"Ozzy! Slow down!" you shouted, peddling your bike fast, trying to keep up with your best friend. He was ages ahead of you on the dirt path and you were struggling to keep up.

"You hurry up, _!" he laughed and let out a wild yell at the top of his lungs, as he flew of the top of a hill and nearly crashed to the ground.

"You idiot! You could have fallen!" you resisted the urge to laugh at Oz's ridiculous behavior. You cared about him too much to do anything that might encourage his insane stunts.

"No worries!" he yelled over his shoulder.

To prove his point, he raised both hands in the air cracking up again when you let out a shriek.

"If you get hurt, I'm not helping your arse!" you warned. He seemingly ignored you, but you noticed he slowed down enough for you to catch up.

"Sorry sheila, I couldn't help myself! You're so funny when you're mad!" he laughed and you rolled your eyes.

Getting an idea for a little bit of playful revenge, you smirked.

"No worries, Oz!" you said, flipping the switches on your mountain bike to high gear and peddling away as fast as you could, laughing at your friend's protests.

"Not fair!" he complained, now the one who had to struggle to keep up.

You just laughed and continued down the path until you reached the end.

Bringing the bike to a stop, you turned and waited triumphantly for Oz to arrive. He pulled up a few seconds after you, out of breath.

"Really... Not... Fair..." he gasped out inbetween breaths.

You giggled, "That's what you get for trying to leave me in the dust! Now come on, let's get ice cream!"

You hopped back on your bike and raced off, Ozzy following close behind, laughing he whole way to the near-by icecream shop.

You later sat with Oz on a bench outside the shop, lapping up the frozen treats while joking around with eachother and people watching.

"Hey _, want some?" Oz said, holding his icecream in front of your nose.

You eyed him and his mischevious grin and carefully poked the dessert with your tongue.

"Aw, come on! Have a real taste!"

You rolled your eyes to take a long lick, only to have him push it in your face. You glared at his laughing figure.

"I will kill you." you said coldly, trying to find something to wipe your face off in your bag.

"Aw, c'mon sheila don't be like that! I'll help you clean it off." he said smoothly, setting his icecream down carefully and cupping your face with both his hands

"W-what are you doing?" you stuttered, as be brought his face closer to yours.


He then stuck out his toungue and began licking the icecream off your chin.

"G-gross! Get off me!" you yelled feebily attempting to push the Aussie off. You didn't try very hard to get him to stop though. Curiousity of what he'd do once he got to your lips caused you to give up after a few seconds and scowl at your friend.

You had butterflies in your stomach and your heart was in your throat. A few seconds more now.

He hovered centimeters from your mouth. Eying your icecream covered lips. He looked into your eyes, where the false anger had faded from view to be replaced with a dark haze of longing.

He brought his lips to meet yours in a kiss and you melted into him like the icecream cone in your hand.

When you split apart, you grinned at eachother. Oz looked completely blissed. So were you, but you liked to get revenge. Especially on Ozzy.

Not breaking eye contact, you brought your treat up and squished it into his face.

"Hey!" he exclaimed, rearing back.

"No worries, Ozzy. I'll help you clean it off." you smirked, pulling him into another kiss.