Midorima knocked nervously. He gulped when the door opened.

"Come in…" Akashi smiled, gesturing for him to go inside. The green haired entered the house shaking slightly, his thoughts stabbing his mind.

'Can I do it? Should I tell him? I can't… but it's now or never…shit…'

"A-akashi…" he called hesitatingly.

"Hmm?" The red haired turned to look at him.


Akashi chuckled at the stiffed guy. "Sit down first will you?" He pushed Midorima gently on the couch "So, what is it?" and then sat beside him.

"T-the truth is… I… umm… I actually…"

He waited silently, watching him quiver in nervousness. He finds it adorable.
Akashi moved closer and touched his lap. Midorima flinched.

"Go ahead… Tell me Shintarou…" He muttered softly.

The green haired blushed. "I…I…"

Midorima felt his chest tightening. His mouth cannot utter a single word, even if he talks for a short time, his voice cracks in shame.

'This is the first time I felt this…'

"Haha…come now…You can just tell me next time…Don't force yourself."

Midorima cursed inwardly. This is his chance! He can't let it go now.

"Akashi!" He shouted suddenly, causing the red hair to almost jump from his seat.

"Y-yes sir?" Akashi's eyes widened as he replied in shock.

"The truth is! T-the truth… I will tell it to you! It's…I…you…about you…I!"

The shorter one blushed, biting the inside of his cheeks to suppress the burning feeling. He held Midorima's hand. "About me? What is it?"

"I…" he gripped the hand holding him as he took a deep breath and finally screamed his 'confession'. "I LIKE YOU!"

For Akashi it felt like an arrow hit his throbbing heart.

Midorima panted hard and is currently sweating a lot because he didn't know how will he react to this kind of situation. Is it to laugh, continue panicking or just cry?

"D-does it creep you? I…I know… I mean, It's weird b-but.." He stated while getting all red. "That's the truth."

For Akashi, Reaction doesn't matter right now.


"Shintarou…" He leaned close to his face. "Thank you…"

He felt so happy that he could burst.

"It's not creepy." The red haired kissed him. Midorima pulled him closer, cupping Akashi's cheeks. His tongue immediately entered the other's mouth. The smaller one moaned at the kiss his partner gave him.

Midorima released him suddenly. "Wait… my glasses is in the way." Akashi simply chuckled.

"Let's go to my bedroom… Couch's too small for us."

The guy nodded and they both stood up.

"Shintarou, let me suck you." Akashi smiled like a cute little baby.

"S-suck me…? But…"

"I can't?" he pouted adorably.

"Of course you CAN!" Midorima blushed.

Akashi touched his crotch, his lips twitched upwards. "You're quite hard here….such a bad boy."

Midorima gritted his teeth, his face flaming red.

"Don't worry. I'll make you feel good. But you need to do it better this time."

The green haired gave a quick nod… Akashi smirked, he used his teeth to pull down Midorima's zipper. "Oh my…" His thing showed up, totally hard. Akashi licked his lips and touched it.
"Now that I think about it. This is the first time I took a good look on your hard baby~" He chuckled teasingly and rubbed the length slowly, passionately.

"Nnng…" Midorima gripped his hands to restrain the pleasure.

"Then, Shintarou…" Akashi opened his mouth wide and sucked his throbbing cock.


He twirled his tongue around the tip before sucking it again. Midorima watched him, panting hard. He reached his hand to pull Akashi's head to suck his cock harder.

"Nnn…nng!" The shorter one was surprised at the sudden movement, but managed to catch up at the fast pace. He pushed him deeper into his mouth, sucking continuously without stopping.
Midorima hisses between his teeth and groans once he came. Akashi pulled out, smirking.

"Mmmm… Shintarou came a lot… What a bad boy you really are."

Midorima stood up and grabbed the tissue beside Akashi's bed. He sat down and wiped the red hair's face. "I'm sorry… I made you this dirty." He caressed the boy's cheeks. "I shouldn't dirty your beautiful face, your highness."

Akashi blushed. "I forgive you for that." He patted Midorima's head gently. "It's your turn to spoil me… My sexy butler."

He lifted Akashi's shirt and leaned to lick his nipple. The boy held his cry while the overwhelming pleasure slowly builds up on him. He fell down on the bed, Midorima topped him. His hand swiftly moved on Akashi's crotch. The red haired looked away and closed his eyes. It's Midorima's turn to smirk. "Looks like I'm not the only one who's hard." He leaned closer, supporting himself on his thighs. He moves down, flicking his tongue across the head of Akashi's erection. He received a loud moan from the shorter guy. Midorima licked his fingers and entered Akashi's tight hole. He stretched it wide.


He tried his best not to be rough this time. Remembering the previous session they had was rather disappointing for him.

"Relax Akashi… It will feel good after…" He reached for Akashi's hand that was currently clawing on the bed, he clings it on his neck. "Hold me here… You'll feel better."

Akashi opened his eyes slightly. "Y-yeah…" his voice was still in pain though.

Midorima rubbed Akashi's cock in a fast rhythm while his fingers stretch his insides wider.
"I'm sorry if I'm not skilled enough." He murmured, causing Akashi to open his eyes.
"Don't say that." He touched Midorima's face to wipe the sweat forming on his temples.
"You're doing your best and that's what I love about you." Akashi smiled so sweetly.
Midorima blushed and smiled as well. He leaned to kiss Akashi's forehead. "I'm glad."

He continued the action, pressing his fingers deeper and rubbing the inside.
Akashi moaned, pulling Midorima closer to his face.

"Tell me if it feels good…" The green haired whispered seductively.

"Don't wanna~" Akashi chucked and smirked. Midorima's smile drops, he doesn't look amused by the reply. He sighed and proceeded instead. "I'll do it myself then."

He explored deeper and finally hitting his sweet spot. "Nnnng!"

"That moan's the correct answer" Midorima smirked and continued to rub and press the spot.

"Haa..ahh..nng…" Akashi cupped Midorima's face to pull him closer to his face again.

The guy blushed looking at those mismatched orbs and flustered adorable face.

"Shi…Shintarou…" Akashi purred his name softly. Midorima gulped looking at him.
His face was irresistibly cute. This was the first time he saw his former captain vulnerable like this. It makes him want to pound on him right here.

"…Yes? What is it Akashi?" He caressed his cheek gently. Akashi rubbed his face on Midorima's hand like a cat.

'Damn it… He keeps getting cuter and cuter each second.'

"Call my name… Nee, Shintarou…" Akashi smiled.

"Akashi." He immediately responded with a pant. The red haired pouted at that.

"No… not my last name… Call my name."

Midorima felt like his face was burning because of this embarrassing but adorable situation.

'Even cuteness has its limits.' He sighed inwardly.

"Are you sure?" He asked, because it feels different if he does.

"You already called my name once remember?"

It dawned on him. It was that session. He didn't mean to say it that time. He even made his voice soft so he wouldn't hear him, but from the looks it was rather too late.

He absolutely has no choice right now. "I love you Seijuro." Midorima said with a straight face.
It's Akashi's turn to get red now.

"I…I said call my name… n-not confess again…" He bit the inside of his cheek.

Midorima smiled and leaned to kiss him. "Seijuro." He licked his lips and entered Akashi's mouth. He sucked his tongue hard and dominated him completely. He rubbed the shorter boy's cock as he kissed him passionately. Akashi moaned on the kiss, clinging both of his arms on Midorima's neck.


Their lips parted as Akashi came, panting heavily. "Haa…aah.."

Midorima stared at him for a moment, like he was totally captivated with Akashi.
He spoke right after. "I want to fuck you hard Seijuro." He blunted.

"E-eh..? Akashi was rather shocked at the moment.

"I will enter you…Prepare yourself."

Akashi widened his eyes and bit his lips when the cock entered him fast.
Midorima pushed deeper while sucking Akashi's nipple, his free hand pinching the other.

"Aaah! Nnng! Shi-Shin…tarou-! Too deep! Haah! Nnn…ugnn…"

He knew where his sweet spot is, so he pressed it hard right there. His cock rubbed his insides and thrusts.

"T-tha..t…hnnn." Akashi moaned loud.

The guy was quite different today, he thought. He's better- no. skilled compared last time.

"Say you like it." Midorima smirked.

Akashi felt so good but he was too embarrassed to admit it. He wasn't supposed to be saying it out loud but-

"Please, Seijuro."

It made him realize that there's no reason for him to hide how he really feels about it.

"S-shintarou…It…It feels so g-good..H-harder… I want you so badly.."

Midorima's eyes softened and followed his request. His hips suddenly snapped, plunging into that hole harder, sharper and much deeper.

Akashi cries loudly, wrapping his legs around his back like a hug, trying to bring him closer for a much better friction. "Shi-Shintarou…haa!"

Midorima gritted his teeth as he felt his close climax.

"Seijuro, let's come together…"


He gave him his last hard thrusts and came inside him. They were both in their heavy breathing.
Midorima planted a kiss on his forehead before lying down beside him.

"Sorry for acting like an idiot these past few days." Midorima muttered. "But I love you, so I hope I repented on what I did."

Akashi looked at him, smiling. He moved closer and hugged him tightly. "You already did."

Midorima blushed and hugged him back. "Thank you." Midorima grabbed the blanket above and covered both of them.

"I think… you need to carry me tomorrow Shintarou."


"Because my butt won't let me walk."

Midorima snorted. "Sure. What do you prefer? Princess carry or just some piggy back ride?"

"Piggy back ride looks funny and ridiculous so Princess carry will do~" Akashi smiled with his eyes closed. Midorima pinched his nose. "You're so spoiled."

"Mnn…" Midorima smiled gently. "But that's what I love about you… Seijuro…" He kissed him once again.


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