Chapter 12 Erica's POV: As I sit on the cement, I can barely move. Everyone has gone, even Jesse. He said he was going to trap Ethan in a mirror and when he tried to get out, he would posses his body and lure Sarah, Rory and Benny here. I couldn't stop them, I was too weak, I pleaded and begged but he wouldn't listen. I was too late. I try getting up but ultimately fail. "I'm so sorry." I whisper Ethan's POV What happened? I think. Why cant I move or speak? Hello old friend Who is that? I have taken your body to trap you're friends Jesse?! Yes? STAY AWAY FROM MY FRIENDS "Ethan, are you ok? What happened?" Sarah asks. "Yeah I'm fine." Jesse says. Sarah, get away it's Jesse! I try to say, but it just comes out as a thought. Your useless. He says as he leaves my body. I gasp for air when Sarah asks me whats wrong. "Jesse just possessed me, no one I's safe." I say with a worried expression on my face. "Then we have to stop him." Sarah says