Me: GUESSS WHO'S BACK! Yup its me. Sooooooo anyone think that this is good or bad? PLEASE TELL MEH! I needz reviews!

Chloe: Please! She's driving me insane!

Jack: H-

Chloe: CREEP! *punches*

Jack: OWW! T_T

Chloe: Wimp. Loser. Coward

Jack : NO I AM NOT!

Me/Chloe: Yes you are.

Jack: Meanies!

Wuya: MAN UP!

Me: Agreed.

Chloe: I am more of a man than you, and I am a girl.

Wuya: Why can't you be evil like us?

Chloe: Cuz most villians are wimps, cowards, losers, and fail miserably.

Me: I'm gonna say the disclaimer before Wimp Spicer wets his pants, er dress.

Wuya: Too late.

Me: I don't own anything, but Chloe and her awesomeness.

"Ugh, my head...Where am I?" I croaked as I awoke and found myself in an electrical cage in a bleak technical room. "Wait...Dang. I let myself get beat by the lamest villain ever," I continued. I then felt breathing down my back. I immediately jumped up and screamed," WHAT THE! Oh, it's only the most cowardly villain ever, Dress Guy," I mocked.

"IT'S NOT A DRESS! And I am not cowardly. I am cunning. Knowing that brute strength couldn't defeat you, I used a different tactic," Jack Spicer informed me. I laughed and scoffed.

"What different tactic? You only used a gay sleeping gas to capture me. Extremely lame,dude," I sneered. "You're so lame that even Omi could do better trapping me." My mocking seemed to be getting him angry because his face kept getting redder. I then noticed that he was staring at me, but it wasn't at my face. "You disgusting perv!" I shrieked and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Can't help an evil genius for trying... Anyways, it got you to shut up which is good for me. I can stare at one victory while I wait for the next one coming. Chloe," rambled Jack. I turned away from him once he said the word 'stare'. I turned to him as he said my name.

"What Jack? You wanna gloat even more about your short lived victory to me?" I griped even more to him. He shook his head 'no'.

"No, my dear," he replied and stuck a finger into the cage and under my chin. As I went to break that finger, he lifted up a control box and pressed a blue button. It made the cage get smaller than it already was. "Chloe, you are a very pretty girl and a strong one at that," he began.

"What else Jack? You just gonna drone on about me? I'm pretty sure you don't," I interrupted rudely. This guy was starting to get on my nerves.

"Oh, don't be sure of that, Chloe. I would love to drone on about your beauty, strength, humor, and that pretty duo you have. I'm feeling jealous of whose lips have touched your luscious one, too," Jack continued, reaching for my chest with a hand which I slapped away.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, but no one has touched them yet," I retorted. This only brought a smile to his pale, make-up wearing face. "And, you ain't gonna be the first either, Spicer." His face depressed to a frown.

"Oh, I see. You're saving them for a certain Xiaolin Dragon, aren't you?" Spicer asked. I began to blush.

"No I am not!" I argued. Jack chuckled.

"You seem to say that, but your face tells me otherwise. Chloe, you have to become better at lying," he laughed. Wuya then floated next to him with her ghostly purple tentacles and bright yellow eyes.

"A Shen Gong Wu has revealed itself from Dojo's hiding place!" she wailed and Jack glanced at me.

"Okay Wuya, I'm on it. Chloe, you better stay here or else my Jackbots will have to force you to," Jack said before running to one of his lame machines. Thank God he left! He is so friggen annoying! Once I deemed him out of sight, I quicklypulled out my phone and texted Clay. HELP! Jack trapped me in an electrical cage. his lab. Hurry! As soon as the text was sent, I texted my friend Janice. Hey Girl. Wut u doin? Her response was almost immediate. (A/N: Bold Italics is her friend. Chloe is the regular italics.)

Nuthing. Wut u doin?

Oh Nuthin. Think I found TheOne.

No Way Gurl! Tell me! Is he cute? Tall? Funny?

He's tall. He got blonde hair and blue eyes like me, and he is from the South, too. His name's Clay.

CC, where in the South? He better not b where I think he's from.

So what if he is from Texas! He ain't like your ex!

I worry about you CC. You know what Carrie's song says about them cowboys. A snake with blue eyes are what they are.

WTF JJ? Don't be dragging her into this! We know that yours was like that! It don't mean tht Clay's gonna be like that! Clay is a big sweet3! He won't hurt me.

What Ever CC. How do u kno he won't hurt u?

This creepy guy attacked me before I left to go to that Master or whatever and Clay beat the shit out of him.

He seems okay, but u b careful, okay? TTYL Gurl. I GTG Stupid wedding rehearsal for Mom and Drake.

KK, JJ. Gud Luck. Bye

Once I had stopped texting, I sighed. If I wouldn't have had this power, I wouldn't be stuck in this crazy stalker's house. I then put my phone down in my lap and looked around. A bunch of robots were floating around and doing absolutely nothing. Suddenly, a burst of idea exploded in my head like the Fourth of July fire-crackers.

"Yo Jackbots! I'm thirsty! Can I have a Sprite or something?" I yelled. Now all of them scrambled to get me a drink. When the drink finally arrived, I took a sip of it and held a disgusted look on my face. Then, I spit out my moutful ofthe drink all into the robots circuts. "Ew! What the heck is this? DIET? I hate diet! You! Go get me a regular!" I ordered like a prissy city girl. Once that one arrived, I repeated the process until all but one of the Jackbots were shorted out. "Could you show me what this does?" I asked while pointing at the cage. The last Jackbot just merely touched the cage, and it fell to the ground with many sparks rippling through its metal body. "Eh, stupid bots. Don't under-estimate what I can do.


"She's gone!" shreiked Kimiko. All at the Xiaolin temple were in chaos with Chloe missing. They all suspected that something was up when they didn't see her playing a song at midnight, but they just thought that she had fallen asleep. By now it was about 10:00 A.M. and were frantic because she missed breakfast. They knew by how much she ate that she would never miss breakfast. Kimiko was the one who discovered that she was missing; she had found the marks of a fight, what was left of a smoke bomb, and Chloe's guitar, broken.

"Who would have taken her?" asked Omi. "I mean she's only a trainee." That earned him punches from Rai, Kimiko, and Clay. The muscular cowboy then felt something in his pocket vibrating; he realized that it was his phone, and quickly got it out. Clay looked at it and saw that it was a text from Chloe.

"Y'all hold yer horses. I reckon that I know who took Chloe," Clay said calmly. All of the monks shut up and waited for the answer. "She texted me this: HELP! Jack trapped me in an electrical cage. his lab. Hurry!" The Japanese nodded.

"So Jack caught her in the same trap he once used on me," she muttered. "What the heck is wrong with this guy?"

"I don't know, but what I do know is that a Shen Gong Wu has revealed itself!" announced a shivering green dragon. "Come on! We gotta go!"

"Then, who's gonna get Chloe? We don't need Jack to harass or bore her more than he already has!" countered Raimundo. Clay walked towards the Vault. "What are you getting, Clay?" he asked as he saw the cowboy leave.

"I'm gettin' the Silver Manta Ray and the Fist of Tebigong. Y'all go get the Wu and I'll get Chloe," answered the blonde. The others nodded and hopped onto the now full-sized Dojo.

"Come back to the Temple when you get her back," ordered Omi as they lifted into the air. Clay tipped his hat as a response. Once they had left, he rushed into the vault, grabbed the Wu and went into the garden.

"Silver Manta Ray!" Clay called out as he threw down the silver Shen Gong Wu; it then swelled to the size of a small helicopter. He then hopped in and punched in the coordinates of Jack Spicer's lab. Clay then pressed one last button and relaxed as the auto-pilot took control. I hope she's okay.


The bored blonde sighed as she waited to be rescued. She felt like a hopeless damsel in distress, and she hated it. And to top it all off, she had nearly been groped by a freak. She nearly jumped with ecstasy when she felt her phone vibrate and saw that it was a text from Clay. FINALLY! She fumbled to reply to his message. (A/N: Chloe's texts will be in italics while Clay's will be bolded and underlined.)

Are you okay? Has Jack hurt you?

Yea, I'm fine. And he hasn't hurt me, but I did a number on his retarded Jackbots.

I thought you were in a cage.

I am. All I needed was a bit of rudeness, a few cans of soda, and the cage I'm in.

Ha! You're pretty funny, Chloe.

Thx. I get tht alot. Anyways, how r you texting me? Aren't u supposed to be holding onto a dragon?

Who said I was on a dragon?

No 1. Just assumed. So where r u?

Somewhere. Just brace yourself.


As I sent the text, I heard a loud 'boom' from above me, and I braced myself like Clay told me to. Seconds later, I could see Clay, broken ceiling, and sunlight.

"Finally! Freedom!" I cheered happily which caused Clay to curve his lips into a grin. I then found something like a marker and climbed up to this huge screen and began to write.

"Whatcha' writin'?" asked Clay. I smirked.

"You'll see," I responded as I moved to show him what I had written. 'Hey, I just met you, and you're crazy. Here's my warning: Don't kidnap me! Cuz you're wimpy!' was beautifully written in cursive. The cowboy laughed.

"Hey, we'd better get going. I said that I'd be back at the Temple right after I rescued ya," said Clay. I held my hands up in defeat and climbed out of the drab geek room. I immediately began to think of death plans for Spicer. I guess my face was looking absolutely terrible when Clay gave me a questioning glance. "You okay?" he asked concerned.

"I'm fine. It's just that I want to murder Jack Spicer with my own hands," Chloe sighed sadly. Clay nodded.

"I hear ya. He's more trouble than fox in the hen house," (A/N: I fail at making sayings that Clay would say. -_-') he agreed. "Say, what did he do to ya?" I let out a rough sigh and muttered something under my breath.

"I'll tell you on the way back to the temple," I answered as I went to step into the Silver Manta Ray. I then sat down and pulled out my phone. No texts, missed phone calls, or anything. Clay followed me in and sat down in the pilot's chair. He pushed an array of colorful buttons, and we were in the blue sky with auto pilot.

"So what all happened?" he asked.

"Well, I'll start from the beginning. I had just gotten out of the shower and walked to the garden after getting my guitar. I played a Taylor Swift song, and right after I finished, I heard a buzzing sound. I turned; Jack was hovering near me and getting closer. I kept insulting him so he would go away, but he didn't. He threw down a purple smoke bomb which I called cowardly and gay, and I fell to the ground unconscious. Then I woke up to be in an electrical cage in his gloomy lab with him staring at me. I called him a freak and insulted him even more. He then failed to convince me to become a Heylin. He then tried to flatter me and went to grab my boob, but I slapped his hand away. Then Wuya came in screeching about a Shen Gong Wu, and those two left. Like three dozen guards were there, and I easily took care of them. I then texted you about my whereabouts. Afterwords, I got bored and texted my friend Janice. Next thing you know, you start texting me, and here we are," I told him. He looked a bit overwhelmed after I had finished.

"Well, damn, Chloe. I have never heard anything like that happen to a girl," he uttered, completely amazed.

"Yeah," I replied shyly," I must be pretty special. Hey, you wouldn't mind if I turned on some of my music, would ya?" I questioned as I made my phone visible to him.

"Sure, I don't mind," he happily agreed; I smiled and scrolled through my playlist filled with country songs. I found one of my favorite Luke Bryan songs and pressed on its name gently. The song then blared out of the small speakers on my phone.

"Girl, I know I don't know you.

But your pretty little eyes so blue,

Are pulling me in like the moon on your skin.

I'm so glad you trusted me, this light up on this dusty sea.

And let your hair down, and get outta town."

My eyes gently close as the lyrics flowed from my voice. I could barely hear Clay speaking, but I didn't understand him. I turned up the volume as far as it could go. My words became filled with much more emotion now.

"Got the stars comin' out,

Over my moon.

And all I know now.

Is it's going good."

Clay's voice quickly ascended up the volume scale. I was surprised by his voice and quieted my own, so I could listen to him. I raised my arms for my favorite part.

"You got your hands up,

You're rocking in my truck.

You got the radio on,

You're singing every song."

I giggled softly as I stood up and danced a little. Clay smiled and continued to sing.

"I'm set on cruise control.

I'm slowing loosing hold of everything I got.

You're looking so damn hot.

And I don't know what road we're on,

Or where we've been from starrin' at you.

Girl, all I know is I don't want this night to end."

A fierce blush reddened my face now. The cowboy continued to sing the vocals. I figured that he had heard this song many times before because of the way that the lyrics flowed from his mouth.

"Gonna cuss the morning,

When it comes.

Cause I know that the rising sun,

Ain't no good for me.

Cause you'll have to leave."

I smiled for I knew the next part of the song was true for me. Clay got up slowly and made his way to me.

"Gonna make the most of every mile.

Do anything to make your smile,

Land on my lips.

And get drunk on your kiss."

I blushed even more once he was closer to me. He tipped his hat to me and smiled with that goofy smile.

"The clock on the dash,

Says 3:35

There's plenty of gas,

And the night's still alive."

I flashed him a bright, confident grin back. Clay chuckled. My eyes never left his pale sky blue eyes.

"You got your hands up,

You're rocking in my truck.

You got the radio on,

You're singing every song.

I'm set on cruise control.

I'm slowing loosing hold of everything I got.

You're looking so damn hot.

And I don't know what road we're on,

Or where we've been from starrin' at you.

Girl, all I know is I don't want this night to end."

We now were only inches apart. If we were any closer, I bet he could hear my heart racing faster than the Olympic relay.

"You got your hands up,

You're rocking in my truck.

You got the radio on,

You're singing every song."

My hands were raised, and my body moved to the beat. I could easily see his eyes trailing all along my skin.

"I'm set on cruise control.

I'm slowing loosing hold of everything I got.

You're looking so damn hot.

And I don't know what road we're on,

Or where we've been from starrin' at you."

We both smiled and let our faces nearer.

"Girl, all I know is I don't want this night to end.

No I don't want this night to end"

Our breathing became in sync with every passing second. I wanted time to freeze that very moment, but it didn't, sadly. I couldn't tell whose face was redder, mine or his? I swear on the Mexican cookbook in Aunt Kim's kitchen that he could hear the thumping from my heart. A shy smile played on my lips; nervousness overwhelmed me. Only twice have I been in this situation, and both ended with me beating up someone. But this time, it felt different. Like, it felt right in some weird way.

"So, Chloe," began Clay softly, but a tender look silenced him. My face became redder as his came closer to mine. Once we were only mere centimeters apart, the worst thing happened. Something big and loud shook the air-craft violently.

"Woah!" I yelled as I was flung against the steel interrior wall. "Ow," I muttered as I slumped to the ground. Clay looked to me with an extremely concerned look then rushed to the controls.

"What the hell was that?" he grumbled as he fumbled with the many colorful buttons. I slowly brought myself up and brushed off anything that could have been on me and hurried to Clay, who was smiling.

"Why are you smiling?" I asked, cocking my head to my right side. He continued to grin goofily. "I'm serious!" I added while tapping my foot.

"Oh, nothing, Chloe. I'm just smiling because you haven't noticed where we are, yet," he replied. I looked around and saw the Temple. I sent him a half-angry glare and stuck my tongue out at him. He chuckled at my immaturity. We then walked out of the Silver Manta Ray to see that we had beaten the others here. He then called out the name of the Wu, which shrank back down to its original size. "So what do you wanna do?" I shrugged, looked around, and gasped at the remains of my guitar.

"M-my guitar!" I screamed and ran towards it. I gently picked up its many hand-made wooden pieces and its strings. As I set them down, tears rolled down my face. Clay hurried by me and kneeled down on my left side.

"We were going to tell you as a group what had happened to it, but then the Wu came up. I'm sorry," apologized the cowboy as he went to put a comforting arm around me. I let my body lean on Clay as salty wetness streamed from my face. Neither of us noticed when Dojo landed and the others came back with the Wu. They ignored us and went to do what they normally do. When I had finished sobbing, I escaped Clay's embrace and sulked towards my room. He went to follow me but I looked at him with my saddened eyes. He backed off at that moment. Ugh, worst day of my life.