So Hannah and I were watching 'Flushed' and we absolutely loved the Home Ec. teacher cuz she reminded us of our old History teacher and everything. However, when we tried to figure out her name, we heard Ms. Oppenheimer, Ms. Offenheimer, and Ms. Obbenheimer, so we decided to go with the 'p'. Enjoy :D

NOTE FROM HANNAH: It's November 11! How long's it been? A long time…we're writing this now.

When you walk into a new classroom for the first time, the last thing you want to see is your new worst enemy and your little stalker. But you know what, my luck has been horrible ever since I arrived to Canada, so I shouldn't have been too surprised when I saw that I would be sharing third period with Hazel and Benny. Luckily, neither was facing the doorway at the moment but Ethan was and his surprise gave away my very existence. To my disappointment, Benny perked up as soon as my name slipped from Ethan's lips and he realized too late of his mistake.

Benny strolled up to me with a cocky smile. "Just can't stay away from me, can you?"

I snidely remarked, "What can I say, you're like a magnet… that no one wants to be attracted to." The end was rather cold, but I had to get the message out somehow and what little brain he might've had in that large head of his couldn't comprehend just plain 'no'.

"You know, denial only delays the obvious attraction we have for each other." This guy was unbelievable! As if he really cared about me, he was just focused on my looks and nationality.

"Ok, now, imagine me ugly, not British, not blonde, and with no blue eyes. Where's the attraction?" I asked, knowing he wouldn't have a response to that. And as I predicted, he just walked back to Ethan, completely ignoring my question. I turned back to Ms. Oppenheimer so I would know where to sit.

As I set my books down at my seat, Hazel walked up to me with that hideous smirk on her face. "I can see it now," she said with a gesture of her hand, "Whitechapel's new class couple, Riley Blackwood and Benny Weir."

"Leech." I sneered.

"Mutt." She retorted, going back over to Ethan.

I rolled my eyes and walked over to the counter that had the aprons. I smirked, looking them over. Pink and stripes were not exactly my type but it would do. I made my way to the counter with the noodles, in time to see Benny put three noodles between his fingers like Wolverine and turn in my direction, smiling.

I just gave him a blank expression, "You know, that's offensive."

The bell rang and Ms. Oppenheimer officially began the class. "Noodles. Cheap, easy noodles. Learning to boil noodles is good because some of you will be living alone for a long time." She seemed to direct that last statement toward Benny and maybe Ethan, but mostly Benny.

"She's not wrong, you know." I said, to which Benny dropped the noodles dejectedly. I knew it was rude, but I couldn't help myself.

Ms. Oppenheimer made her way back to the front of the class and grabbed a clipboard off of her desk as we took our seats. "Okay delinquents, I'll be assigning you groups for a project today, so once I tell you your partner, relocate so you are sitting together." Some part of my brain was telling me that this was not going to end well. She looked down at the board. "Hazel, you're with Ethan."

She gathered her stuff and smirked at a groaning Benny. "Sure thing."

Benny, however, refused to surrender his seat beside Ethan. "Come on, Ms. O! Let me be with Ethan!" He whined.

Ms. Oppenheimer glared at him from across the room. "Benny, move. You're with Blackwood." That last sentence got my clear attention as she practically slapped the smirk that had been playing on my lips away.

"You know, on second thought, I'm good." Benny smirked as he moved out of Hazel's way to sit in the empty seat beside me. He scooted his chair much closer to mine than needed and I glared at him, already irritated from earlier.

"Two words," I growled, pushing his chair farther away, " Personal. Space."

I heard Hazel and a few other students snicker as Ms. Oppenheimer continued pairing people. "I'm beginning to like this teacher." Hazel commented to Ethan.

"That doesn't have anything to do with Riley being miserable, does it?" He questioned, raising an eyebrow.

Hazel grinned in return. "Only partially."

"Only partially." I mocked, glaring at her intensely. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice Benny scooting his chair close to mine again, obviously thinking I was distracted. I turned my glare at him, growling and slightly extending my canines so that I didn't expose myself but the message still got across to him. And for once, it did because he immediately moved back to the original position.

"This is great." Hazel responded and I could just hear the grin on her face.

With a roll of my eyes, I directed my attention to the door that was suddenly burst open. And of course, to my utter disappointment, it just had to be the blonde. He grinned at Mrs. Oppenheimer before exclaiming, "Sup Ms. O! Guess whose class I got moved to!" He walked over to Benny, "Waz up?!" Benny's response being the same as they did their "special" high five.

"Oh you've got to be kidding me!" I groaned out loud. Nothing could be worse than this.

But of course, I had to be proven wrong because it was then that Ms. Oppenheimer spoke those dreaded words, "Well, now it looks like we have an odd number…" She faded off thinking before looking towards Benny and I.

My eyes widened at that instant as I muttered, "She's not."

"I think my day is about to get even better." I heard Hazel mutter to Ethan and growled under my breath. This chick was getting seriously out of hand.

Ms. Oppenheimer looked at me and then Benny slowly before turning to Rory. "Rory, you'll be with Riley and Benny."

My fingers clutched the edge of the desk, canines exposing and growl ripping through my throat in anger. "She did."

"And I was correct." I heard Hazel say with a laugh a few tables away from us.

Ethan chuckled. "You're having way too much fun."

"That's a matter of opinion." She answered, laughing happily.

Ms. Oppenheimer shot us a look and they went silent to my approval. "Now, I'm going to pass out what I want you to make." She told us as she started to pass the papers out, quickly moving from table to table.

Rory looked from me to Benny with a wicked grin. "Okay, so you two make whatever it is and I'll break my marshmallow record of 4, 069. Plan?"

I scoffed, turning to him. "No, not plan!"

Hazel's laughed, announcing they would be making snickerdoodles just as Miss Oppenheimer handed me our paper as I sighed. "Of course, it's chocolate!"

Benny nodded, making a show of having remembered my "allergy". "Oh, right, you're allergic."

I exhaled, shaking my head at his stupidity. "I'm not allergic, you idiot!"

Benny frowned, thinking. "But that's what you told me the first day of school."

"Right," I began, attempting to speak slowly. "before you knew that I was part dog." I concluded, watching their blank expressions before sighing loudly. "I'm not explaining this to you two.

Hazel shook her head and Ethan leaned over the aisle, looking between them. "Chocolate is poisonous to her."

Benny and Rory nodded, "Oh."

Hazel smirked, leaning over to Ethan. "Your friends are smart."

Ethan chuckled. "You should have seen them freshman year."

"No thanks." Hazel answered, shaking her head.

I sighed loudly, drumming my fingers against the tabletop. "I've had enough of them now."

Hazel smirked. "Well too bad."

I growled, barring my canines at her.

"Girls…" Ethan hedged and we turned to him, eyes glowing in their respective supernatural shade. "Good, take out your aggression on me, not each other." He mumbled, chuckling nervously.

"Sorry." We said in unison which was rather scary in and of itself, but whatever, as our eyes drifted back to the same color.

Ethan nodded. "It's fine."