Author's note:

I've been writing smuts and lemons lately and I regret nothing. Kagami Taiga is just so sexy and Kuroko Tetsuya is so frikin adorable and of course Kise Ryouta is a damn hottie. Nuff said…

P.s. (And Akashi Seijuro is my yandere husbando. KuroBas belongs to Tadoshi Fujimaki-sensei and the picture belongs to my beloved inumog and lastly Akashi's mine… miiiiine)

"I'll lock you up"

The room was filled with moans and pants. The sound of thrusts. What was happening is very intense for the two.

"Haaa-ahh… ka-gami…kun…aah." A very warm and gentle voice echoing his name, that flustered face and teary blue eyes. The taller teen's thrusts quickened.

"F-aast…gaahh…haaa! Kagami-ku-n!"

Kagami took control of the situation in a pleasurable haze. He ignored kuroko's pleas and complains and went deeper.

"Naaah! Aaagh! Kagami-kun! I…haaa…"

Kagami smirked when he realized his partner was about to come.

"Wait… don't come yet. I'm almost close so… agh… let's… together." He gave kuroko his last thrusts that were so hard and deep.

"Ha- Aaaah! I-inside… come inside me…"

Kagami pressed his body flush against kuroko and came inside him. He pulled out, white fluids dripping from his cock and lots of it leaking from kuroko's butt.


Kuroko felt so weak he cant even move. Kagami carried him and he lays him down in his lap. Kuroko stared at him with questioning eyes.

"What's the matter? You just pushed me down and did this and that to me all of a sudden…" kuroko caressed kagami's cheek with the back of his hand. Kagami held his hand and shook his head, smiling. "Nothing."

But kuroko was not satisfied with that answer. He knows something is going on behind that smile.

[Kuroko's Room]

Kuroko's train of thoughts stopped when his mom knocked to remind him about dinner.

"I'll be there…" he replied still lying down to his bed. He sighed, still thinking about his light.


Lately, Kagami is indeed acting weird. He can't explain how he's like but somehow he's not like what he usually is. Something is bothering him and he need to find that out.

[Street basketball Court]

"Eh? Kagamicchi's acting weird? Hmm… now that you mention it. He sure is acting like one." He placed his arm over kuroko's shoulder to pull him close. "Don't worry kurokocchi. He'll be alright. He's kagamicchi after all."

There's a slight blush on kuroko's cheeks. "Thank you kise-kun. I don't know who to talk with so I went to you."

Kise grinned and pet the smaller boy's hair. He then pressed his cheek to kuroko's.

"No prob~ if it's kurokocchi, I'm always here to help." Kuroko smiled, embarrassed about how close kise's face to him.

From a far distance, there's a sound of a fence being gripped. And we clearly know who's doing that. He came all the way to search for his shadow after all.

"Kuroko…" his grip on the fence tightened. "I'm the only one who's allowed to touch you like that." He growled looking away, letting go of the fence and walked away.

"But still… kurokocchi…"


Kise removed his arms to kuroko and suddenly became serious. "I'm jelous."

Kuroko tilted his head and looked to the blond, his bangs covering his eyes.

"I'm jealous of kagamicchi…" he repeated, looking to kuroko this time. "I want kurokocchi to be mine too…" he reached for kuroko's hand and gripped his hold to it. "Kurokocchi…"

Kuroko didn't know what to do but widen his eyes to the hand that was holding his and remain silent. He can't deny that he also has feeling for kise but… He has Kagami now and what's more those feelings he has for Kagami surpasses his love for kise.

"K-kise-kun…" he looked at him nervously. But kise's eyes were completely focused on him. He feels like he's going to melt just by looking at those golden orbs.

"I want kurokocchi to be mine…" he pulled him closer. " I love you."

[Kuroko's Room]

Kuroko pounded on his pillow, thinking about the happening today. Heck, it was so embarrassing he could die. His former teammate just confessed to him. Well yes, when

Aomine left him, kise was the one who comforted him. When he's sad, kise treated him to vanilla shakes and he treats him so nicely. That's why he wouldn't wonder why he fell in love with him in the past. But it's different now. He met Kagami Taiga. And he loves him very much. He continued pounding on his pillow while getting red.

"Damned love triangle." He whispered and hugged the pillow tightly.

[School Gym]

"Umm… coach, where's Kagami-kun?" he asked the angered Aida Riko.

"That Ba-kagami… he's skipping practice! Furihata-kun said he's on the rooftop all day! I will kill him!"

Kuroko sighed. "Then, I'll call him." He left the gym and went to fetch his light.

He opened the door and found the red haired guy snoring. Seeing him reminded him something. His past light. When Aomine Daiki was skipping practice he stays at the rooftop all the time and he's the one who always calls him.

He walked to Kagami and sat beside the sleeping guy. He stared and leaned to his face.

"Kagami-kun…" he pressed his lips to the red haired guy's lips. Kagami woke up because of that and found his lips being sealed by a certain cute boy. He opened his mouth and pushed his tongue inside kuroko's. Kagami held kuroko's head and leaned to he kiss. Their tongue alternately topping each other's and sucking each. He released him when kuroko was lacking of air. The blue haired boy was blushing so hard and touching his lips.

"Good morning beautiful." Kagami spoke, his greeting was in English.

"It's afternoon now, Kagami-kun." Kuroko frowned at him. Kagami grinned and yawned.

"Sorry… I couldn't sleep last night…" he scratched his head and teary because of his big yawn.

"Hmm? And why is that?" kuroko asked.

"Because I'm mad…" he glared at kuroko. The blue haired boy widened his eyes.

"You know seeing the one you love with some stupid blonde." He looked away, still looking angry.

Kuroko felt a sweat fell down to his cheek.

So he saw that. Don't tell me he heard the confession…? Kuroko thought.

"You shouldn't hang out with that idiot so much. I get jealous."

Kuroko smiled while blushing. He's so straightforward as usual. He chuckled making Kagami blushed as well.

"What's so funny? I'm fucking serious…"

"I know…" he replied, still chucking. Kagami snorted.

"Come here."

Kuroko sat on kagami's lap and he wrapped his arms around kuroko. His chin was resting on kuroko's head.

"Coach will kill you."

"Hm? Then I won't go to practice today."

"You're surely dead tomorrow Kagami-kun."

"Then stay with me for a while."

His embrace to kuroko tightened, that gave kuroko a hard time to breathe.


This guy is his. He only belongs to himself He thought. No one is allowed to touch him but him.

"I love you." He muttered. Kuroko was surprised.

"M-me too... kagami-kun." He replied and held kagami's arms wrapping him.

"You're mine and I won't let anyone touch you."

Kuroko felt a chill down to his spine. Kagami's voice was so scary and sounds dangerously serious.

"I'll do anything. I will send you in a far place and lock you if it means to make you mine so no one else can touch you." He smelled kuroko's hair.

"You're being possessive kagami-kun. I'm not a thing you know."

Kagami smiled and rested his chin on kuroko's shoulder this time, his cheek touching kuroko's "I know… but you belong to me…"

He felt kuroko's cheek getting hot and he knew he was blushing.

"I'll seriously kill that blonde."

Kuroko sighed.



"Wanna stay at my place tonight?"

Kuroko nodded, smiling at him

[Kagami's House]

He pushed kuroko on the bed.

"W-wait… kagami-kun, I'm not ready for this!"

"Huh? But I'm starving…" kagami leaned closer but kuroko pushed him hard.

"I… can't today ok? I'm tired and I might faint if we do it."

Kagami sighed and sat. "Che…"

Kuroko zipped up his uniform. "S-sorry…" kuroko looked away, embarrassed. He looked at the red haired guy, he was seriously looking so horny now.

"Ka…gami-kun." He called him. Kagami looked at his side with questioning eyes.

"I'll…I'll suck you." Kagami blushed at the sudden statement.

"Y-you sure?"

Kuroko nodded and knelt down in front of kagami... He unzipped kagami's pants and his thing showed up standing so damn straight.

"That's… big…" kagami looked away.

"Y-you should know. I'm putting that inside you."

"But… I'm not looking." Kuroko murmured while staring at the hard rod.

"Idiot… stop acting shy and accept how big it is…. You should be proud. If you're a woman, you're probably pregnant now." Kagami smirked.

Kuroko pouted at him and touched his cock. He rubbed it slowly. He felt nervous just by looking at it. How the hell can he possibly fit that fucking thing on his mouth?

"Oi… what's wrong?" kagami looked at him.

"This is bigger than a burger."

"Hell it is."

Kise's a bit smaller compared to kagami's and he's pretty sure he can fit the blond's on his mouth but… kagami's… just what the hell is that size. Wait. What is he thinking?

Comparing kise to kagami all of a sudden just because he can't suck.

"Kagami-kun… my mouth might break."

Kagami almost fell on his bed. His thing is already calling for damn attention and that's what he received?

"Heck it won't, now suck for shit's sake!"

Kuroko gulped and began licking the head. He pressed his tongue on top of it and slowly placed it inside his mouth. As expected, only half of it was on his mouth, but he sucked it anyway.

While sucking, he rubbed the balls.

"Nnnng… y-you're quite good." Kagami patted his hair. "But seriously, sucking it won't be enough. I need to put it inside you." Kagami said while panting hard.

Kuroko ignored him despite hearing it clearly he continued sucking and rubbing. He felt kagami's cum almost coming out. He pushed his mouth inside harder and pulled out when kagami came.

"Haah… not bad." Kagami praised him.

"Now lie down… it's my turn."

"Bu-but kagami-kun."

"No buts. I'll be gentle. Don't worry. I'll just mark you."

Mark for what? Kuroko thought. He lied down anyway.

"Kagami-kun don't be so rough. I'll punch you."

Kagami nodded and topped him. He leaned to kiss kuroko on the neck and licked him. He bit it.

"Hnnn…" kuroko clings on kagami's neck. He unzip kuroko's uniform and unbuttoned him. His hands immediately pinched the boy's nipple.


He licked the other side and sucked it gently. He bit it lightly and swiftly moved his hands down to kuroko's crotch he felt the boy's arousal.

He removed removed his pants and rubbed the cock.


While rubbing Kagami kissed and bit every single corner of kuroko's body. Starting from the chest down to the stomach.

"Kaga…mi-kun… s-stop biting…ahh…" he made kuroko to shut up by rubbing it hard and fast. He continued what he's doing and soon enough, the boy came. He bit his neck again. "Aah! Kagami-kun…" kuroko's gripped his hold on kagami's hair.

"Ahh… I want to eat you more."

"I'll punch you if you continue biting me."

"Huh? Does it hurt?" kuroko shook his head.

"Then, stop complaining and let me." He bit his nipple and sucked it.


Be gentle my ass. He's starting to be rough. Kuroko thought.

"I need to put it in kuroko…" kagami growled.

"Eh? I already sucked it."

"But that's not enough! I want something hotter than your mouth." He complained. Kuroko glared at him and twitched his eyebrows.

"Fine. But if I'll faint. I'll kill you for real." He demanded.

Kagami hesitated because of what he heard but he began pushing his two fingers to kuroko's hole.

"Haaaah!...ha…." he felt the two fingers stretching him. Kagami searched for his sweet spot. And when he hit it, Kuroko moaned loud. He covered his mouth in embarrassment.

"Nnnng…" kagami smirked when he knew he hit it.

"You like it huh?" he pressed it deeper.

" … haan..nnng…"

The two fingers stretched wider to push it in deeper.


"Hm? You want me now?"

"Hnn…" kuroko nodded, his eyes closed and his face all red. Kagami pulled his fingers out and thrusts inside.

"Ha! Ahh!...aaah…"

"Fuck… just relax."

Kuroko inhaled and exhaled while his insides were filled by that big and hot cock. Kagami slowly pushed and pulled in and out. He saw kuroko adjusting himself and forcing it to fit inside him.

"Relax kuroko." Kuroko nodded while biting his lips. Kagami started to move fast. He felt the tightness and hotness of kuroko's ass. This is what he exactly wanted. He continued to embrace this opportunity by biting kuroko's neck again while thrusting so hard.

"Kuroko… who's are you…again?" he asked smirking.

"Ka-kaga…mi-kun's." kuroko replied, obviously looking so tired.

"Good boy… I'll reward you." His thrust felt incredibly good for kuroko. Hard but it doesn't hurt. His body was now in an unspeakable pleasure.

"Why… i-it feels so…good." Kuroko moaned. Kagami was encouraged at kuroko's words him and gave him fast and hard thrusts. Kuroko couldn't help but to moan loud. He doest care if someone hears them. He just wants kagami to continue and don't stop. He doest know what is this feeling but he don't want this moment to end so quickly. Kagami kissed him while slowing his pace. Just like kuroko, he wants to treasure this every moment. He gently bit kuroko's tongue and sucked it. Kuroko moaned on the kiss while his ass is being pounded by a large dick. He felt so full he could burst anytime. Kagami pulled from the kiss and quickened his pace again.

"You're mine kuroko… don't ever forget that…" he went fast. Kuroko nodded.

Kagami's thrusts were fast. He came at last. He pulled out and lied beside kuroko.

"You awake?" he looked beside him. Kuroko was just panting hard and his eyes closed.

"I'm glad you didn't faint since I went easy on you."


Kagami chuckled at kuroko's reply.