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Chapter1:The Big Move

My name is Santana Lopez. I am seventeen years old. I live in Lima, Ohio. My Dad, Carlos Lopez, is a Doctor. My Mom, Gloria Lopez, a Therapist. I live in a small two storey house. I love spending time with my family. I don't have many friends. I'm that kid who just stands in the background waiting for people to talk to me; I find it hard to interact with people, I want to be liked by people but I don't want to be the bitchy, popular blond Cheerleader who every boy wants to date and every girl wants to be. I just want to be noticed once in a while.

We have just moved from England where I grew up. I lived there for ten years after my dad got a huge job offer at a doctor's practice in a small village in Essex. He was promised a huge pay rise from what he got in America. We lived in a large four bedroom detached house, albeit it cliché, with a white picket fence and a bed of freshly pruned flowers. I had an amazing bedroom like one you would see in movies and only wish to have.

I went to a small school called Ingatestone high school. It wasn't too bad, I mean I had a few close friends the teachers were nice, the students friendly and I enjoyed the lessons. My favourite subjects were Art with Miss Evans, Food Tech with Miss Stone and finally English with my favourite teacher Miss Holly who I had a slight crush on, she had beautiful creamy brown eyes, long red hair and a dazzling smile that made my stomach drop. When I talked to my friends about her they didn't seem to feel the same way I did about her and this was when they didn't want to be friends with me anymore and called a 'freak'.

It wasn't until year eight that I first heard the term 'lesbian'. There was a big, blonde girl in my class who was caught kissing a girl, who was on the netball team, behind the bike sheds. As the news spread people started to call her names. I noticed she didn't have any friends, neither did I, so decided to talk to her.

"Hi Lisa, um... I wanted to talk to you about something" I said as I sat down on the bench she was sitting on, it was after school and she was doing homework.

"Ok what did you want to talk about?" she said as she looked up to my face and searched my chocolate coloured eyes to as she was shocked that somebody wanted to talk to her.

"Well I heard about you and Julie...um...I-I"I stuttered as I tried to find the right words to discuss how she was dealing with the bullying.

"If you are going say you think it's disgusting and it was my choice to be like this then I think you should just leave me alone!" She yelled with agony in her voice, she continued "Do you know how hard it is to like somebody who you shouldn't?, Do you know how it feels for people to call you names? I haven't even told my parents about what their 'precious' little girl has turned into!" Lisa said as she started to sob. I wrapped my arms around the girl and tried to sooth her. Once she calmed down I started to speak.

"I don't think you are disgusting and the way you've handled the bullying is amazing, I wanted to say you can talk to me about anything" I say and truly meant it.

"Does that mean were friends now?" As she starts to smile I wiped away a tear that was running down her cheek.

"I think it does" I tell her. As I realised we were still hugging I heard a boy behind me shout.

"Hey! Look at them two its lezzy Lisa and shy Santana making out, they're both Lesbos now!" the tall blond boy said as he was talking to his friends who were dressed in football kits.

My face turned bright red and Lisa shouted "What makes you think you have the right to call people names if you ever say that to me or Santana ever again I will personally make sure you won't ever be able to walk again!"

The boy turned a ghostly pale of white, as he isn't used to people standing up to him, said a quick "sorry it won't happen again" and sprinted out of school gates as his friends did the same.

I couldn't help laughing at what had just happened I knew I had found a best friend for life.

Over the next few years I was having a good time at school with some friends that were so much nicer than my others who called me a 'freak', it was then that my parents had something big to tell me.

I found out my Dad lost his job and so did my Mom. They said they had looked for weeks but couldn't find anything. So my parents were left with very little options: 1.) we could sell our beautiful house and move to a smaller house in our cosy village. 2.) We could go and live with my auntie and uncle in Spain. 3.) We could move back to America as there were more opportunities. Unfortunately my parents choose the third option, which I was not happy about AT ALL, so that's how we ended up in this small, smelly house in Ohio.

I woke up to bright sunlight coming from the slats in my blind and heard our neighbours laughing at 7:00am in the morning. I walked to my window and peeked through the blind to see a Tall blond girl laughing loudly with a petite middle aged woman who was walking to their incredibly expensive Ferrari. As the girl turned my mouth gaped open- she was still laughing and she had the cutest dimples ever. After I realised I was gawking at this girl I didn't know, I started to blush and quickly turned away. I don't know what it was about that girl but it felt like time froze and I could just hear her laughter and it sent shivers down my spine, I felt captivated by her beauty. I was scared by my reaction to this girl as I realised this was the same way I felt about the teacher back at my old school and I had decided that I would never act on those feelings. I was brought out of my thoughts when I heard a light knocking at my bedroom door.

"Come in!" I exclaimed to my Mom who came in with a tray of orange juice and a bowl of my favourite porridge. She had a beaming smile on her face.

"As you didn't come down for breakfast I thought as a special treat I would bring it up to you" Gloria Lopez said as she put down the tray on my wobbly desk which barely fit in this small room, it had a huge collection of my teddy bears which I have been collecting since I was five. "Honey, are you ok?" she said to me, as I stared out the window thinking about the pretty blond teenager I saw just a few minutes ago.

"I'm just really worried about my first day at McKinley tomorrow" I said as a single tear ran down my cheek. I felt a finger lift my chin up so I was looking into my Mother's hazel eyes flecked with silver. As she did this my anxieties about starting a new school and moving across the world, AGAIN, started to build up and I started to sob.

"Honey I'm sure once you start to make friends at McKinley you will feel happy that we moved back" she says as she pulls me into one of my favourite hugs that lets me know everything will be fine. As I finally start to calm down and wipe away my tears I look at my Mom and say thanks for the breakfast. She leaves the room and I start to eat the sweet gooey porridge I adore.

Once I finished my breakfast, I take my tray downstairs and then hop in the shower upstairs bathroom. I stand under the shower as the hot water streams down my body and try to think positive thoughts about my new school. As I get out of the shower, into the steamy bathroom, I pull on my favourite pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt. Once my hair is dried I go downstairs and find my parents unpacking the rest of our stuff in the Kitchen.

"How did you sleep, Mija?" my Dad asks while he pulls out the blue and white plates that were given to him by his Mom who died this year. It was a hard time for my family when this happened. My Dad who is usually doesn't show emotion, didn't cope very well with the death of his mother.

One day as I walked into our garage back in England I found him crying in his car while he was looking through old photographs of him and his mother. I had never seen my dad so upset that it scared me. He didn't see me when he was crying.

We didn't really talk about my Abuela as I knew it would make my Dad upset. I came home from school and I recalled when I was seven she would sit me on her lap and make up stories about princesses, magical creatures and curses planted by evil witches.

She was very superstitious and one day as we were walking to the park there was a ladder on the path and I just about to walk under as she said "Santana we don't walk under ladders they are bad luck!" I looked up at her and as tears started to fill my eyes, she had never shouted at me before, she scooped me up into her arms and carried me and told me she was sorry she yelled. I said "Ok I understand how superstitious you are know" and with that we grabbed an ice cream, lemon meringue flavour (YAY!-my favourite) and played in the park and fed the ducks.

Snapping back to the present I answered my Dad "Well apart from the extremely bright light that comes in through my blinds and our noisy neighbours not to bad" I say with a bitter edge of sarcasm to my voice. That earns me an apologetic look from my dad which says volumes about how bad he feels for moving us back to America.

I walk into the living room and I see my Mom putting our limited range of DVDs into a draw which sits below the TV. Once she sees me standing there she turns around. "Why don't you go upstairs and unpack the rest of your stuff and then me and dad thought we'd order a pizza for tea and watch a movie" she says.

I walk back upstairs and stand in the doorway of my room just looking at my small, bright orange shoe box that is supposed to be my bedroom. I sigh and fling myself on my comfy bed that I begged my parents to let me keep as I've had it for years. I look up at the ceiling and eventually drift into sleep.

Eight hours later I wake up from my nap and am shocked to realise I fell asleep for such a long amount of time that its already time for the pizza and movie my Mom promised me. I shake sleep from my eyes and wander into the living room to find my parents snuggled up on the sofa eating pizza and watching my favourite film Hairspray. They both look up and smile at me while they pull me onto the sofa in between them and give me a plate and a slice of piping hot pepperoni pizza-my favourite, yes!-.

The film comes to an end and my parents tell me I better start thinking about getting my 'beauty sleep' if I want to get up in time for school tomorrow. I laugh, nod and they both kiss me on the cheek and say goodnight.

I walk up the creaky stairs and into my bedroom, change into some comfy shorts and a tank top and climb into my bed. I lay there for a few minutes as I start to think about what had happened over the last few years- my Dad losing his job, moving back to America, my Abuela dying, my crush on Miss Holly, my best friend Lisa being thousands of miles away.

The last thing I think of is the tall ,blonde, blue-eyed girl who I was staring at this morning which leaves me with a warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach...