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I stopped in the middle of the forest, giving myself to my senses. The sounds of my "family" dying away. We were all on a special hunting trip to prepare ourselves for the new town we were moving to. My adoptive sibling and I would be going to high school yet again. This would be my 14th time.

Let me explain myself. We were vampires. We called ourselves vegetarian vampires because we did not drink the blood of humans. Carlisle had changed all of us, saving us from death, and showed us a way to live without taking the lives of innocent humans. We fed on animal blood. We were more like a family than your typical vampire coven. Carlisle and Esme were like our father and mother. Emmett was like the older, obnoxious brother. Rosalie, his mate, was a little rough around the edges, but a great sister underneath it all. Alice was like my sister and best friend, a fashion guru and a little pixie. She had the extra ability to see the future. Her mate, Jasper, was the quiet brother you could always depend on. He had the supernatural ability to sense and manipulate emotions. We were immortal, we shared the pain of this eternal existence together.

I am Isabella Marie Swan, now known as Bella Cullen. I was changed in early 1918 at the age of 17, after almost dying of the Spanish Influenza. My power consists of a mental and physical shield. I am the only unmated member of our coven. Even though I had this wonderful family, I hated this feeling of being alone. I longed for the companionship a mate could give.

I shook myself out of my thoughts and quickly pounced on the mountain lion. I snapped his neck quickly and bit into his warm flesh. I enjoyed the warm feeling of the blood sliding down my burning throat. The carnivores tasted the most like humans. I took down a few more animals and met my family back in the clearing. We went back to our house in Ontario and finished packing our stuff in less than 4 minutes. I said goodbye to the home. We couldn't truly live here again for another hundred years.

We each got our respective vehicle and began the drive to Forks, Washington. We really liked our speed. My car was a blue Ferrari. When you were immortal, you accumulated a lot of money. Especially with someone like Alice around, who could see the trends coming in the stock market. We always knew what to invest in.

Emmett was in his jeep, Rose in her BMW, Alice in her Porsche, Jasper on his motorcycle, Esme in her Volkswagen Beetle that Rose had ramped up, and Carlisle in his Mercedes. Esme had given us strict instructions to abide by the speed limits and not to race. Otherwise, we would make it to Forks in 10 minutes and make a huge scene. But we had to stay inconspicuous if we wanted to stay in this town very long.

Eventually, we made our way to the small town. The few stores, businesses, and restaurants were all small and slightly weathered. It was quaint and nice. I had a feeling the news traveled fast here. We must be careful. Even though humans were slow, technology these days allowed word to spread fast. Without the Volturi, the careless nomads would have probably exposed our kind already.

The Volturi were the rulers of our kind. They were an empire, one that you wouldn't want to tamper with. If you made a mistake and you didn't take care of it, they would annihilate you and whoever you loved. Carlisle had stayed with them a short time before coming with them to the new world. And let me assure you, they were not animal drinkers.

We pulled up to our new home and we all, aside from Esme and Alice (because Alice saw the future of course), gasped in shock. Esme had really outdone herself this time. The house was large and white with an almost Victorian look to it. I usually had simpler tastes, but I really loved this house. The back of the house was entirely made of glass.

Emmett wolf whistled and we all parked and ran at our immortal speed inside to check out the interior. The living room was white, varying in shades a little. There was a large grand piano in the corner of the room. We had all learned to play a little over the years. The kitchen was typical and I didn't spend much time looking at it since it was only for us to appear human. I dashed up the stairs as my other siblings had, to look at my room.

My room was on the top floor, the only one up there. I gasped when I saw it, it was my favorite room yet. The glass wall gave me a perfect view of the surrounding forest and the small river out back. This would be the perfect place for hunting.

The rest of the room was amazing as well. A large section of one wall had some of my favorite books on shelves, along with some Cds. The velvet couch was my favorite color blue. There was a small black table and a flat screen hanging on the wall. It was nice and pretty simple. Just as I liked things.

Alice suddenly burst through the door with Jasper in tow. " Bellaaaa!" she squealed, " I just had a vision and now I can't wait for school tomorrow!"

I gave her a confused look. "We have been to school together 14 times, Alice. Why be excited about starting the 15th?"

Jasper answered me, " Don't try to dampen her mood. I can't even do that, and I control emotions."

Alice answered in a cryptic fashion, " You'll see!" She then zoomed out of my room.

"Maybe something good will happen, Bella. We're tired of seeing you sad and lonely," he told me, as a wave of happiness and calm washed over me. I had a physical and mental shield, but I chose to keep it down around my family. Alice needed to see our future and I was okay with Jasper's mood control.

I still didn't feel very hopeful. I had been alone all this time and there was no way I would find a mate here. Humans were out of the question and I felt like I had already met all the vampires out there. Most of them very brutal human drinkers.

" Maybe," I said back. He left me alone to my thoughts. I had spent a lot of time doing nothing but reading, learning, and staring into space. It took a lot to block out the sounds of my family's nightly activities. If I was a human, I would have blushed at that thought.

8 hours of books later, my siblings were finally ready to go to school. I sighed and ran down to get the car ready. I looked back and forth between all of them, trying to decide which was right to use at this small town high school.

" Let's take the jeep," Alice said from behind me, " It's big but its doesn't look that flashy or expensive."

I hopped in the back seat. I wished we could take my car, but Ferraris were very well known and expensive. We really didn't need the extra attention. Humans would always spend a few moths staring at us and trying to talk to us. Eventually, they learned to leave us alone.

Emmett jumped up into the jeep and the rest of the family piled in. Emmett sped to the school and we all climbed out. I could feel all the eyes on our family. Jasper stiffened, probably from the blood lust and all of the emotions of the human teens in the parking lot.

Alice handed us our schedules and papers that Carlisle had gotten for us before. My first class was AP biology. None of my siblings were in this one with me, so I made my way there alone. Every time a human would try to talk to me, I would give them a short answer and continue walking. It was sad sometimes to do this. I hated feeling rude, but it was for the best.

I smiled at the teacher, Mr. Banner. He looked slightly dazzled, and I could see the blood pumping quickly in his veins. Just wait until he saw Rosalie, I thought.

He directed me to the empty table in the back right corner of the class. I sighed in relief when I noticed that it was the only table empty. The other tables were full of lab partners. I was happy to work alone. I had perfect control after all these years, but it was just easier when I didn't have to worry about my hands being too cold for them to touch during projects.

Though I was in the back of the class, all of the students still found a way to stare at me. The boys were staring with lust and awe. The girls with jealousy. This was how it always was. Humans were so predictable sometimes.

Around 15 minutes into class, the door opened. A human boy stumbled inside the class. He had as strange shade of hair, a bronze type color. He was tall but somewhat boyish. He had thick black framed glasses, but I could see interesting emerald eyes behind them. He had light skin, not tan but not very pale either. I could hear his heart pumping quickly, as if he was nervous or frightened by something.

Something about him drew me in, in a way that no human or vampire had ever before.

The teacher scolded him about his tardiness. He started making his was to the empty seat beside me. A few boys tried to trip him on his way back, and I was startled by the intense desire to protect him. He dropped his pen as he stepped over one of the feet in the aisle. One of these rude, vile boys kicked it across the classroom. I bit back a snarl.

The boy continued his way to the seat beside me, his heart still beating quickly. He was afraid, but surprisingly it wasn't just because of me. It was because of his peers. He sighed and sat down sadly.

I rose from my chair and walked quietly across the class. I picked up the pen and shot the boy who kicked it a nasty glare.

I walked back to my seat beside the interesting boy. I handed it back to him, careful to keep my hand from touching his. He looked at me with a thankful and surprised expression. I surprised myself and smiled at him.