She glided out of the car confidently, making her way towards the glass doors of the elevator before quickly pressing the button to call it's attention; She knew this route all to well, it was the second time she'd even been invited to Christian's apartment but she knew every detail like it was the back of her hand. Elena couldn't help but smile, being alone with the man she had once call her own; The doors to the elevator opened and she stepped inside, she took the time it took to lift her to his floor to touch up her makeup; covering her lips in fiery red lipstick, the doors opened and there he was, stood in a pair of dress trousers and a pastel blue shirt, left open at the neck. '' If I knew we were dressing casual, I'd have left my Prada's at home!'' Elena laughed as she stepped out of the doors, her heels clicking against the wooden floor; Christian let out a single chuckle as he looked her up and down '' My condolences'' Christian's tone was blunt, He didn't care for her stupid comments; He'd done wrong and needed advice not a sense of humour. ''Now, What made you ring me, Christian?'' Elena walked past him, taking a seat on the couch and helped herself to a glass of wine which was left on the coffee table with two glasses; He'd obviously planned something special. '' I made a mistake'' Christian frowned to himself, pushing both of his hands into his pockets and walked over to her, leaning on the arm of the high back arm chair which was facing the fireplace '' Oh? What mistake would that be?'' She questioned, a smirk played on her lips as she took a sip of wine; her eyes never left him for a moment, this man had women falling at his feet; he once fell to his knees at her command, she could have had anything she wanted from him with a click of her fingers; He obeyed her every command, the way a good submissive should always be. '' I..'' Christian couldn't find the strength to tell her that he'd made Danielle bleed, He'd been taught better than that; He was afraid of how she would react, she rose gracefully to her feet placing her glass on the table before walking over to him, she cupped his soft cheeks in her palms allowing her manicuring fingers to caress his skin '' Christian.. Oh, sweet Christian'' she purred at him, Elena looked deep into his eyes; he looked just as he did when he left her to move into independence she still remembered the day he told her he'd be moving away to start his own business. ''You needn't be worried around me, My dear Christian. You know I'm not that terrifying.'' Elena felt his hands around her waist as he nodded, not speaking a word '' Talk to me..'' She leant forward to press a kiss to his soft lips, a satisfied moan left her lips.

Christian's eyes widened as he felt Elena's lips on his own, he pushed her away with his palms; looking at her with a disgusted expression '' What the FUCK do you think you're doing, Elena?'' Christian bellowed, he couldn't control his anger; how dare she come onto him he'd never once told her he wanted to start something with her it was friendship, nothing more nothing less; She looked up at him with a confused expression as Christian pushed her away, her manicured hands dropped to her side '' What? I thought this is what you wanted, Dear. You called-'' Elena's sentence was cut short when a furious Christian looked at her still, his grey eyes burnt into her skin like a hot flame through butter. '' I called you to get some advice because I made my sub bleed not because I wanted you to throw yourself at me like a common streetwalker! God-damn!'' He still spoke with disgusted, Elena had always been an elegant lady but she seemed to transform into an animal around him; ever since he was her submissive she was still the same when they were alone, however when they were in public she was the most graceful woman he'd ever seen. '' Don't speak to me like that, Christian; How could you be so cruel?!'' Elena looked up at him, her eyes became tear filled as his voice rose higher '' Don't speak to you like WHAT? You come into my house and act in such an appalling manner and expect me to be okay with it? Elena, I have no intentions of EVER starting any form of relationship with you, quite frankly the idea makes me sick to my stomach; You are my friend. Nothing more, Nothing less. That is all you will ever be'' He nodded his head, his arms folded over his toned chest causing his shirt to stretch over the contours of his torso; Elena couldn't help but admire his perfect, he looked as if he were carved out of marble. '' I.. I think it's wise that I leave'' Elena took her bag before leaving, a tear fell down her cheek; she was clearly wrong about how Christian felt for her, he was her friend and that's all he would be; but the thought still hurt her very much. Christian nodded, speaking just before she left in the waiting escalator '' I think it is wise, Elena; I'm travelling to London for a conference tomorrow morning; So don't expect any communication from me for a few days, I may also ask that you don't contact me, Elena.'' She didn't turn to face him, she simply nodded; the last thing she needed was for him to see her cry.

Christian watched as Elena left his apartment, he didn't feel at all guilty for what he had spoken to her; He'd never been more sure about anything in his life. Elena meant nothing to him, He so wished that things with Danielle had worked out but he knew it was best that he cut his relationship with her and leave her to heal, possibly move onto something else. Christian walked into his office, opening up his laptop and tapped a short message to Danielle; he ran a hand through his slightly damp hair with a sigh.

To: Danielle James

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Termination.



My apologises for my behaviour this evening, no apology will ever be enough for what I did to you; I can never forgive myself. I think it is for the best that we terminate our arrangement, I hope you understand. Of course, I will provide you with any support you shall need in your future endeavours and I wish you the best of luck in the future.

Again, I am sorry. So very sorry.


Christian Grey

CEO Grey Enterprises.

Christian clicked send before shutting down the laptop down and tucked it back into the leather case, ready for his morning travel to London; He made a mental note to pack it into his suitcase when he woke up from a much needed rest; He walked the short length to his bedroom, laying down on the crisp white sheets allowing the scents of camomile and lavender to flood his senses; dulling his thoughts long enough that he could drift into a peaceful sleep. He hoped that a few days in London would be just what he needed to set his already racing mind at rest or give him some time to at least put his thoughts into order and allow himself the freedom to think for himself without being haunted. His eyes fell shut as he slipped into a dreamless sleep, forgetting the sight of the thick red marks on Danielle's buttocks, the kiss from Elena and whatever else he needed to forget; He thought of nothing, nothing was perfect in his mind; a complete blank was all he needed, a clean pallet so to speak. Another day was dawning for him, Another day; Another country; perhaps another woman.