Old Hero, New Life

Here we go the start of the first real arc. The previous chapters were a part of the first arc which is called The Return Home Arc. Now we move into the second arc WELCOME To the Mercenaria arc. This arc will cover a few chapters focused on what was revealed in the last arc. Just to tell you this will only be one of a couple of arcs I hope to expand into different arcs and not all centered on the entire story's main antagonist.

Now you are probably going to ask 'Wait writer what about the main antagonist appearing in this arc?' Of course he will he won't be exactly ginormous in cameo but yes by the end of this arc I will have the main antagonist of this entire work of fiction introduced.

It's about time I guess

Now onto the Olympian Beating, Hero Legend, War Veteran Percy Jackson

WELCOME To Mercenaria! City of Mercenaries!

The boat sat silently in the water keeping watch for any hostiles coming to bust up whatever guy hired them for protection. Too bad they were so young.

In the water a sudden boom was heard and the boats occupants leaned over the rail watching with weapons drawn. All of a sudden hit with some cold icy water on their face they turn around triggers pulling only for their eyes to widen in horror at what could only be a one man arsenal of weaponry and malice. Before they could even breathe one got his head chopped off and the other was shot right between the eyes.

Percy now needed to infiltrate the city in order to get close to his daughter which was always easier said than done. Looking at the charts on the table of the navigation area the inconsistencies made it difficult to discern where other patrol boats may be stationed or even how far the boat was from land. Then he saw a paper laying off to the side as if shoved away for later browsing.

It read 'For all patrol boats I have a special announcement to make for you do not engage the special commanding boat for any reason, after all you wouldn't want to sink it and piss off the vampire crewmen. Also…..' Other commands were under mainly linking to keeping vigilant at all times.

So there were vampires and probably an entire flock of them. How strong could they be to be outside as guards and commanders? Could this be too much for him alone? Damn if only he didn't send those assholes back home for a vacation.

Aha of course he could call on those guys. They probably were itching for a fight anyways so it all ends well. Picking his phone up he decided to make the call.

"Yeah it's me think you're up for an infiltration annihilation mission right now?" he asked into the phone. Some grumbling on the other side and then the voice answered deep and professional with a tint of coldness. Percy thought it was perfect for this kind of job to have such a tough group as backup.

"We will accept this contract. Payment will be discussed after completion of the contract. Give us two days to get to the North Gate of the city." The man was frank and straight to the chase this was another reason he gained Percy's respect, no fumbling around just straight and blunt.

"Good see you then" finished Percy. Now it was time to find another patrol boat, time to lessen this large amount of foes by killing their eyes on the outside.

Swiftly running through the points on the map he discerned that the patrol men only new their own route and what the other boats looked like so as not to clue in anyone like him on the others whereabouts.

Smart, now he would have to put more thought getting closer to land with the boats in unknown locations and possibly able to tip off the dangerous man on land where his exact location was.

Using the will of the water though he could make out what was in the water. That was his best option here. With too many unknowns he had to be careful of where he walked or rather swam in this case. His head hurt from the sheer unease he always felt when it came to his enemy. After all, the man was still beyond his reach in power.

Using a cloth from below deck he was able to clean the blood off and lo and behold what he found with the rag. The Gods had finally given him some real luck. It was an entire uniform that could help him blend in with the other mercenaries if he had to. This could get him on land but it may not get him any farther. There most definitely was a guard post on land. Being discovered so early could be catastrophic to getting his daughter alive.

That bastard might just torture her but even that was a big, huge no in his book. Slowly making sure the vamp was dead he dropped it off the ship with no splash. Then he got to work on getting through the guard routes without suspicion.

This will be a tough job indeed who knew how many that damn city had watching every wave in the water. He'll just have to make sure to keep course.

Getting closer he could probably launch himself forward and get to land but there were too many barricades and nothing to get on land. Luckily he spotted a cliff he could climb up. Uncapping Riptide he pulled up near the cliff, well as near as he could to get out of sight. Then he cut a hole in the bottom of the ship and jumped in the water. Using the currents he put himself right where the cliff was and shot up.

He climbed up took a peek and shot two guards with a silenced pistol. They fell like rags. Taking a body and making sure the coast was clear he changed to the guards gear that conveniently had a hood and mask.

This would be where things would get hard. He was sure the bastard knew he was here and just wanted to play with him. He would make sure though that by the end of this the man would get what's been coming to him.

After all he took one of the family away from him he would not let his daughter go too. Not ever.

So slowly walking towards the gate he began his infiltration of the first of what looked like three gates, two heavily guarded and one he would have to just barge through. Damn the technology that can analyze him, expensive as shit but it works. They could only get one thank the Gods.

"Hello~!" came a real creepy voice that stepped up "Why are you LEAVING YOUR POST!" This certifiably crazy man looked the part of a psycho but not a mercenary. He had oddly two strands of hair going over his face with the rest of his hair slicked back. It looked like a pale ginger color. His eyes were wide under the goggles he wore, the pupils small. His mouth was snarling and his nose pointed so much it maybe could cut bread. The man wore a cheap suit with a sickly yellow color that made me want to hurl. No muscle to speak of, that's right no muscle, So he must not be a mercenary but something told me the man was more dangerous than all three gates of guards together.

"Sorry sir I thought I was changing posts" he said in a younger and bashful voice as if embarrassed by the mistake. Wouldn't do to get the big guns of the city on me especially when the vampires were just behind the gate awaiting fresh prey. Prey like him.

"The shift still has 20 minutes and we are expecting a wonderful~ man to appear soon. So get back….you look bigger than before you went out." Nononononononono.

"He's here! Kill the big man." I still couldn't get over the fact that I think this man was actually hitting on me. No serious he was I swear. That wink and that subtle movement of his ass that horrified me to ne end almost made me pause long enough to die. Not.

Bursting through the gates I quickly rolled to the nearest cover. The second gates guard house was not empty though so I snapped the neck of the guard that just came out and made my way forward. Pulling out the pistol again I pointed it at the first guy I saw and fired. My cover clear I put down my Book bag of Unendingness. Yes I called it that. This is what I transferred all my gear to on the way over so that I didn't lug around too much stuff and slowed myself down.

Funny enough I got the idea from Harry Potter and used special magic from our world to make it. Don't ask it's a long story. Anyway Gate 2, I slowly took out each guard one by one making sure that they were down with a second shot for good measure. As a kid fighting the Titans the monsters and Titans blew away like dust. Humans don't really do that and we have a knack for surviving weird stuff.

Moving on I couldn't help but realize how easy this really was and how much I loved the thrill of the fight something I would have hated in my youth. Now a bitter veteran soldier I take risks because it's the only way I really know how to live.

The gate into the city was huge here and with a quick battle I had taken it down. The psycho guy was nowhere to be seen probably made it in before he got here. So without further ado I walked towards the gate but didn't go through yet. According to the map I took this was the South Gate and farthest Gate from the North. Damn it.

Well here goes, I couldn't help but grin a little. The Gate had the only real sign needed on this island.

It read "Welcome to Mercenaria, City of the Mercenaries." In big red blood painted letters.

There we go a chapter wow it's amazing to actually get something out there. I hope I can continue this on a better schedule but we will see.

Whelp here's a sneak peek at next time

Next Chapter:

"So this place looks crowded with every single weapon known to man and some that aren't. Everyone wants that money promised for my head. My bad luck just loves to run its course."


"Now the hunt is on, the game begins, and by the end of our tale one of us will keep walking and the other will have breathed their last. Will that be you Percy or me? Will we gain what we were promised or is this all for naught? All may be answered in do good time."

Bloody City! Let the Craziness Ensue!"