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Bella hadn't been in the library before, and she chastised herself for not doing so.

The walls were lined with shock cases upon book cases, a myriad of deep blue's and autumn browns littered with specs of green made a second wall of endless possibilities of adventure or romance.

Endless possibilities that were cruelly barred from Bella.

Oh she could read, but the education she had received was limited. Letters with little words and sign posts were reasonably easy, but lots of words were difficult especially those found in leather bond dusty old books.

But Bella still had a fascination with books, the smell and the feel of them made her feel clever, and who's to say she couldn't have a try.

Picking out a book from the nearest shelf Bella then went to sit down on the green velvet chaise by the crackling fire.

She pulled the shawl from around her shoulders and placed it over her lap and feet. The fire behind her soothed her aching muscles.

Bella opened the book and smoothed down the long rested page.

"I wondered how long it would be until I found you here."

A voice said softly from her side.

Bella looked up to find a smirking Edward; he leaned against one of the book shelves with his hands in his pockets.

It didn't escape her notice that his white shirt was open at the tope displaying his sculpted collar bone.

Bella took a deep breath.

"It's a beautiful library." She said rather awkwardly.

Edward nodded "Yes, I have a rather great fondness for books." He exclaimed and pulled a random autumn coloured book from the shelf.

He half-heartedly flicked through the old yellowing pages letting the dust float around his hands.

Bella was quiet transfixed by him, his face, and his languid movements. She was amazed rather reluctantly by the ever changing being that is Edward Cullen.

"Do you like to read?" Edward asked her gesturing to the book in her hands.

Bella stiffened slightly.

"Yes I do- what I mean to say is would love to…if I could properly." Her cheeks flamed indignantly and embarrassment.

She could have lied but until recently being stubborn was protection.

"Hey don't be embarrassed." Edward soothed when seeing her face fall like that.

He took a seat next to her.

They were quiet for a moment.

"How are you feeling, Bella." Edward asked his voice low eyes intent on her face as she looked down at the book.

"I am well, slightly bruised and sore but that can be expected when-"

"Don't say it. Please don't say the word Bella. We will not speak of this again." His tone was firm.

Bella didn't have the conviction to argue his point.

"Who was that man from earlier?" she asked suddenly.

"Ah, that oaf of a creature was my old friend Mr McCarthy, he came to tell me some news." He explained.

Bella had an apprehensive look on her face.

"Oh there is no need to be fearful of him; he's built like a brick shit house but he is by no means a monster- in the field of combat is another matter entirely." He said with a chuckle.

"I hope it is not bad news." Bella ventured looking at him.

Edward sighed audibly and ran his hand through his hair, "If only, Bella. There has been some…difficulties as of late with my finances or should I say with a certain sort of relative of mine and my finances." Bella could tell he was frustrated.


"My step mother." He answered shortly.

Bella was surprised and once again weary.

"Will she be trouble?"

"I would be disappointed if she is not."

Edward looked at the book in her hands an idea suddenly flashing in his head like a lightning bolt.

"I can teach you to read." He said quickly.

Bella's eyes lit up and a huge grin spread across her face.


Edward chuckled at her enthusiasm.

"Of course, why shouldn't you enjoy reading." He said simply and watched with a smile of his own as Bella practically shine with excitement.

To an outsider this little gesture marks the first page of something remarkable.

Carlisle Cullen sat beside his wife in the carriage. Both individuals on the dawn of their twilight years were anxious.

On receiving a letter from his nephew Carlisle was on high alert, Edward never asked for help and was somewhat of a recluse.

Esme, Carlisle's wife looked over at her husband with a worried frown.

"I am sure there is nothing to worry about my dear." She said soothingly and reached for his hands and entwined them.

Carlisle however, was not convinced.

"I bet a penny to a shilling it has something to do with that woman." He muttered shaking his head then running a stressed hand through his silver blonde hair.

He had never liked his late brother's wife, from the day he had married her nigh on twenty six years ago.

Esme nodded in agreement, "I can't say I'm surprised, my love. We guessed when your brother Edward died that his wife would ruffle a few feathers. What did young Edward Say in his letter?" she asked.

The gentleman sighed and leaned back into the carriage seat, the cool damask of the interior sending shivers down his spine.

"He do not go into detail, but from the sounds of it and what is more likely the case, the problem is about money." He replied.

Esme looked at his curiously, "Do you think that woman- victoria, wants more money? Money from the estate perhaps?" she asked.

Her husband nodded his head, "I don't doubt it my dear. I don't doubt it."

The carriage ride was comfortably silent for the rest of the journey, both of them eager to arrive at their nephew's home and help him.

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