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The brandy flowed in a desperate amber rush from the 17th century Chrystal decanter. Edwards hand shook with fatigue and anger.

A dangerous compilation if ever there was one.

The grandfather clock chimed miserably from the corner of the room tolling out midday.

It was too early to drink but the circumstances called for it.

"Did they send you to me or is this a form of warning?" Edward asked the new comer to the house

Emit McCarthy sat stiffly in his chair, the tension and uncompromising discomfort in the room slightly too much for him.

He was a simple person with a relatively simple life that was until he was charged with telling his once best friend the news that could very well change his life.

"I volunteered to come and tell you, I didn't think you would appreciate one of the old cads from the Army come and tell you…" he let his words trail off unsure really how much to say.

Edward let out a snarling laugh.

"Why now? What do they want?" he demanded passing in front of the fire place.

Emmett McCarthy watched him with concerned eyes.

"I do not know to be honest, but it seems someone has paid for your place back-"


For a man of Emmett's size he could not help but shrink slightly into the back of his chair.

Edward had stopped passing.

Edward had hoped to forget about this particular part of his life, it was like remembering a nightmare, a nightmare that seemed to be relentless. Although Edward displayed no scares of his past profession he was in fact a soldier, a major in the British army. On the death of his father he had inherited the prestigious position.

He loathed it; he hated the whole institution with a passion. With only one expedition to the colonies under his belt Edward was resolute to never go on another one.

His time under the countries colours was not a pleasant one. He still felt the blood on his hands and the guilt of his sins in the darkest of his nights.

As soon as that expedition was over so was Edwards's career in the armed forces.

The Cullen's glass works business and tenement farmers was Edwards job now, and he was grateful and happy to take on his later fathers burden. It was no burden to him however, no, it was a release.

"Who?" he asked.

Emmett cleared his throat "Lady Cullen, your stepmother."

Edward's blood was close to boiling over.

He would be lying if Emmet's words had surprised him

"I won't do it. I'm not going back, I told them that and they were more than happy to let me go-"

"They wouldn't have you back after the scene you created you mean." His friend mumbled.

"Regardless, this is my place now, I can't leave the factory."

"It seems your darling step momma has that part of the equation all planned out. She will take over the factory and you will go back into the army."

"Which would mean I'm away and out of sight of the factory and my tenants so she can play merry monarch and pocket all the incomings- very clever for an old hag I must say." Edward raged.

"So is this what you are going to do? Stay here and ignore your summons? This is insanity Edward!" Emmet reprimanded calmly.

"I don't care. I am no longer under her control and I am no longer in the army, I am my own master and master to people who would die of starvation and ruin if I left them!"

"She isn't going to be happy about this."

"I couldn't care less if she died of shame Emmett; she has no rule over me or what I do. I'm twenty nine for god's sake not some mindless infant."

"Edward, cousin calm yourself." This time the raging young man stood still his arm resting in the mantle over the fire. He took long calm deep breaths, the beginning of a head ache setting in.

The room was silent for a blessed moment.

"Something changed." Emmet observed looking at his long friend fight a battle before him

"What?" Edward asked looking at him with a raised eyebrow suddenly conscious.

"With you, something's changed. You've met someone."

The man's intuition was faultless.

What was Edward to say to that? He knew it was pointless to lie because is old friend would find anyway.

How do you know" he conceded.

Emmet chuckled well naturedly and replied "You have cuts on your knuckles; you never get into fights without a just cause." He smirked shaking his head.

Edward made no reply and made his way to sit down.

"So gov'na, when can I meet the poor sod?"

A tired but loud laugh escaped Edward.

"Tomorrow. Come back tomorrow, I need some sleep before I have to deal with you again."

Edward just wished he would only have a nosy friend to contend with, but fate wasn't that kind.

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