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Esme was apprehensive when entering the large albeit forgotten house. The years had not eased the unpleasant memories of these four walls, but her heart was resolved and she vowed to put her energy into solving the problem that had brought her here once again.

A servant brought the couples traveling trunks from the carriage and placed them in the checked hallway.

"Master Edward shall be with you in a moment." Mrs Cope the house keeper said them before walking away with a rather panicked flustered look on her face.

"Odd." Esme murmured to herself, the house keeper had always seemed to a rather collected person.

The old maid had a constitution of an ox.

Carlisle came to stand beside her and entwined his arm with hers, a silent gesture of affection and reassurance.

Suddenly the office door opened and out walked Edward.

He had grown, Esme noted, but he was too thin.

"Edward." Carlisle greeted him grimly and embraced him in a hug.

The older gentleman looked his nephew in the eyes; those familiar green eyes held the worry the boy would not speak of.

"Uncle Carlisle, aunt Esme, thank you for coming so soon." Edward greeted and went to embrace his aunt.

Esme hugged him tightly and drew him back to assess his face. He had much changed.

"please come into the office" Edward said retreating back into the room.

As she followed the men, the quick shuffle of feet and the swish of blue cotton as a door enclosed the owner didn't escape Esme's notice.

Carlisle looked over the papers on the desk a frown marring his brow. Keen blue eyes scanned every word, his experienced mind searching for the information he wanted.

Edward stood by his uncle, fist clench and jaw tight.

"Anything?" Edward asked impatiently.

Carlisle ignored the sharp edge of the young man's voice; he had much practice doing this for Edward had always been rather difficult.

"No, your fathers will is very certain." He replied daring a look at his nephew.

Edward cursed loudly.

"Can you not find a loop hole?" he asked frustrated.

"Edward son, I've looked over this and I can't find one at all. But I will take it away with me along with the estate deeds and factory leases and have my men look over them." Carlisle said.

Edward senior had specifically written that whilst his son remained unmarried and bellow the age of 30, then his wife would remain partial executor of his finances, this of course included how those finances were gained.

Lady Victoria Cullen still had her claws clutching the purse strings.

It would not be too far beyond ones imagination to assume that Edward senior did not want his son to squander his riches, like so many of the cads these days a prone to doing.

Esme sat moved away from the window seat where she was tentatively listening to her husband and nephews conversation and went across the room the where Emmets was sitting. The young man had remained oddly quiet during the speculative exchanged of the two other much to her concern.

Emmet sat by the fireplace looking into his mug of ale. Esme went to sit by him whilst her husband and nephew conversed.

She placed a hand on his arm, "Rosalie?" she simply asked, and Emmet nodded and smiled grimly.

"She's had another turn Esme, its worse than last time." He replied not looking at her.

Esme nodded and rubbed his arm tenderly.

"And little Caroline?" she enquired.

Emmet took a long swig of his brandy before answering, "Oblivious, the poor thing doesn't understand." His voice was soft, tender but the sadness and defeat in his words were unmistakable.

"I suppose that is the best way to be, she's too young to know what is going on. How are you holding up?" She asked.

Only then did Emmet look at her, an expression stumbling on the line of pain and determined stony absolution.

"I am unsure Esme, each time is different but a stab in the gut all the same. I just hope she comes around soon, Alice is coming down to stay with use which should cheer her up some." He said bleakly.

Esme feeling his pain rubbed his cheek and enveloped him in a motherly hug like she had when he was a child.

Emmet returned the embrace somewhat to show his gratitude.

"If there's one thing my daughter can do its cheer someone up." She replied chuckling softly.

What the lady forgot to mention was that the hurricane that was her rather vibrant daughter would be making a flying stop to see her cousin Edward, but right now she had something more important to do.

Esme left the room in search of the young woman she had half seen half imagined earlier.

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