing.", she said shaking her head. " I'm such a scaredy cat!"

But something was nagging at the back of her mind. If Kanae hadn't done anything in the morning then how..

"I heard a voice in the morning.", Kyoko said. "What about that?"

"Nerves!", Kanae said dismissively. " You were spooked! So was Chiorin."

"But I've felt someone's presence too.", Ren broke in. "And that reminds me, did you pull that monster stunt in the playroom?"

Kanae looked at him blankly. "Monster? I only disarranged the toys a bit."

She shook Chiorin awake. "Wake up! What did you do in the playroom?"

Chiorin woke up rubbing her eyes with a frown. "Nothing. I was sleeping . Besides, you were in charge upstairs."

Kyoko got up nervously. "I think we'd better leave.", she said. "There's something not quite right about this place."

"Well of course, we should be going!", Kanae said. " But only because we've finished our job here!" She went and unlocked the door. Sebastian had parked the car a little nearer. One by one the occupants hurried out to the car.

"Hurry up Kanae!", Kyoko called out desperately.

Kanae snorted as she walked to the door. "Ghost! Wind! All a bunch of crap!" Suddenly, she heard an indignant snort in her ears. Then she felt something kick her painfully in the butt and send her flying to the car. She landed on the ground with a thud. Kyoko helped her up into the car. "You musn't bad mouth spirits Moko!", she told her.

Kanae stared at the house in surprise. The surroundings were perfectly clear, but the house alone was shrouded in mist. As she got into the car, the mist disappeared quickly and Kanae could have sworn, she saw a woman's face peering from one of the windows. She winked at Kanae and disappeared. As they drove away, Kyoko sighed in relief. "I'll have to tell the President his house is haunted.", she said. "I don't think he'll mind.", said Kanae. "I think it's a friendly spirit."

Well,that's it! Thank you for reading it so patiently. Please let me know what you think! BTW, Kanae was locked in the bathroom by the spirit!(just in case its not obvious)