Monkeysuncle1 here! Though this isn't my FIRST story, (it's my third) my other two failed…so I did not continue. I'm still trying to find my writers voice I suppose. But, all of my other attempts at stories have been fully fledged stories. I have been reading a lot of one shots lately so I thought to myself " Why not write a collection of one shots instead?" so I guess this is my go at it. Maybe this isn't my skill in writing either, maybe its writing angst and such (Which I am actually almost 99.999999% sure it's NOT) not saying some of these won't be angst…but I mean it's not going to be full out DRAMMMMAAA. Anyway this is my go. Wish me luck! Any constructive criticism would be awesome! But if you did enjoy please let me know so I can continue ^. ^

Title: City Lights

Theme(s): Romance, Humor

Ship(s): Flinx

Jinx smiled but tried to keep her tone serious. "Wally West you put me down this instant and tell me where we are going." But the speed demon grinned and tightened his grip around her back and under the crook of her knees. "It's a surprise so no hints." Jinx rolled her eyes but knew that she could trust her boyfriend with her life. Even though his personality was somewhat immature, she always felt most sure about herself when with him.

She didn't have to wait more than 10 minutes before he gently set her on the ground and covered her eyes with his hands. Her hands reached up and she grasped on to his. He walked her a few yards before stopping. "Open." Jinx felt his breath on her neck as he opened his hands her eyes flew open. She drew in a breath sharply. A large metal structure lit up by millions of lights stood before her. Wally wrapped his arms around her waist and she could feel him smiling. "Welcome to Paris Jinxy."

She turned to look at him, mouth wide open, and then looked back at the Eiffel Tower now lit up in the starry night. Gaining herself again she closed her mouth and slightly upturned the corners of her mouth. "I think I still would have wanted to go to Rome more." She crossed her arms and stuck her hip out to the side a bit. She glanced back at him to see his brows furrow and him frown slightly. "I'm sorry I ju-" "I'm kidding you goof ball." The pink haired girl turned and pecked him on the cheek then giggled. The Kid Flash's delight instantly returned.

He grabbed out for her and pulled her in for another kiss. Just before touching lips she ducked out of his arms and snatched his wrist in the process. "We're climbing this baby!" The bad luck cursed girl dragged him towards the tower. Wally took the second to process he wasn't getting the kiss he hoped for before chuckling and fallowing his girlfriend. "You can't be bad luck to have an awesome boyfriend like me." he smiled devilishly. Though she didn't say anything in return, she thought to herself. Her lips parted as an unstoppable grin stretched across her lips. Maybe she wasn't bad luck after all.

Alright! So how did I do? I'm HOPING this wasn't tooooo bad. I know its short but this was kind of my trial one? So kind of a hint anyways. Anyways please review with constructive criticism (on that note I am well aware that I'm not wonderful with grammar and spelling. I will try and improve on it, but please don't refuse to read my stories simply because of it?) No flames if you could? But otherwise I hope you enjoyed and that you want me to write more! (Which I certainly will if I get enough good reviews) anyways good day and please review even if you didn't enjoy ^.^