Hey! Sam here. So my awesomesauce best friend Hannah and I are completely and utterly obsessed with MBAV so we have decided to write a fanfiction for it :) We also have a plan to ensure that we become extras on MBAV and meet the cast, thus, becoming best friends with them and having Matt and Atticus fall in love with us... but that's beside the point. Also, we're setting this a school year after season 2 so Sarah and Erica have already graduated and won't appear much in our story. So without further ado, I give you Spellbound.

Riley's POV:

My blond hair was flying behind me and the wind rushed against my face as I gained more speed, one that could probably match a cheetah's, as the large, brick structure came into my sight. I stopped for a moment to catch my breath and then walked the few feet I had left, the brown sign labeled Whitechapel High School confirming my location.

A bell sounded and I groaned, realizing that I had already missed three classes because of my obnoxious brothers. Just because they decided to be homeschooled didn't give them the right to keep me from public school. Why they couldn't be normal, the world may never know.

I pushed the double doors open and was met with the sight of students crowding the hallways. I started down the hallway, trying to find the principal's office, noticing that some people stopped to look at me while others continued their multiple conversations. One conversation in particular caught my attention as I saw two boys standing by a blue locker.

"Dude, there is a hot, new, British girl coming to this school today and she's going to fall madly in love me." One of the boys said with a slight nod of his head. I inwardly scoffed at how confident he was and I could tell that he was going to be trouble for me.

The other boy finished taking books out of his locker and closed it before looking at his friend. "Are you sure she'll want to wait behind all those other girls lining up at your door?" He retorted to my amusement.

"Dude, harsh! And I'll have you know that there are many chicks waiting for a turn with..." The first boy started to comment back, his voice fading as I passed by the two. A smile crept up his face as he looked at me and said, "Hey. Benny Weir. How's it going," with a wink, to which I just rolled my eyes at as I continued walking. He would have to do more than that to at least get me to be somewhat interested. "Call me!"

"Wow, already scaring girls away." His friend commented as they walked the other way.

"I don't scare girls away, okay. They're just…" He took a pause, "shy."

I shook my head, turning the other corner and running into a short, blonde boy with an impish grin. I looked down at him, sniffing the air with a snarl.

"Do you smell dog in here?" He asked, looking up at me with a questioning expression on his face.

I raised an eyebrow in response, turning away.

"Wait!" He said, appearing in front of me.

I groaned, peering down at him. "Great. You lose one and gain another." I muttered under my breath.

He grinned. "You must be the new British girl!"

I smirked. "Really? What gave it away?" I asked, sarcasm ringing in my voice.

He chuckled, not sensing my tone. "Well, I've never seen you around before."

"That's all?" I asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

He nodded. "Yeah, what else?"

I shrugged, crossing my arms. "Don't know. Maybe the accent?"

"No." He answered, shaking his head. "Not really."

I exhaled, turning away from him again. "I've got to find the principal's office."

He appeared in front of me again, nodding. "I can take you there!" He announced, grinning at me.

"Fine." I answered with a sigh.

He nodded, leading me off through the halls and toward the principal's office. "Just this way, Miss Brit."

I followed silently behind him, smirking at his little comment. "So little parasite, you have a name?"

"Rory." He answered with a little wink.

I nodded as I slipped past him into the principal's office. "Now I know who to avoid." I mumbled.

Mr. Hicks was sitting at his desk, shuffling papers when I stepped around the corner. "You must be new?" He asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

"Yes, I'm Riley Blackwood." I answered, sitting down in the chair poised in front of Mr. Hick's desk.

He nodded, shuffling the papers on his desk again and surfacing my schedule. "Here you are, Ms. Blackwood. You'll be in Ms. Fine's room for this class."

I nodded, smiling. "Thanks." I replied, standing and turning to the door but he stopped me before I could leave.

"And Miss Blackwood, enjoy Canada." He told me with a smile and I laughed despite myself, nodding.

"Yes sir." I agreed before pushing my way from the room, late slip held in between my fingers along with my new schedule.

I walked slowly through the halls, looking up at the room numbers to find the English class that I was already ten minutes late for. Once I found the room, I knocked on the door, waiting for it to be opened.

The teacher, Ms. Fine, answered the door. "Ah, you must be Riley." She smiled, taking the slip from my hand and stepping aside. "Please come in." She followed behind me, trying to get the class back in order. "Everyone, this is our new student from England, Riley Blackwood." I smiled shyly at the class while Ms. Fine scanned the room for a seat, my eyes landing on the boy from earlier, Benny, my smile fading. I turned back to Ms. Fine who gave me a guilty look, "Oh dear. It appears our only available seat is by Benny."

I sighed, turning back toward Benny who winked and clicked his tongue together. I looked over at Ms. Fine unhappily. "And you're sure that there is no other place I can sit?"

"Hurtful!" Benny whined from his seat, but Ms. Fine just nodded.

"Trust me, if there was another available seat, I wouldn't make you sit there." She answered, turning back to the front of the class.

I exhaled a deep breath, walking to my seat without much enthusiasm.

As soon as I sat down, Benny scooted his seat a little bit closer to mine, smiling flirtatiously at me. "So, I hear British girls love a man with charm."

I smirked, nodding. "Yes, the fact being that you lack both charm and…" I looked him up and down, amused. "… manliness."

The boy who was sitting behind Benny laughed. "Ooh, burn!"

Benny glared at the boy then turned back to me. "I also heard about how British girls like to play hard to get."

"You do realize that if you keep flirting with me it's not going to end well for you, right?" I asked with a serious expression.

"Is that a threat?" He asked, grinning a bit. "Or are you just saying that to get me to stop even though it really means 'keep going?'" I raised an eyebrow in confusion and debated on slapping this boy, but a loud noise interrupted me.

We both looked up to see that Ms. Fine had slapped her ruler against his desk, eyes unamused. "Mr. Weir."

He looked up, smiling nervously. "Yeah, teach?"

She pointed toward the door. "Principal's. Office."

He stood up and strolled almost casually to the door, turning to wink at me from the doorway. "Bet Brits love a bad boy."

She glared at him. "Now!"

He practically ran from the room, a scared expression on his face.

I sighed, sinking down into my desk, glad my little stalker was gone for at least one class, but all too soon the bell rang. I stood from my spot, pulling my backpack onto my shoulder before trudging out into the hallway. I spotted my locker, a purple one, along the wall and walked over to it, carefully unlocking it.

"Oh joy." A distinctive voice commented from over my shoulder and I turned to see a red head standing at the locker beside me, glaring over at me. "A mutt."

I glared back, crossing my arms and leaning up against the locker with a snarl. "Says the leech." I retorted.

She rolled her eyes, closing her locker and walking away without another word.

I smirked, closing my locker and heading toward the lunch room. I filed through the line, getting a tray and then sitting down at an empty table.

"Well hello again." I groaned as I heard the all too familiar voice speak behind me. Benny set his tray down, taking a seat beside me, and holding out a box. "I brought you some chocolate!"

"I'm allergic." I said plainly, poking at my lunch.

Benny looked almost embarrassed. "Oh…" He turned to the side for a moment before turning back to me and practically shoving some flowers in my face. "And flowers, courtesy of me."

Suddenly the blonde from earlier appeared at my other side, leaving me in the middle of a freak sandwich. "Hey, Riles."

Benny leaned behind me, glaring at Rory. "Dude, she's mine."

Rory shook his head. "No way, Benny!"

Then the short, nerdy looking boy who was with Benny earlier crossed the lunch room to sit across from me, Benny and Rory still arguing behind me. He smiled encouragingly at my predicament. "I see you've met Benny and Rory." He commented simply.

I nodded, glancing between them. "Unfortunately."

"Hey, aren't you the girl from earlier?" He inquired, extending a hand to me anyway. "I'm Ethan Morgan."

"Riley Blackwood." I replied, shaking his hand.

The girl from the lockers strolled over, waving at Ethan. "Hey, Ethan." She greeted, smiling at him before spotting me and shooting me a glare which was returned whole heartedly.

Ethan chuckled nervously before nodding. "I guess you've met Hazel, then, Riley?" He asked, with a nervous smile.

I nodded, crossing my arms over my chest. "You could say that."

"Just watch, Benny. She'll be mine." Rory announced, glaring at Benny.

Benny shrugged, moving to put his arm around my shoulders but I stopped him before he could.

"Set that arm there and my dogs get a new chew toy." I threatened before pushing away from the table, picking up my tray, dumping it in the trash, and leaving the room. I walked out into the fresh air, sitting down on a bench underneath a tree and groaning at the sound of the door swinging open. "I swear, Benny, just leave me alone!"

"Don't shoot. It's Ethan." He joked feebly, walking over and sitting beside me with a gentle smile. "You okay?"

I shrugged, looking over at him, slightly amused. "Well, considering your little rats can't leave me alone for five seconds and it's my first day at a new high school in a new country, I'm doing wonderful. Thank you for asking."

He chuckled, moving to pat my shoulder but instead resting his hand on my shoulder, eyes focused on a point above my head.

"Ethan?" I asked, frowning as he jarred away from me, suddenly nervous.

"I'm going to, er, get back inside." He answered before hurrying back inside.

I sighed, watching him go and then continued sitting silently on the bench until the bell rang, signaling the next class. I got up, silently praying neither Benny nor Rory would be in my next class or any others for that matter.