Marui frowned at his reflection as he furiously squeezed his stomach.

"How stupid…" He growled. Niou gave a warm smile to the other.

"Sweets~" He sung quietly, pulling off his own shirt.

"Well, it's not my fault, why do they make sweets so good if they're so bad for you?" Niou chuckled and walked up behind him in the mirror.

"Well don't worry about it." He spoke.

"What is there not to worry about? We're about to go down to the beach in our bathing suits where people will see my gut!" He poked at his stomach angrily. Niou smirked.

"Who cares what they think? Besides," Niou wrapped his arms around the other, "I think a little extra weight is pretty cute~" Marui scoffed.

"And how is that?" Niou continued to smirk and pulled the other back to the hotel room's bed.

"Well for instance~" He pulled the two down into a sitting position, "You're as cuddly and adorable as a freakin' stuffed animal!" He nuzzled his head into Marui's hair.

"Idiot." Marui said with a laugh.

"And besides, no one else will be looking at you 'cause if they do, they'll lose an eye." With that, Niou moved Marui off of him and walked out, but before leaving, he stuck his head back in, "I'll see you at the beach." Marui smiled at him and sighed, before quickly heading after him, with a little more confidence than before.