The red hair guy was speechless. The taller man was smiling so sweetly after he released him from the kiss.


Akashi felt like slapping himself because he's looking so dumb right now.
He looks just like a high school love struck girl who received her first kiss.

Well, that was a confession. A one real big confession. It's a lot better than the other green haired guy's but it was so bold he felt so embarrassed. The taller guy suddenly chuckled and that made Akashi to snap from his dumb look.

"W-why…did you…?"

Murasakiba tilted his head. "Why you say? Because I love you."

He simply smiled while telling those 'three words' bluntly.

Akashi knew Murasakiba's feelings from the very start, but he decided to keep silent about it. He didn't know why… he knows that it's the best not to meddle on that. They will remain friends… A very close one, he promised that to himself.

The shorter boy touched his lips blushing hard.

"You idiot…"

Murasakiba leaned and cupped Akashi's face to kiss him again.

"Yeah… A tall idiot."

Akashi jumped in surprise when he heard the doorbell. "I… I'll answer that."

He quickly removed both Murasakiba's hand and went outside.
He left the boy frowning and his bangs was covering his eyes.

When he opened the door. The person he saw was-

"S-shintarou…?" he gripped his hold on the door knob. "W-why are you… here?" He asked, trying to compose himself.

"To visit of course." The green haired scratched his head.

"We just met yesterday."

"…Won't you let me in? I'm freezing in here…"

Akashi sighed and rolled his eyes at the reply. He invited him to go inside in the end.

"What do you want to drink?" Tea or coffee?"

"I'll have coffee. Thanks."

Akashi went to the kitchen to heat the water. He stared at the kettle while it boils.
Midorima waited in the living room.

It actually bothers him to be here, because of many reasons.

But why the heck did he go here anyway?

He face palmed himself as he realized that he has absolutely no answer to his own damned question.

Not long after Akashi went out from the kitchen with two cups of coffee on his trey

"Something must be really going on for you to visit me." Akashi smirked while placing down the coffee to the table.

"What made you say that? Do you really think I'm that kind of person?"

He chuckled at the arrogant reply he received. "Hmm… So I'm wrong then?" He sipped his drink.

Midorima kept silent.

He didn't know what to say next.

'Confess huh?' he thought while staring to the cup in front of him.

"I feel so stupid."

Akashi choked at the sudden response. He coughed and wiped his mouth. "What?"

"I'm so mad at myself for being a coward." He adjusted his glasses. The red haired simply stared at him with confusing eyes. He really can't understand this man in front of him. If only he could read that mind, that would be a great help.

"I tell dumb things to you but I end up taking them. I'm the worst."

Things were a bit clear to Akashi now. But that wasn't the one he wanted to hear from him. He wants another word.

"Your coffee will get cold. Hurry up and drink it."

Midorima suddenly looked at him with serious looking eyes. He placed his drink down while getting all confused to this man.

"Akashi. I will tell you something." His voice was firm and serious...


He felt nervous again.

"I want to tell you… about my feelings."

His heart throbbed fast while those green orbs are focused to him.

"Akashi I-"

But Midorima's sentence was cut when a very tall man from Akashi's room appeared.

"If it isn't Mido-chin… Long time no see." He went beside Midorima. "You still look the same."

The Green haired frowned at him. He was so close on telling it!

"I don't want to hear that from you." He grabbed his cup and sipped his coffee.

"I was wondering why Akachin is taking a longtime outside to greet the visitor. Now I know… It is the important person after all."

"Atsushi!" he slammed the table.

"Oh? Am I wrong?" the tall man's eyes looked provoking. The Glasses guy watched the two argue.

"Do you want to get cut huh?" Akashi's eyes sharpen and black aura surrounds him.

Murasakiba gulped. Since they see each other very rarely, he completely for got how Akashi can be scary when he got mad.

Much worse, he'll really do what he says even it kills you, literally.

"Am I the important person Akashi?"

Out of the blue, Midorima unexpectedly spoke.

Akashi slowly shifted his glare to Midorima and raised his scissor that came out from his pocket.

"You too Shintarou… Shut the Fuck up."

The two shivered.

"Both of you should get the hell out of here before I stab you two to death."

Midorima quickly stood up and the two of them ran outside.

Akashi sighed and sat down. "Seriously… think twice before falling in love with me… I can kill you know…"

The shorter boy stopped in front of a book store.

Kise remained himself hidden in a post. He walked slowly as the boy entered the store.

Soon after, he also went inside. From a far distance he peeked hiding in the book shelves.

He saw the shorter boy reading and picking books.

When he finished reading its summary at the back, he returned it and looked up. He tried to grab another book up but even with his tip toes, he still can't reach it.

Kise chuckled at the scene and decided to help him. He walked to him and grabbed the book kuroko was reaching.

"Here ya go Kurokocchi…" he gave the book to him.

Kuroko frowned but took the book anyway.

"Thank you Kise-kun. By the way, Why are you following me?"

Kise shivered. "Y-you knew..?"

The shorter boy nodded while flipping the pages of the book.

The blond scratched his head awkwardly. "H-hehehe…"

Kuroko glanced to him and smiled. "Nevermind."

Kise still felt very awkward and nervous. "Umm… Kurokoccchi?"


"Are you free today?" Kise blushed as he asked.

"Yes…? Why do you ask Kise-kun?"

"T-then… If you are… Can you… Come to my house?"

He knew Kuroko won't agree and he prepared his heart for that.

The shorter boy held his chin up and thought.

"I guess… I can…"

The unexpected answer made Kise's heart jump in happiness.

"Ah~! Thank you Kurokocchi~!" He pulled the boy and rubbed his cheeks to him.


The happy blond chuckled.

Both entered the blondes room.

"Hehe~ I even cleaned for today Kurokocchi! What do you want to eat? I have cakes and sweets~!"

Kuroko shook his head and smiled. "Thank you Kise-kun. But I just ate so I'm full." He sat.

"Hmm~ that's too bad…" Kise did the same thing.



This is not actually what he planned, but he realized that he needed to tell him.

"I need to ask you something."

"Eh? What is it?"

He really need to.

"What do you mean by… From your lover?"

Kise suddenly changed his expression to a serious one.

"Ah, you mean from the card… Don't tell me you don't get it?"

Kuroko looked at him with wide eyes.

"You know that I love you. So… that's how it is."

Kuroko gripped his fists. "Kise-kun."

"Besides, I think about Kurokocchi almost everyday. What did you ate? Are you doing fine? And… Who's with you right now…"

Kuroko looked down. He couldn't look at the blonde anymore .

"I realized that my love for you is not a joke. My feeling's are real and I'm responsible for that."

Kuroko's chest felt like crushing him. Hearing that from him is what hurt the most.

"So… I just wrote that. That's how I feel for you."

He knew this man's feelings since a long time ago. But he never returned his feeling. He blamed himself for that.

"Nee Kurokocchi… Do you know how it feels to love someone this badly."

Kuroko quivered and remained silent.

"Hahaha… Sorry for asking that…"

There was silence on the room.

The atmosphere was gloom.

But Kuroko chose to break the irritating silence.

"Kise-kun. You know that I have Kagami-kun so why are you doing this?" he looked at him this time. "You know he'll get mad if you continue doing this. You keep on provoking him."

Kise smirked at the shorter boy. "That's the deal. I want to provoke Kagamicchi.."

Kuroko slammed his hands on the table. "I hate that!"

Kise's eyes widen.

"W-why…" Kuroko's body quivered more.

Kise knelt and leaned closer to Kuroko and held his chin to pull him closer.

"Because I want you so badly I'll do anything to make you mine."

Kuroko gasped when Kise's lips touched his. He tried to enter Kuroko's mouth but he got pushed. The shorter boy wiped his lips. "Stop that… Kise-kun."

Kise looked down disappointed. "Kurokocchi."

He's like everything he ever wanted. Only him and his life will be complete.

But… he never came to his life… he felt so incomplete.

"I… was with you when you're alone." Kise started, sounding so pained.

"I helped you to forget about him." He chuckled painfully. "And then… I hoped… I just hoped… that someday you'll notice me… you will come to love me." Kise gripped his chest. "But I was wrong. Everything became twisted when you met that guy."

Kuroko remained silent, willing to listen to this guy that he keeps on hurting.

"You forgot about me. How I cared about you… how I comforted you. I never left you when you needed a friend."

Kise finally looked at him with painful looking eyes. "Kurokocchi… You're unfair." Tears fell down from his golden eyes. "Kurokocchi." He stood up and pushed Kuroko on his bed.


"I love you…"

The tears fell down to Kuroko's cheek. He stared at those watery eyes.

"I… love… you…" he sniffed.

To be honest… kuroko wants to wipe those painful feelings away…

But how?

He didn't know… that's why he felt so worthless.

This guy never gave up until the end, just for him.

"I wanted to be your light. Your lover. And the person that can make you the happiest person…" kise smiled weakly.

Kuroko wiped the tears from his eyes.


"I'm the worst person. I don't deserve your love Kise-kun. Your love is too great for me. You're a great person…" Kuroko smiled at him. "That's why… you should forget about me."

Kise felt like his world was broken into billion pieces. He didn't want to hear that from him.

"What are you saying?" his hair was covering his eyes. "Kurokocchi… you know you're everything for me. So, why are you saying that?"

Kuroko stared at him.

"I can't forget you! I just can't" The tears continued to flow to his eyes "Kuroko..cchi."

Kuroko remained his usual dead pan expression as he thought about something. He doesn't want to hurt this person anymore and at the same time, he can't betray the one and only person that he loves. And that's Kagami. But-

"I think… it's better if I just…Die…"

Kuroko gasped when he heard that. He grabbed the blonde's shirt and pushed him in the bed, they changed positions. Kuroko was on top of him, looking so mad.

"You're so pathetic!" he shouted.

Kise was so shocked and his tears suddenly stopped.

"Die you say? Why will you waste your life for someone as worthless as me? Don't talk about dying that way Stupid Kise-kun!" Kuroko gripped Kise's shirt and glared at him. This is the first time he saw kuroko got really mad.

"You see Kise-kun, I'm not the only person in this big world! You deserve a better person than me! You… You're too kind." He loosened his grip.

""Kurokocchi… I'm… Sorry." Kise sat on his bed. Kuroko noticed that his eyes were looking so dark and almost like… dreadful.


The blonde gazed to him with dead eyes.

Kuroko felt more annoyed because of that. He looked down and gripped his fists.

"Fuck me… Kise-kun…"

The blonde flinched and his dead eyes returned to normal.

"H-huh? Kurokocchi?"

Kuroko looked at him. "You can Fuck me Kise-kun. I will give myself to you. Only for today…"

'Kagami-kun… this is my punishment… I hurt the person that's important to me. Please forgive me…'

He leaned close to the blonde's face. "Mess me up. Make me dirty until your heart's content."

The blond stared at him deeply. "Kurokocchi…"

'I'm sorry… Kagami-kun…'

"This is your fault you stupid giant!" Midorima cursed the taller man outside, he pointed him. "What kind of an idiot are you? Are you really that stupid?" He continued complaining. The man just continued munching like it was nothing to him.

"I was… I was… So fucking close…" he gritted his teeth. Murasakiba looked at him.

"Close to what? Confessing your love?"

Midorima felt like someone threw a very big rock to him. "Hell no! You're an idiot."

He turned his back to him, blushing.

"Mido-chin. You should learn how to timing. You wont get points if you're like that."

"I said that's not it!"

"Then what?"

Midorima remained silent. This guy already fucking knows everything. He ran and left the tall man. "Ah~ he left."

Murasakiba grinned and unwrapped another piece of candy. "It's so rare for Mido-chin to be like that."

"I was so close!" he shouted while running. He stopped and reached his phone inside his pocket. "I can't text him… I need to tell him directly or else… My horoscope… and my dignity as a man will be dead." He walked fast, still with his annoyed face.


A sound of swoosh and the bounce of the ball. He dribbled and ran to shoot it again.

After he made the shot, He wiped his sweat.

He looked down and saw his broken shoe lace. "Shit. My shoe must be really old."

But suddenly he remembered the Japanese saying if it broke, then there's something bad going on or you're unlucky today.

"Like heck I'll believe that."

Still, he can't help but to feel unease. Kuroko immediately came to his mind.

"I wonder what is that guy doing? He told me he'll buy some books…" he just smiled instead and grabbed the ball to play again


"I like you Kuroko… Please go out with me."

Kagami was actually surprised. Because he finally said it. He cant believe he actually told and confessed his real feelings to him.

He's so nervous but at least he's confident.

The shorter teen blushed hard.

"Y-you can take your time… I'll wait for your answer…"

Kuroko looked at him smiling. "No Kagami-kun. I have an answer now…"

Kagami gulped, sweating all over.

"I'll go out with Kagami-kun… Because I like you too…"

He can't believe what he just heard.

So that means he also liked him all this time?

He scratched his head… "I'm… so glad…" he blushed, shaking. Kuroko chuckled

"Me too Kagami-kun…" Both of them felt so happy…

He wore the necklace to kuroko.

"Kagami-kun? This is..?"

The taller teen went in front of him. "I give that to you… That's very important to me, so treasure it ok?"

Kuroko held the necklace ring and smiled. "Yes… Thank you…"

Kagami bent forward and whispered. "And my other gift is…" he kissed the boy's lips.

" Happy Birthday Kuroko…"

The blue haired boy blushed and hugged him. "Thank you so much Kagami-kun." He wrapped his arms around the boy and held him tight. "You're welcome… Kuroko…"

Both were happy with their relationship. Not until Kagami discovered someone else was in love with Kuroko. And that was Kise Ryouta, his former teammate back in Teiko.

"Fuck that guy." He angrily whispered to himself as he watched the blonde clings all over his kuroko.

"Someday… I'll definitely get rid of you." Kagami glared at him with all his might.

[End of Flashback]

Kagami sat on the bench and panted hard. He wiped his sweat with his towel and gulped his drink.

"Hahh that was great… practicing by your fucking self." He chuckled at the irony.

"Kagami?" he looked to the direction of the familiar voice.

"Oh Midorima… Sup…" he raised his hand to greet him

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

Kagami twitched his eyebrows. "Playing basketball Duh."

He continued drinking. Midorima sighed and grabbed the ball. He went to the court.

As usual, he shot from a far distance. From the other side of the court the ball went in smoothly.

Kagami whistled at the scene. "Cool."

"Hmp. Of course. That's normal." He adjusted his glasses.

"One on One!"

"Don't feel like it…"


Kagami pouted at the declined game. He was getting so bored and he wants to play with someone strong. "Why?"

Midorima threw the ball to Kagami and catches it.

"Because I'm not in the mood. Thanks to a certain tall air head guy." He looked annoyed again.

"Hmm… Tall… Air head." Kagami held his chin up and thought hard.

"Ahh! Murasakiba! Am I right?!" he grinned. Midorima sighed at the name.

"Maybe…" he looked around the court.

"Whoa. That's a mystery then." Kagami threw the bottle to the trashcan.

"Anyway, what brings you here?" he asked.

"I came to cool my head off… just one shot can calm me down. But I didn't expect that someone came first before me."

"Well sorry about that." Kagami rolled his eyes to him.

"Why are you not with Kuroko today?" the sudden mention of the name surprised him.

"Ahh, That guy need to buy new novels. I actually don't like books that much so… I didn't go with him."

Midorima nodded. He felt his phone vibrate so he reached it on his pocket.

[Atshushi's gone now… You can come back] he blushed when he red the text that's from Akashi.

"Hm? Looks like you're in a date huh?"

Midorima dropped his mouth. "T-that's not it What are you saying!" he blushed pointing the red haired guy.

"E~ Really? Why are you blushing then?"

"S-shut up!" he walked fast to leave.

"Good luck on you Date~!" Kagami shouted.

Midorima glared at him while he walked outside the court.

"D-date my ass… I haven't confessed yet…" he murmured to himself while running.


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