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Edward paced the room in Long impatient strides from the grandfather clock and the window.

Bella had been gone for too long.

He was angry.

He was impatient.

And he was incredibly worried. He hadn't wanted her to go but he was powerless to stop her, the last thing he wanted to was lock her up in his room and forbid her from ever stepping foot outside the domain of the house.

Just because he took away her independent future did not mean he wanted to take away her freedom.

Edward stopped his passing and gripped the back of his desk chair. Every muscle in his body was tense. He just felt nervous like something wasn't right.

'stubborn stubborn girl!' he cursed in his head. Why did she have to go? Didn't she know that?

But he did it to save her god damn it! What is reputation when you have a secure home and future?

Edward knew he was selfish in thinking this but from the moment he had seen Bella that day when he was checking his estate he knew she wasn't meant to live in a hovel and in that venomous village. He wanted her; he wanted her more than he wanted freedom from his witch of a stepmother, he had felt something perfect and indescribable when he had seen her.

He wanted something pure in his life; he had grown tired of decadence and sin, of late nights spent in the less salubrious parts of the world drowning his sorrows in spirits and prostitutes. Of course such a life had had its appeal, but that was when Edward was rebelling and trying desperately to escape his own life.

But that had all changed. I know what you are thinking-why doesn't he just marry the girl and live happily ever after, well apart from the reality that happily ever after are reserved for those silly damsels in towers and knights on horseback.

Suddenly the front door banged violently.

"Edward!" immediately Edward knew something was wrong. He could feel it. Without thinking he ran from his office and was greeted by Seth.

The young boy stood trembling in the door way, mud plashed up his front.

Where was Bella?

Edwards's stomach dropped.

"We need to hurry!" was all Seth managed to say breathing heavily.

Edward didn't waste a moment thinking about all the things that could be wrong. He ran with a speed he didn't know he possessed.

There are times in life when the mind can only cope with one thing. Edward head was so clouded with worry, so unprecedented to him that all he could focus on was getting to Bella.

"Where is she?!" he shouted to Seth.

The young boy did not slow his running "I left her near the end of the village path-she told me to run ahead-the villagers they were shouting."

Suffice to say Edward saw red, hot liquid anger fuelled his legs urging them to go faster.

A cluster of trees stood before them, in the middle of which was the path which lead to the village.

Suddenly Seth stopped running.


Edwards's frantic eyes scanned the area- there was no sign of Bella.

"Bella!?" Seth shouted. His face was pale and his small hands shook.

It was so quiet, as if all the birds in the trees and the creatures in the woods had hidden.

Edward came to a faltering stop next to the boy. His breathing was heavy, his heart beating behind his eyes. His fist flexed.

The young man was in a dangerous state of mind. Edward's stomach was in knots sickened with worry.

"Bella!?" he called out.

Still no answer.

'Where is she?' That little voice in his head chanted.

There must be something wrong.

"Bella!?" this time Edward shouted the words with panic punctuating every syllable.

There was a rustling to the left of them.

"Edward?" a voice gasped.

It was as if Edward was walking in one of his own nightmares.

Out of the trees Bella walked, her dress was ripped at the neck, the hem trailed brokenly behind her. Her pale face was covered in a mixture of mud and blood.

"Bella!" both of them ran to her.

Edward snatched her up before the ground swallowed her.

"Edward?" Bella's voice was week, her eyes seamed to roll back in her head.

She felt like a rag doll in strong capable arms.

"Bella! No don't close your eyes." Edward pleaded.

It was too late Bella's head slumped back.

There was a rustling behind them followed by a groan. Mike, who was in similar state to Bella half walked half crawled from the shade of the trees holding his arm to his chest.

"You!" Edward shouted, red hot anger raged in him, it vibrated in his fist and feet.

Laying Bella down with Seth Edward rose up and marched towards the battered farm boy.

If one has ever been in the path of a charging bull or a hungry lion would be familiar with the way Edward made his way over to mike. The child didn't stand a chance.

Grabbing him by the throat Edward pushed him back against a tree with a growl, the air rushed out of the boy in a wheezing gasp.

"What have you done." Edward's voice was deep and reverberated in his chest.

Mikes pale face shook, no words would come out in his terror.

"Speak you worthless piece of shit." The murderous Lord demanded, his nails dug into the flesh of mikes throat.

"Nothing!" he squeaked.

The image of a bloodied Bella flashed in front of his eyes.

"I don't like lies boy!"

"I-I'm not lying!"

Edward couldn't control what he did next and you wouldn't hold it against him either way.

With one powerful strike Edward punched mike in the jaw sending the boy to the ground landing in a worthless heap.

If Bella wasn't in such a bad state Edward would have made sure mike could not feel anything neck down.

With long strides Edward returned and picked Bella up and cradles her in his arms.

"Seth go and get the doctor…and the midwife, tell them it's urgent." He spoke calmly to visibly shaken boy.

Seth nodded and ran faster than he ever had before.

"She should sleep for a while now. This young lady has had a shock but no lasting problems apart from a possible headache when she wakes." Dr Banner said as he tidied up his equipment.

Dr Banner was an elderly gentleman, a doctor for many many years and was well trusted. His kind and unassuming face and personality made him not only an excellent doctor but also a friend of Edwards.

Edward nodded but his eyes remained fixed on the sleeping calm face of Bella.

Dr Banner looked over at his young friend with a smile of his face. He had known Edward since he was born and it warmed his aging heart to see this once troubled lonely boy have someone, of course he didn't know what this girl was to him or how they had become like this but if he is being honest he did not care, why? Because after the rather rocky life under his father and stepmothers rule Edward would only ever have the capacity to cherish and protect, sure he had been nothing but a bit bastard growing up but since then he had been forced to live a life of isolation.

"If there are any negative changes do be sure to call for me and I will be here as soon as possible." The good doctor said as he patted Edward back on his way out.

"I trust I will not need to bail you out of jail?" the doctor asked referring the damage he knew Edward would have inflicted on the attacker.

Edward just shook his head without turning to face him.

The doctor left quietly.

The midwife had checked Bella, Edward had to leave the room whilst she did, he didn't want to face the possibility that Bella had been…violated. Those moments spent passing the corridor like a mad man was long and painful.

Edward didn't know what emotions were battering him, he hadn't felt them before as corny as that sounded.

One never felt despair, anger, remorse and worry over a whore and a decanter of brandy. He wasn't used to this.

When the midwife has finally left the room she had said.

"Nothing to worry about sir, there is no sign of the lass being forced upon. There are some bad bruises and cuts on her knees and thighs which appear to have been inflicted when she was defending herself and fighting him off- she's a strong one that girl. I hope she gave the git that tried to hurt her something to cry about." The plain spoken woman had said, and much to Edwards relief as well.

Bella might have given mike and injury or two but Edward had made sure he didn't forget it.

The brandy glass he had been clutching onto as a life line was placed back on the table with an audible thud, it was no longer needed.

"Thank you God." Edward muttered in thanks and walked quietly into the room.

Their bedroom was dark only the slumbering flames of the candelabras on the walls illuminated the sleeping figure of Bella swan.

Edward felt an odd and not entirely pleasant feeling in his chest, seeing this girl, a girl he barely knew but felt strangely protective of, lying in his bed unconscious was hurting him.

There he had admitted it, Bella swan and all that she is, frustrating tendencies and all was dear to him. Seth and Leah to.

Edward perched on the chair near Bella's head and with gently hands he took Bella's small one and caressed the bruised porcelain skin.

"I'm proud of you, you know." He whispered looking at the scratches on her face and arms.

"You put up a fight." Then he looked at his own bruised knuckles.

"Look we match." He chuckled lightly.

And in a sense Edward was immensely proud, no grateful , that she had beaten the shit out of that scumbag. He didn't, couldn't bear to think of what would have happened if she hadn't.

"I'm not as heartless as you think I am. You scared me to death, if Seth hadn't-"Edward took a deep breath, guilt scratched at his throat.

Bella, oblivious to Edwards internal inferno slept on, the medicine the doctor had given her to sleep kept reality at a safe distance and it would remain blissfully that way for a little while.

"I could have killed the boy Bella and I wouldn't have felt guilty…what are you doing to me?" what indeed.

"You and your little family are a force to be reckoned with." He laughed softly a feeling of warmth spreading through his long wintered heart at the thought of the Swans.

Bella shifted slightly under the silk covers and cringed visibly when the shimmering fabric fell from her shoulders.

As if by lightning Edward had covered her shoulder, he wiped the hair from her face softly, his fingertips lingering on the soft smooth plain of her cheek. Edward suddenly wanted to see that rosy glow that would shine their whenever Bella was angry or embarrassed.

Bella made no more signs of waking up. Sighing Edward leaned back in his chair and raked his hands through his stressed hair.

"You probably think I'm angry with you, I'm not though. Your stubborn, I know that, and you will do what you want to do and I promise I will never stop you, but please please take care…your special to me." The carefully built walls of stone and ice crumbled in the middle to reveal Edwards heart and thoughts. It was involuntary but perhaps needed, and long overdue.

As Edwards defences were evaporating the haze in Bella's mind began to clear, unconsciousness made way for Edward' s words to reach her fully aware ears. For the first time in a while Bella Swan smiled.

It's funny isn't it how a little bit of fear can make things so much clearer. Anyway thank you for reading, I should be able to update more regularly from now