Title: Chest Jealousy
Anime: Ichigo Mashimaro

"Hey, Matsuri?" Miu asked.

"Huh? Yeah?" Matsuri answered.

"Can ya hit me on the back a few times?"

"Uh, okay then…." She carefully beat three times on the brunette's back. The twelve-year-old looked down her shirt after she had been hit three times.

"Miu, I've already told you that it won't make you develop faster." Chika said. She was sitting on the bed, watching the brunette and the eleven-year-old.

At that moment, Nobue was walking in, and she said,

"It's true. Just wait. It'll happened at some point."

"How do you know? What if it NEVER happens!"

The twenty-year-old sighed.

"What's she rushing puberty for?" she asked her little sister.

"She's jealous because Anna's maturing faster than her." Chika answered.

"I-I am not! Isn't that right, Matsuri?"

"Eh?" the most timid girl answered. "W-well…. You did look a little bit jealous when you saw her bathing suit top when we went to her house…." Matsuri answered.

"Urrgh!" Miu threw herself onto the bed and threw a fit, kicking her legs up and down as well as her arms, and screaming into the covers. "It's not fair! I want boobs, too!"

"I don't think a grade school girl should want them, yet." The older ebony haired girl said.

"Yeah, you only say that because you think flat chests are cute." The younger ebony haired girl said, making her older sister blush because it was true. Instead of answering that remark with a remark of her own, she proceeded to talk to Matsuri.

"What about you, Matsuri? Do you want to mature faster?"

"Not really." The grey haired child said, feeling less shy when she talked with Nobue. "I'm willing to wait a few years before I have to deal with it."

The all looked to Miu who was still throwing a fit. Nobue then whispered to the eleven-year-old,

"Don't tell Miu, but her throwing fits like that might be stunting her growth." That caused the two girls to go into a fit of giggles. Chika looked at them funny, but decided not to ask. It was probably better that she didn't know, anyway.