Ethan's POV: "Jesse, please don't do this. Please." Sarah pleaded. I remember the pain shooting through my body while Sarah's eyes filled with tears. "Ethan!" Benny cried. I was rocking on the hard tile floor while the venom finally got to me. "I'm so sorry" Sarah sobbed. Everything went black after that. "I'm so sorry" I remember those words spinning in my head over and over again. Chapter 2: Sarah's POV: Ethan awoke in Benny's room about an hour later. "Ethan!" I screamed. "Sarah." he said softly. I ran over and hugged him. "How do you feel?" I asked. He looked at me as he slowly started sitting up. At first when I got bit it felt like Jesse sucked all of the energy out oft body. But now, I feel great! Besides the thirst." He said. Just as I was about to speak Benny, Rory and Erika barged through the door. "E, how's the vampire life?" Benny asked enthusiastically. "It feels weird. Hey does anyone else smell that?" as Ethan was saying this his eyes starting to turn golden. "Benny, you have to leave!" I screamed. "Why?" he asked. "Because Ethan can smell your blood." I yelled back " Go get your grandma." he ran out of the room this time. Ethan's eyes turned to normal and he turned to Rory. "Rory?" he asked. " Yea E?" he said. " I can't stand the hunger, it's killing me." he said in pain. Benny's grandma came and stoodin the doorway as Benny stood next to her. "Here sweetie, have some blood substitute. It will calm your hunger for now." she said in a sweet tone. She threw him the bag as his fangs flashed out and cut through the bag. Chapter 2: Ethan's POV: Ever since I became a fledgling, I have had one thought circle my mind over and over again. How can I be friends with Benny if i can't even stand next to Jim without me wanting to drain him? As I'm walking to school the next morning, I run into Sarah. "Sarah, I have to ask you something." I blurted. "Ethan, what's wrong?" she asked in a worried voice. I sighed. "How can I be friends with Benny if I can't even stand next to him without wanting to drain him?" I said in a soft voice . I stood there, looking at the smooth, wet pavement below me. " You have two choices." she said " You can turn him, or, you can become a full vampire so the hunger doesn't bother you anymore." she looked at me with sad eyes. I cringed at the first option knowing I would regret that for the rest of my life. Second choice it was.