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1000 years ago...

Caroline woke up hearing some voices but when she opened her eyes all she could see was dark. After a while her vision began to clear up. She could see few figures moving in front of her but couldn't really say how many.

"She's beginning to wake up." male voice said.

Suddenly she felt all eyes on her and started feel uncomfortable. After a better look she found...was it Kol in front of her?! and Elijah and Rebekah? But they looked weird like...Oh great I'm hallucinating now.

"Don't look at her like that. You could scare her. Give her some space." Elijah spoke after while.

"You are the right to tell brother. She fell uncounscious in front of you." Kol said back in mocking tone not droping eyes of her.

"It was not my fault. She hit her head hard." Elijah defend himself.

"Are you okay?" Rebekah asked ignoring the two.

"I'm...uh...where am I?" Caroline asked in a small voice after a while staring at the three Originals.

"You are in our house. My name is Rebekah." she answered with smile.

"We found you in the woods." Kol added with cheerfull voice.

"I found her in the woods!" Elijah immadiately said.

"Yeah...right before you scared her so much she..." Kol started saying.

"I did not scare her! She fainted because..." Elijah interrupted.

"You two are scaring her right now!" Rebekah shot at them and they instantly shut their mouths and return their attention back at her. Caroline just stared at them in disbelief. What the hell is happing?! This is insane! I am insane! she thought.

"You hit your head. We took you here and..." Kol began again.

"I took her here." Elijah again murmured and immadiately get two glares from Kol and Rebekah.

"Don't mind them. We took care of your head. It should not bleeding anymore. How are you feeling?" Rebekah asked with smile again on her face.

"Fine...Thank you." Caroline said unsure what else to say.

"Does it hurt much?" Elijah asked with worried expression.

"Uh just a little.I think I need some air." she said and started to sat up.

"Of course. I'll go with you." he said and help her stand.

She stood up but her head suddenly twisted and she felt falling. She closed her eyes expecting hard floor but when she opened them she stared into ocean blue eyes. After a second she realized it was Klaus holding her. She quickly stand up and drop her gaze.

"I'm sorry,I..." She began but he cut her off.

"No need to be." Klaus said with big smile.
"I'm Niklaus." he added and then took her hand and brought it to his lips. Not dropping his eyes from hers as he gently kissed the top of her hand, his lips lingering there for a little too long.

"Caroline." she said back after he let her hand go.

"Pleasure to meet you Caroline." he said with grin, tasting her name on his lips.

Back in present...

Damon heard knocking at the door. With sigh he stood up and open the door revealing Elijah with impatient expession.

"Elijah. To what do I owe the pleasure?" Damon asked with sarcasm in his voice.

"No need to be impolite Damon. I just came by to see if Miss Forbes is not here. I did not find her in her house." Elijah said.

"No, Miss Forbes is not present right now...Sorry." he said with forced smile and started closing the door when Elijah stopped it with his foot.

"You know, I had an interesting dream last night..." Elijah started before Damon slammed the door in his face.

1000 years ago...

"...and this is the place I found you. Any idea how you got here?" Elijah asked Caroline after he showed her whole village and now they were standing in the woods at the spot Caroline appeared before.

"No..I just woke up here alone." Caroline said. She couldn'd really tell him what happened. She didn't actually even know but apparently she was in past. And it looks like all Originals she met are humans just as herself.

"Well then...where are you from?" he asked as they stopped walking and now were standing opposite each other.

Great! What am I supposed to tell him? Think Caroline! Think!

"Elijah!" suddenly came from behind them and before Caroline could even sigh with relief they spun around to see...Elena?!

"Tatia, what are you doing here?"

Oh so this is Tatia. The first Petrova dopellganger. She looks even more like Elena then Katherine. Caroline thought.

"I was looking for you...Who is this?!" Tatia said with irritated tone.

"This is Caroline. We found her today in the woods...Caroline this is Tatia." Elijah said with in small voice.

Caroline immediately found herself smiling. She missed Elena already and she didn't even know how long she have to be here so it would be nice have 'almost Elena' here with her.

"Very nice to meet you." Caroline said with big smile and reached out her hand to shake. But Tatia just snorted and Caroline frowned. This doppelganger is probably more like Katherine then Elena after all.She thought.

"Tatia..." Elijah said in warning tone.

"Likewise." Tatia then said, not trying to hide sarcasm in her voice and then turned to Elijah.

"I wanted to show you something..." she said in seducing looking into his eyes.

Ugh! Yeah definitely like Katherine.

"Caroline, I believe you can find way back yourself." he said not droping eyes of Tatia and Caroline looked around herself.

"Actually I..." she looked back but they weren't with her anymore.

"...have no idea were I am." she finished.