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Chapter Twenty Three: Tickle Fights

Brittany opened the front door with her left hand as she was holding my hand with her right. It worked well as I was left handed and she was right handed. It felt amazing holding her hand. It was a simple gesture really, but it felt anything but simple. It made electric currents run through my body, that is in a good way- not an I just got electrocuted kind of way. It made my heart beat ten times to the dozen. But most of all holding her hand felt like a promise. A promise that she cared about me, that she would never intentionally hurt me, that she would always protect me. A promise that whatever happened she would be there for me, for us.

Maybe I was reading too much into it. But I couldn't help that I hoped she thought the same things as me. She made feel like nobody has ever made me feel. It scares the shit out of me but it also leaves a happy buzzy feeling inside. Every time I look at her I linger on her features a little too long.

When I look at her ocean blue eyes, I don't just see the colour, I see happiness, hope, joy, so many emotions, and her eyes are like the windows to her soul. When I look at them I find myself getting drawn in, like a whirlpool, I look at her and see all the things that she doesn't say and all the things that she's too scared to say. I see affection and I wonder if she knows why I stare at her for long periods of time. It's not because she attractive, which she most certainly is, it's not because she's got spinach stuck in her teeth- which she doesn't by the way. It's so much deeper than the physical things.

I want to memorise everything about her. The way her nose scrunches up when she sneezes, the sparkle she has in her eyes when she's up to no good, the way her smile can light up a whole room, the way she get's embarrassed so easily. I want to memorise all of those things because she fascinates me. I've never paid this much attention to one person. It feels weird. A good weird but nonetheless weird.

I know that whenever she looks at me I feel alive. I know that when she kisses me I feel happiness. I know that when she talks she has my complete attention. I know that when she laughs I'll laugh with her because just hearing her laugh makes me smile. I know that she is special to me. I know that I love her. I know that I'm in love with her. I know that it scares me. I know that I can't tell her yet. I know that if she doesn't feel the same I'll be heartbroken. I know that she really likes me, but she might not love me. I know that we need to take our relationship slow. I know all of these things, that's why I won't tell her how deep my feelings are for her, I'll wait until I'm ready to say it out loud and when she's ready to hear them. I don't care how long it takes, because I am never going to let her go.

"Hey, are you okay?" Brittany asked me which breaks me out of my thoughts. I now realise that I was staring at her for quite a while. I also notice that we're actually inside her house now.

"Yeah I'm fine." I replied and Brittany looks like she doesn't believe me.

"It's just you were staring at me for about ten minutes..." Brittany explained. I turn a light pink at her words. I cleared my throat and tried to think of what to say.

"I was just thinking." I said. I mean it was the truth but it wasn't really an answer. I know by the questioning look on her face that she wants more.

"What were you thinking about?" Brittany asked. There's no pressure behind her words. She's just genuinely interested.

"You." I said simply. Brittany looked at the floor with a small smile on her face.

"Why?" her question shocked me. Does she think that I shouldn't think about her? Does she think that she doesn't deserve it?

"Because you fascinate me." I lifted her chin so she would look at me as I spoke. "You amaze me with your kindness and protectiveness. You make me speechless whenever you look at me. You make me feel special." I see a few tears appear in her eyes.

"You are special, Santana." Brittany leaned in and placed a sweet kiss on my lips. I smiled into the kiss and can't explain how this just feels so right. The kiss is slow but it shows that she really means what she says. I'm the first one to pull back and I rest my forehead against hers.

"Thank you." I say in almost a whisper. Brittany smiled and took hold of my other hand as she swung our hands back and forth. This made me giggle and Brittany raised an eyebrow.

"You're too cute." I said and pinched her cheeks baby style. I saw a devilish grin appear on her face and knew I was in trouble.

"You're gonna pay for that." Brittany said playfully. I didn't know what she was going to do but I did know that she had a mischievous look about her.

I felt her extend her fingers and they reached for my sides. As soon as she started to tickle me I ran. We were currently just by the front door, so I ran upstairs, I couldn't exactly remember where everything was in Brittany's house but I'd only been here once. I heard laughter behind me – Brittany was following me. I ran into the first room that I came to. It was the bathroom. It was big and I realised that I couldn't get out if she was on the other side of the door. I knew I was trapped. So when the door opened and Brittany walked in with a smug look on her face I knew she had won.

"I could have been on the toilet." I said trying to avert Brittany's attention from tickling me. I knew this strategy might not work. But it was worth a try. I am the worst person in the world to be tickled. I am really ticklish and once she finds that out I know she won't stop.

"And?" Brittany teased. She walked closer into the room, essentially closer to me. I knew she was enjoying this game. She was definitely having fun.

"Well you just burst in and you could have seen stuff." I replied as a blush covered my cheeks. I know realised that this idea wasn't exactly the best. I got easily embarrassed and I had just practically walked into this one. Brittany took another step closer to me as I audibly gulped waiting for her response.

"I don't care." Brittany said. I was confused as to what she 'didn't care about'. But then I turned an even darker shade of red. I felt as if my face was on fire. I was sure that Brittany could see me blushing, even on my tan skin. I knew what she was trying to say. It made me feel scared but happy at the same time.

"What?" I said realising that this tactic had stopped her from tickling me yet. But then I thought how stupid I was as I was effectively making her say it.

"I want to tickle you." What Brittany said shocked me. I thought she thought what I was thinking- if that makes sense. But I was obviously the only one with my mind in the gutter. However she could have been thinking the same thing as me, I didn't know.

"So you would have tickled me even if I was on the toilet?" I asked slightly amused. Brittany walked closer to me and I now realised that we were within touching distance.

"Yes." Brittany replied. I was momentarily paralysed and I didn't move as Brittany took her chance and started to tickle my sides. I squealed and I tried to move away from her but realised that I had nowhere to go. I was trapped in between Brittany and the wall.

"AAAHHH!" I screeched as she carried on tickling me. I saw a smirk on her face as she continued to attack me. "Please Stop!" I swear if she kept tickling me I was going to wet myself and that would be pretty embarrassing.

"No." Brittany replied as she kept on tickling me. I was now screaming with laughter as her fingers dug into my sides. I was hunched over and was breathless. I kept trying to move a little, but I didn't get out of her grasp for long. Brittany moved closer to me so I couldn't escape her tickling-essentially pinning me against the wall. My breath hitched as she looked at my face and stopped tickling me. Our faces were only inches apart when we heard noises outside the door.

"I'll make dinner soon. Do you know where Brittany is?" Brittany froze, as did I, when we heard her mom's voice on the other side of the door. However as soon as we realised how this would look if her mom came in now we quickly moved away from each other.

"No, but her car's on the drive so she should be home."We heard Brittany's dad say.

"Okay, it's just she isn't in her room or downstairs. I don't know where she is..." Mrs Pierce trailed off as she opened the door, walked in and saw me and Brittany standing in the bathroom looking slightly flustered and embarrassed.

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