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Drake gazed at Lilith in satisfaction, he watched as she ran along the beach, her superwoman bikini showing off a good bit of skin. She flung the Frisbee to her dogs, Shiro was bigger now and was able to catch some serious air, and Hiccup ran along falling in all the sand.

Diana would run slowly with the pup, her neon pink bikini showed off more than he wanted to see, but Caine seemed very pleased.

It was a day at the beach, not what Drake had planned or even enjoyed for that matter. He and Caine sat on a beach towel fully clothed and watched as the two girls sang along to the radio and played with the dogs, occasionally they'd go in the water, but they preferred to dance and let the dogs have their fun.

Drake had to admit, if he hadn't known Diana personality, he'd have believed she was a nice girl, the way she and Lilith ran around the beach was deceiving. No one would have expected either of them to have the personalities either of them had, or done the things they did.

The day at the beach was Diana's idea, she believed everyone had worked hard, and in order to make Caine more popular he gave working kids the day off and it had worked. No one was at this part of the beach, it was cooler than the rest of the beach and near a creepy cave, Drake had seen some odd looking bats fly from it earlier.

Caine and Drake didn't really speak to each other; they weren't what you would call friends. Drake followed the rule "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer," while Caine simple needed the fear that Drake caused.

Suddenly Caine spoke up, "How long has it been since someone fed the freaks at Coates?" he questioned.

"The guys on my force went yesterday," Drake said indifferently.

He didn't give a damn what happened to those kids, they were all worthless freaks who cowered at him and let him beat them down and plaster them; just because they had powers didn't mean they were any better than he was.

Drake eyed Lilith warily, he had never spoken to her about her powers, and he knew he needed to, to see what all she could do. A though occurred to him, he became suddenly engaged. He gritted his teeth and spoke to Caine slowly through clenched teeth.

"You knew about Lilith's powers." He stated; he didn't need to ask. Of course he'd have made Diana read her.

"Yes," Caine said as he calmly looked over at Drake.

"Why," Drake demanded.

"Because you'd have hated her then, you'd have thrown her out of mind. Why would I want you two together? Simple. Everyone assumed you'd throw her off, saying she was your weakness, but I knew that you wouldn't allow her to weaken you. Your possessive," Caine eyed Drake who was glaring at him.

"You'd have fought anyone to protect her, anyone you saw as a threat to her you'd be screwed. Lilith is logical; I knew she could keep you in check. Together you two are like the ultimate assassination couple, you made each other better,"

Caine stopped talking and smiled a charming smile as Lilith and Diana strolled up and plopped down on the blanket.

"Are you ready for lunch?" Caine asked.

The girls nodded, Caine got out food and Lilith poured dog food and water for Hiccup and Shiro.

"Here you go babe," Drake said as he handed Lilith a red mountain dew, she thanked him and cracked open the can.

For lunch they had packed simple sandwiches, which was fine by Drake. He gripped into his sandwich half of it gone in one bit; he heard Lilith's light laugh and Diana.

"Don't, choke Merwin; you can't let a sandwich get you before you kill me,"

"I'd haunt and kill you as a ghost," Drake shot back.

"Good thing I watch supernatural," she said.

"Good thing Lilith will hide my bones," Drake snarled.

Diana laughed at the pissed off look on his face, Drake took another big bite and watch Lilith take dainty bites out of the corner of his eye.

After lunch Diana and Lilith took a swim they went out onto the ocean, Caine and Drake laid back with a soda and Drake eventually fell into a rare occurrence; a dreamless sleep.

"Diana you are so slow!" I laughed as I swam though the ocean. In all honesty, I wasn't fast at all. I wasn't a good swimmer but Diana? She was horrible; she doggie paddled her way around.

"Shut up Lilith!" she yelled at me in an annoyed tone.

"I'll get there when I get there," she said.

"You'd figure a girl with the power of fire would despise the water," she grumbled.

I laughed and floated on my back, I hadn't told Diana about my water powers, I hadn't told her anything more than that night she asked me about it.

"It's not like I'm made of fire or lightening," I say slowly.

"It's just there, the water doesn't scare me," I say.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Diana grunted making her way over to me.

'Let's head back before we drown or getting eaten by sharks," she paused, "although I'm sure Drake would love to see me get eaten by sharks, she said.

"Nah, he'd fuck that shark up. He'd be pissed it got you before he did," I smiled.

Diana laughed before agreeing and together we slowly made our way back to the shore, feeling like we'd just wrestled the man eating sharks that resided in the ocean.

It was about 5:00 in the afternoon; the mock sun was going down and Lilith and Diana both yawned, tired for all of their running around.

Drake wrapped an arm around Lilith, she snuggled her head against his chest and closed her eyes.

"We're going to go home," Caine declared, He helped Diana up and Drake made him take all the picnic stuff back with them. When they were gone Lilith eyed the bats in the cave.

"I wanna catch one," she declared before fading into the shadows, a power Drake hadn't seen, just how much power did this girl have?

"Got 'ya! Hey wait, why are you blue?" she asked.

"Lilith the bat can't answer you," Drake shouted, walking over to her.

"Whoa," he said as he eyed the baby bat in Lilith's hands, it was strangely calm. Lilith let the bat go and wandered into the cave, Drake followed protectively at her said, eyeing the bats.

The cave they were in was dark, but Drake noticed there were specks of blue everywhere, and where the bats all globed together an eerie blue light shined.

"Their bats, but bats don't glow. Phosphorescence? Was that the things that glowed? There are types of fish that glow, but I can't remember the name." Lilith said as she looked up in wonder.

"I wonder if the animals are mutating. Are maybe they've ate something new?" she spoke her thoughts aloud and examined the walls.

"It's a very pretty place with their glow," she stated.

Drake cracked a smile as he pulled her into a kiss, it wasn't his usual rough kisses, he let this one be soft and kind, tying to be the man of her dreams for at least once. Lilith smiled into the kiss, and moved closer to Drake as the night chill got to her. They broke apart and Lilith smiled at Drake.

He liked how those blue eyes looked at him.

"We need to get home," he muttered as he hugged her close.

"Yeah," Lilith agreed and together they walked home hand in hand, unaware that they had eyes on them.

Away in a faraway cave a green light started to break though the pitch black that surrounded everything in the cave.

Drake Merwin.

Come to me.

I have use of you.