Chapter One: Sub15: Leila

His hands pressed against the heavy doors and pushed them open forcefully, hearing the slam of the metal hand against the wall to show his frustration as she looked over at the brunette; who was sat in his black leather office chair wearing nothing but his metallic cross worked tie around her slim neck 'what the fuck do you think you're doing?' his voice bellowed across the room, his grey eyes burnt against her ivory skin as she jumped at his aggressive tone 'I wanted.. I...' she stammered, a shiver crashed down her spine as she straightened up against leather 'You wanted to what?' He walked swiftly towards the desk, slamming his fist against the oak table 'You are not supposed to be in here, Leila. God dammit.' He growled darkly, watching as she stood up; her heeled shoes clicked against the marble tiles, Leila walked slowly towards him; her hand trembled as she placed it on his shoulder, squeezing his shoulder to catch his attention. His head turned sharply to face her, as he shrugged his shoulder from her grasp 'get out of my sight.' He said sternly, his hand rose to his collar and unbuttoned the top three buttons on his white dress shirt. 'Yes, Chri-… Sir.' Leila muttered aloud as she bowed her head, turning on his heel and walked steadily towards the door.

Christian looked over his shoulder, his steel gray eyes scowled at her as she walked out of his office and towards her own bedroom. A smirk tugged at the corners of his lips, his eyes glazed over with lust and passion; his erection pressed hard against the restraint of his black pinstriped trousers, begging to be released. He pushed his hand into his pockets, pulling his Blackberry out and clicked onto his email account, punching in a quick message as he paced out of the room and headed towards his bedroom; pushing the door wide open and stepped inside. Christian walked towards his chest of drawers, pulling the drawer open; reaching inside and picked up the pair of torn, overly washed jeans he'd become all too familiar with over the last few months , He unbuttoned his suit trousers and pushed them down off his hips, letting them pool at his feet as he kicked off his shoes and stepped into his jeans, leaving the top button up open; his tongue flicked over his bottom lip as desire raced through his veins, his manicured fingers unbuttoned his shirt and slid it down off his muscular shoulders. Christian bent down and retrieved his clothes from the floor, folding them neatly before he placed them on the top of the dresser; his reflection in the large oval mirror caught his attention, his eyes stared at his chest; faint circular scars trailed over his skin, throwing his mind into dark memories he'd tried his hardest to forget. He sighed heavily as he tore his eyes away from the mirror and picked up a white shirt from his drawer before he slammed it shut, walking swiftly out of the bedroom and down the white corridor, pulling the shirt over his head; it clung to his chest framing his abs perfectly; Christian's hand ran through his tussled copper hair, it dropped to his pocket and pulled out a long brass key , pushed it into the heavily decorated dark oak door; in front of him and stepped inside the smell of furniture polish flooded his nostrils as he shut the door behind him and walked over to the black leather sofa and sat down, awaiting his submissive.

Leila held her head in her hands, Christian's tie hung on the post of her white bedpost as she sobbed silently into her hands; her feelings grew stronger for him daily, every waking minute she was apart from him, her skin burned for his touch, it craved the feel of his breath on her skin. She pulled her face from her hands as her blackberry vibrated across the bedside cabinet, a trembling hand reached over and picked it up; her tear-filled gaze took a moment to adjust to the phone's screen as she scanned the email

From: Christian Grey

Subject: No time to play stupid with me.
Date: March 12th 2011 11:45

To: Leila.

I have little time for your childish games, Leila. You should know the rules by now, and I expect you to fucking keep to them. You have five minutes.

Keep me waiting and you'll wish you were never born.

Christian Grey

CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.

She smiled to herself as her heart fluttered with delight, she'd walked into his life as a submissive, after their eyes met across the room at the sub/dom club in downtown Seattle, but deep in her heart, she told herself that her feelings for him were reciprocated; he loved her truly. No-one could do what they did to her without a form of passion or love towards her, the way he grasped her hair in his strong, dominant hands holding her firmly down as he pounded into her mercilessly, the feeling of his release deep inside her; sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout her entire body. Leila pulled herself to her feet as she walked over to her dresser, opening the top drawer and let her fingers fall upon a designer piece of lingerie; the touch of lace and silk beneath her manicured fingers gave her satisfaction that she would impress her dominant. Her life revolved around his every need, she was at his call whenever he required her; 'He's mine' She thought to herself, if anyone else came within an inch of her dominant, it was her duty to rid him of whatever burden they may spring upon him. He belonged to her, his heart and soul belonged to her. Leila pulled on her deep red and silver bodice and pant set; her hand slide up her stockings and attached them to her garter belt, smoothing them over her ivory thighs. 'First impressions count for everything.' She repeated to herself as she took a deep breath, heading towards the door; sliding a silk robe over her body to cover the surprise. She'd decided it was time, she told Christian how she felt; they could spend forever with each other, He felt the same way for her, she knew it.

Leila pushed open the oak door; her eyes fell upon his body as he leant against the arm of the black leather couch, staring down at his wrist. 'You're late, by thirty seconds.' Christian said sharply, as he pulled himself up, and walked over to her 'What's your excuse this time?' He continued, looking her up and down; she looked like a cheap porn star in such a short robe, it barely covered her ass and left little to the imagination. 'I- I'm sorry, sir.' Leila whispered as she walked to the side of the door, lowering herself to her knees and bowed her head. 'Sorry? You're sorry? 'Sorry' doesn't quite cut it now, does it?' Christian scowled, pulled a scarf from his back pocket and held it firmly between his fingers 'N-no, sir.' She replied, her eyes fixated on his feet. 'I don't want to hear another word from your sorry little mouth. Do you understand?' Christian said sharply, as he crouched before her; pulling the material harshly. 'Yes-'Leila said, feeling Christian's hand on her shoulder 'what did I just fucking say? I'll have to silence you. Stand up.' Christian hissed through his teeth as he rose to his feet, pulling her up with him and led her to a black cast iron bed, draped in thick, deep burgundy silk sheets. Christian tore the sheets off the bed and pushed her down, she stared lustfully up at him, his hands wrapped the scarf around her mouth; silencing her. Leila's eyes widened in pleasure; as she reached up to touched his torso, Christian jumped back and scowled down at her. His eyes were near black with lust, as he pushed her back onto the bed, pulling the bow of the robe off and tore it off her body; his face scrunched up in disapproval at the choice of underwear she'd chosen. 'Now, surely we can do better than this. Is this really what you waste the money I give you on? Some cheap linen and lace you found in a sleazy sex shop?' Christian shook his head in disgusted and his fingers worked the offending items off her body, discarding them to the floor.

She shook her head in response, as she watched him take control of her. 'I'm going to tie you up and fuck you for my pleasure only.' Christian said darkly, as he pushed his jeans down off his hips; letting his boxers down with them, finally freeing his now throbbing erection; his hand wrapped around his desirable length, stroking it slowly as she watched over him. Her eyes glowed with pleasure as she watched him, she bit down on the gag to stop herself from moaning his name; He reached to the post of the bed and took the brown leather belt she hadn't noticed, taking a hold of her now quivering hands; pulling her forcefully to the headboard, as he hooked the end of the belt through the buckle; pushing her hand through the gaps in the board before he secured them tightly with the belt, a satisfactory hiss fell off his lips as he looked down at her. 'Close your eyes, I don't need to see your eyes when I do this.' Christian growled darkly, spreading her legs widely as he knelt between them; watching as her eyes fell shut before he pushed into her depth harshly, moaning loudly as he felt her warmth coating his length. Leila arched her back in pleasure as his erection filled her, the touch of his hips against hers was enough to make her combust around him; she held back 'you must obey your master' she repeated to herself, as he thrusted aggressively into her; his moans became more jagged and aggravated at each thrust, Leila's lips pulled into a pleasurable smile as he made love to her; this is what she was giving him release, He loved her. Christian moaned loudly as he released himself in thick streams deep inside her wetness, her heat begged for climax as he pulled himself out of her and sat back on his heels, looking down at her as her eyes opened. 'I'm going to get a shower. Make yourself decent and get out. ' His voice was ragged and worn out, the sound of his orgasm still lingered on his lips as he leaned over her body; unbuckling the belt and freed her hands.

Leila circled her wrists as they dropped lifelessly above her head, his hand tugged the gag off her mouth, letting it hang around her neck as he walked towards the bathroom; scooping his jeans up as he walked past. 'Master?' Leila whispered, as she leaned up on her elbows; looking over to him. He stopped in his tracks and rolled his eyes 'What?' He said, turning on his heel to look at her. 'Can we talk?' Christian rolled his eyes, as he nodded once; pulling his boxers up his legs to cover his modesty. He perched on the edge of the bed, staring in front of him 'What's wrong?' Christian said sternly as he looked over at her briefly 'I'm in love with you. I know you love me, I want us to be together forever.' Leila spoke clearly as she rose up off the bed and sat behind her master, kissing his shoulder blade; wrapping her arms loosely around his neck 'I want to marry you, carry your child. I know you love me, Christian.' Christian shook her head sharply; as he scoffed at her comments 'Don't be ridiculous. I have never loved you. You are my submissive that is all you will ever be. Let's get that straight.' Christian stood up and pulled himself free of her embrace. Leila sat back, tears welled up in her eyes as he walked back to his jeans; picking them off the floor 'You do! You feel what I feel.' Leila stood up off the bed and rushed over to him, placing her hand on his chest; his heart quickened under her touch as she looked up at him, raising herself onto her tiptoes and pressed her lips to his, kissing him with full passion and love; Christian pulled back and looked down at her in disgust. 'I don't feel anything for you. I want you gone by the time I get home; I don't require your submission any longer.' Christian hissed as he walked past her, slamming the bathroom door shut behind him.