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Kuroko covered his mouth.

He tried to hold his voice back.

"Kurokocchi." Kise whispered as he continued sucking Kuroko's cock.

"Mmmg…" Low moans escaped the blue haired boy's mouth.

The blond rolled his tongue on the head. This action caused Kuroko to shiver, he's also closed to coming.

When Kise knew that, he sucked hard repeatedly, making the boy underneath him moan so loud. Kuroko gasped when he came and Kise pulled out after.

The boy panted hard.

He felt good, but this one's different… A different form of love, Kise Ryouta's giving him.

Kise moved up and leaned to Kuroko's face.

"I wonder why I'm so in love with you, Kurokocchi…" He stared at him.

"No matter how hard I try, I can't forget about you."

He then lifted Kuroko's legs and licked his fingers. He pushed it inside his hole and Kuroko gasped when the two fingers stretched him.

"You're… quite used to it" The blond chuckled weakly.

Kuroko glanced at him. He still pitied the blond.

Even though, he gave himself only for this time, he knows that he can't heal the wounds he created on Kise's heart.

Why the hell is he doing this anyway?

Not only he betrayed Kagami but he gave Kise a hope. A false hope.

When he realized, Kise has already entered him.

"Aaah…Nnn…hnn…" he clawed on the bed sheets.

"Relax Ugh… Kurokocchi Nnng…"

The blond felt how tight Kuroko is. With that, he moved slowly.

"Aaahh… Ha… Aaahh." He can't hold his voice anymore, his moan became louder and louder and his tears started to fall.


-As if something will change if I continued doing this.

He doesn't want to hurt Kise anymore but…. Is there any other options?

"Kurokocchi is unfair."

Kuroko's thoughts stopped because of what the blond said.

"Because even though I do this… I know I can't make you mine… You belong to someone else.

His words are heartbreaking. But that is the truth. He can't deny that no matter what.

"But…" Kise bit his lips. "I'll get what's supposed to be mine." The taller one said as he thrusts harder.

Kuroko covered his mouth again, trying to hold his voice to stop this embarrassing feeling.

"I'll make you mine Kurokocchi." The blond went deeper. It hurts for the boy, but that's nothing compared to what he feels right now. Kuroko gazed at him.

"I'm sorry Kise-kun…" He whispered. Kise's eyes widened.

"I'm really sorry for hurting you like this…"

Apologize? Will that really work?

The boy thought. But he wanted to try ways… Even though, it's futile.

The blond smiled rather painfully as he leaned to Kuroko's face and kissed him.

"I'll take you home." Kise sat on his bed looking back to the exhausted boy lying down and panting hard.

"I… will get you a water." The guy stood up and went outside.

Kuroko's phone suddenly vibrated. He felt scared. What if it's from Kagami? What will he do? What is he going to say? Lie? Can he do that?

He grabbed the phone lazily and checked who texted him.

As expected though,

[Hey. How are you?]

He stared at the screen, not knowing what to reply.


[I'm fine… I bought some good books with me.]

That's the only thing he can do and say. Lies that will haunt him forever.

Kuroko gripped his hair while staring at the ceiling.

Minutes later, Kise arrived at the room with a glass of water with him. "Here Kurokocchi."

Kuroko sat and drank the water. He glanced at the blond but then Kise wouldn't meet his eyes, though the guy looks a bit happy.

That only proves something.

"Umm… Kurokocchi… T-thank you for today." He blushed, still looking away.

But that simple thanks is a stab on his chest.

… ... ...

Kise walked Kuroko home. Both were silent while walking on the street.

Kise felt very uncomfortable.

"Nee… K-kurokocchi..?" but kise chose to break the awkward silence…

Surprisingly, Kuroko looked at him with his usual expressionless face but is still adorable for the guy.


He didn't know what to say this time. He just wanted to make sure if the boy was alright.

"D-does it hurt?" was his stupid excuse to ask something.

"No. Kise-kun is skilled."

He felt relieved with that reply. "I see."

When they reached Kuroko's house, Kise looked quite shocked and his eyes analizing his surroundings.

"Kise-kun?" The shorter boy asked.

"Ahh… So this is Kurokocchi's house? Now I know where it is." The taller one chuckled. Kuroko stared blankly at nowhere.

He felt so weak today. He just want to collapse on the floor, because of these mixed emotions dwelling inside him.

"Thank you for everything Kise-kun." He meant that as a goodbye. He glanced one more time to him.

"Don't thank me Kurokocchi… I'm doing this because I love you." With serious and firm eyes, Kise told that.

Kuroko smiled at the irony and finally went inside.

Nigou greeted him with a bark. He lifted the dog from the ground and carried him to sit on the couch.

"Nigou… I hate myself so much and I feel so worthless…"

The dog seemed to understand his master's words, it didn't bark but instead, pawed at Kuroko's hand and rubbed his fluffy head on his arms.

"I don't know what to do anymore."

The room was silent. With only the clock tickling.

… ... ...

Kise hummed while walking. He was skipping too.

Everything just looks so wonderful for him today. Even,

"Oh? Kagamicchi~!" He called.

The red hair teen looked so shocked he couldn't speak.

What exactly happened to this guy all of a sudden, Kagami thought as he twitched his eyebrow.

"Played basketball? Let's play!" He wiggled his butt like a puppy does to its tail.

Kagami decided to absorb everything before speaking. True, he wants to play with someone right now. He's actually itching to do so.

But, With this guy? The person that's trying to steal his love from him?

Wait a minute…

"What's up with you today? You're acting different." He stared at him, trying to analyze the weird actions of the blond.

"Ehh?~ But I am always like this~"

"But not to me."

Kise sighed as he thought of something.

What if he tells him the reason why?

The blond shook his head at the merely thought

-Nope… not now…

"What now Kagamicchi? I'm not allowed to be friendly with you anymore~?"

He placed his arms around Kagami's shoulder.


Kise giggled and grabbed the ball to him. He dribbled it and ran.

"Get your ball Kagamicchi!"

The guy sighed and chased the blonde even though he really didn't want to.

"I said don't call me Kagamicchi!"

Kise just chuckled in return while being chased. He's so damn happy he could burst.

… ... ...

Kagami ended up going to the court again. This super energetic model's so hyper, the total opposite of his exhausted feeling.

But he has to admit, Kise's a strong player and he likes that side of him.

While angling the ball to shoot Kise suddenly spoke, "We should have called Kurokocchi…"

Despite hearing that, Kagami concentrated on stopping Kise to score points.

"Kuroko? Then that's not a game anymore."

Kise pouted at that

"No Kagamicchi~ he'll not play… of course it's not fair to fight 2 on 1…"

Kagami's defense was getting better and better. He can't even get away from that side of the court.

"Then what?"

"Kurokocchi will be the referee…" Kise smirked. "And to make it fun, the first one who can shoot shall have him."

Kise took the opportunity when Kagami diverted his concentration to him. The blond managed to slip and made the shot.

"If he's here, then I won now…"

"But he isn't." Kagami glared at him.

"Whoa whoa… I'm just joking Kagamicchi~ let's play for fun!"

Kagami sighed deeply. The anger from this guy before was about to intensify.

"Ahh… I saw Midorima today." He changed the topic to avoid that happening.

"Eh?~ Then you two played? Who won?" The ball rolled to Kagami.

"No, that weirdo said he's not in the mood. He's like mad to someone that interrupted his date…something like that."

Kagami frowned when he saw the blonde chuckle evily and looking suspiciously interested.

"Hmm… So Midorimacchi's in love now huh? Nee Kagamicchi! Doyou know who is it?!~"

"No idea."

Kise gawked when he realized that Kagami was already gone in front of him. When he looked back, it was already too late when Kagami ran fast and dunked the ball to the hoop.

"Ah! That's cheating Kagamicchi!" He stomped on the ground like a little kid.

"Heh, A player isn't supposed to be relaxing like that…"

Kise smirked and accepted the challenge.

"You're calling for a serious match Kagamicchi?"

Kagami grinned arrogantly, looking so confident as he replied "Exactly."

Kuroko realized he fell asleep in the couch. The dog wasn't in his arms anymore. "Nigou?"He stood up and searched for his dog.

The blue haired guy remained calm when he saw his pet drinking from its bowl. He watched the dog while thinking lots of things that happened to him today.

He clearly knows he's doing the wrong thing but can he blame himself for that? To prevent hurting that person who's important for him, he did that.

But then, he betrayed his most beloved light.

Complicated thoughts continued to flow into Kuroko's mind making his head ache and his heart burst from the pain.

The thoughts stopped when his phone rang, he answered it only to hear -

[Tetsu-kuuuun!] A very loud girl shouting his name.

He almost ended the call from the shock but managed to stop himself.

"Momoi-san? What's the matter?"

[Are you free today hn~?]

The girl sounded excited he can't refuse her.

"Not really… The truth is, I have nothing to do today.

[That's great meet me at-]

Momoi told the location and Kuroko gave a quick "okay" before hanging up.

"See you later Nigou."

He went out and locked the door.

"Ahh! Why do you have to score back every time I make my cool shot!?"

"That's my line idiot!"

The two shouted at each other.

"And also, all you do is dunk stop showing off!"

"I don't want to hear that from you!"

Kise crossed his arms.

"So who won?"

"No Idea…"


"It's a tie." Both gasped from the sudden appearance of the huge guy just beside them munching his snacks.

"Murasakibaracchi! I missed you!"

The tall guy pushed kise's face when the blond tried to hug him.

Kagami just gave him a nod as a greeting.

"So you've been watching the whole time?~" The model hummed.

Murasakibara gave him an 'isn't obvious' look. Kagami finds that funny.

"Nee nee! So why are you here Muracchi!?"

The tall guy took a bite of his potato chip before answering, "To visit Aka-chin." He munched, looking so bored.

"Eh Then-" Kise was immediately cut off when he saw the change on the tall man's expression.

He was looking so annoyed. "Thanks to a certain megane… My whole day's ruined."

Kagami twitched his eyebrows. Somehow that line is awfully similar.

"So… Why are you fighting with Midorima?" Kagami asked thought not sure about it yet.

Murasakibara flinched at the sudden mention of the name.

Kise looked so confused, he doesn't really know if he'll ask or what.

"It's not like I'm fighting with Mido-chin." He replied while muching. "It's just." He looked away.

The blond had no idea what's going on but for some reason he's excited.

A chilly wind blew causing Kagami to shiver.

"Nevermind." The munching guy said.

Kise's excitement went down to 0 percent.

"Moreover… you guys needs a winner right? I'll be the judge so continue your game."

"Yay~!" Kise jumped and grabbed the ball from Kagami.


"Kagamicchi you heard that?! We need a winner and that will be me!" Kise grinned. Kagami smirked at him. "Bring it on you bastard." he muttered while chasing the blond.

Murasakibara watched the two. His phone vibrated so he reached for it.

Well he wished he didn't when he saw the text message.

[Sorry Atsushi…Maybe next time.]

"This is the part I hate about you Aka-chin." He deleted the message.

"You won't face the truth." He growled softly.

"You can love me but you never tried to." He sat on the bench and placed his snacks beside him.