A new story! Hope you enjoy it. Here's chapter one! :)

Austin's POV:

"Hey, Ally," I say walking into Sonic Boom. Ally smiles brightly and shuts the cash register. "Hey, Austin," she says to me. "Do you want to go to the park?" I ask her. I would go anywhere especially if it meant being alone with her. "Sure, when my shift is over," she tells me. I turn and sit down in the chair to my left. Five minutes later, I walk back over to the counter. "Ally, I have a serious question to ask you," I say. "What is it?" "Is your shift almost over?" I ask like a whiny child. She rolls her eyes and looks at her watch. "Five more minutes, Austin," she tells me. I sigh and walk back to the chair.

Longest. Five. Minutes. Of. My. LIFE. "Dad, I'm taking my break!" "Okay" comes Mr. Dawson's faint reply. "Hey, Austin," he says when he gets to the counter. "Hello, Mr. Dawson," I say to him. "Dad, we're going to the park," Ally says. We walk out the door. "Okay, you two have fun!" Mr. Dawson calls after us. "We will!" Ally yells back. We walk to the park and feed Pickles the goose. "Bye Pickles," Ally says when we leave. "So what do you want to do now?" she asks me.

We were going to walk around the park but I thought that was too boring now that we're here. "Uh… we could… um… we could go get lunch," I suggest. "Yeah, we could go to that place Trish works at now." "Oh, you mean Summer Subs?" she asks. "Yeah, that place," I agree. "Okay let's go, then." So that's what we do.

"Hello. Welcome to Summer Subs. May I take your order?" Trish asks us. "Why are you talking so formal?" Ally asks. "My manager is watching me," she whispers. "Oh. Okay, um, I'll have a ham and cheese footlong sub sandwich with mayonnaise. Heated," I tell her. Trish writes it down on her note pad. "And you, Miss?" she asks Ally. I hear Ally giggle. "Uh, the same as Austin but with lettuce and tomato on it," she says. She writes that on her note pad, too. "Okay, I'll be back with your sub sandwiches, Mr. and Mrs. Moon," she says before walking away roaring with laughter. It takes Ally a minute before she actually hears what she said. "Hey!" she yells after her. We both start laughing though.

Soon, Trish brings back our sandwiches and we gobble them up in minutes. Right after Ally swallows her last bite, her phone vibrates. "Hello? … Okay … Um, right now? … I'll be right there … Bye." She hangs up the phone and turns to me. "I gotta go," she tells me. "Who was that?" I have to be nosy. "Jeremiah," she answers simply.

"Jeremiah? That sounds like a vampire name," I joke. "What? Jeremiah's not a vampire! Where did you get that idea?" she asks. "Whoa, I was just makin' a joke, Ally," I tell her. Then something occurs to me. "Who is Jeremiah anyway?" I asked. Please don't be a boyfriend. Please don't be a boyfriend. Please don't be a boyfriend. I cross my fingers under the table.

"He's my cousin. He's visiting for my sixteenth birthday changin— I mean, he's here to visit," she says. "Sixteenth birthday changing? What?" I ask.

"I didn't say anything about a changing," she says.

"Yes, you did."

"No, I didn't."

"Yes, you did."

"No, I didn't."

"Fine, you didn't. Why haven't I ever heard about him, though?" I ask. She doesn't answer.

"I really gotta go. How much did the subs cost?" she asks me. "I'll pay for it," I say with a wave of my hand. "Great. Thanks, Austin. I'll see you later." I can't get a word out before she's gone. I pay for our subs and leave.

I start to head home. Wait. Ally's birthday is coming up. I know she doesn't like making a big deal out of her birthdays but I still want to get her something. What does a girl like Ally like? Maybe I can get her a… No. Ooh, or a… Nah. Or maybe a… No… Forget it! I throw up my hands in my mind. Because if I actually did that, people would think I was crazy. But forget it; I'm getting her a cat. Her bird, Owen, died recently even though he was only, like, a teenager but she probably wants a new pet.

I walk to the pet store and to the cat/kitten section. There's a group of Havana Brown cats that are so adorable. They are all adult cats but there's one kitten right in the middle. Just like Ally. A short person in the middle of a bunch of tall people. And it has unnaturally brown eyes. I pick up the kitten and find out that it's a girl. "I'll call you Ally," I tell her. She lets out a quiet meow. And she's quiet. Next thing you know, she's going to start singing and playing the piano like Ally, too.

"I have got to get you for Ally!" I say to her. I pay for her, some cat litter, and a kitty litter box. I can take care of a cat for two days, right? For Ally? Of course I can.

Turns out, I was wrong. Ally (the second Ally) is a handful. I have to watch her every move to make sure she doesn't knock over any of the instruments in my room. So I was stuck at home for the rest of the day. I texted Ally and told her I couldn't see her today. But that I promise to come over tomorrow.

Next Day:

Only one more day to take care of Ally (the second one) and one more day until Ally's birthday! I go downstairs with Ally and ask my mom if she can take care of her for a little while. She loves animals so I know she'd love to. And she does. I go to Sonic Boom to see Ally. I am so excited to see her since I didn't get to see her again yesterday. I see Lester working the counter so I know Ally has to be upstairs in the practice room.

"Hey, Als," I say to her when I open the practice room door. "Hey, Austin…" she says slowly. She has her head resting on her forearm and her arm is resting on the piano. She looks upset. I sit down beside her on the piano bench and she looks up.

She looks… weak. She stares into my eyes and all of a sudden, I feel really weak too but she seems to have brightened up a bit. She tears her eyes away from mine. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" she exclaims to me. "For what?" I ask her.

"For making you weak!" That doesn't make any sense.

"It's not your fault," I tell her. "Uhhh…" she says. I decide to ignore this. "So what's up?" I ask her quietly. Something's obviously wrong. "My stupid birthday. That's what's up," she tells me gloomily.

"What's wrong with it being your birthday?" I ask her. "Because it's my sixteenth birthday," she tells me. I don't say anything to her for a minute. "I still don't see the problem. I mean, you'll be having your sweet sixteen, won't you?" I exclaim to her.

"No. I won't be having my sweet sixteen."

"Well, why not?"

"Because ever since I found out, I've said I didn't want a sweet sixteen. And I'm sticking to that."

"What did you find out?"

"What? Oh, it's nothing. It's just… nothing. Never mind."

"Oh… well are you still going to have at least a small party?" I ask her. She bites her bottom lip. "Um, no. I don't want anyone to see me on my birthday," she tells me. I start to ask why but she says, "Please, don't ask why." "I won't. Promise. Okay, so I'll just give you your present today then," I tell her. "Awww, you got me a present?" she asks me smiling. She looks straight into my eyes again. She's smiling at me and making eye contact. This makes me so happy but the happiness is quickly drained out of me.

Ally looks away. "Yeah. Uh, I'll go get it," I tell her. "I'll be back soon." I walk downstairs and out the door then break into a full run for my house. It takes a lot of strength to run but it's worth it. I see Ally (the other Ally) crawling around the living room floor and my mom on the couch reading a magazine. "I'm going to go give Ally this Ally," I say picking up the kitten. "Okay," my mom says not looking up from her magazine. I start for the door but my mom stops me. "Austin, be home soon. You need to clean your room," she tells me. "Fine, Mom," I whine.

I grab a note pad and write a note to Ally since I won't be able to talk that long. I slip it in Ally's collar and walk to Sonic Boom. I take one look at the sign on the door. Closed? Maybe Mr. Dawson and Ally just closed up early because they were tired. No biggie.

I walk to Ally's house and knock on the door. Mr. Dawson opens it with a grave expression on his face. "Austin, you're here to see Ally, aren't you?" he asks me. I nod. "Yes, sir." "Sorry, but Ally isn't feeling too well…" he tells me. "Oh, I'll only be a minute, I promise," I reassure him. He takes a deep breath. "Alright. Fine," he says after a second. He steps to the side so I could squeeze past him.

After I squeeze past him, I walk up to Ally's room and knock on her door. "Go away, Dad!" a small voice yells at me. "Ally? It's me, Austin," I tell her opening the door. It's so dark in here. If I squint, I can see kind of okay. I look around and see Ally curled up in a ball in the corner on her bed. She's also under her covers. "Austin?" she asks in the same small voice. "Is it really you?" "Yes, and I have your birthday gift," I tell her.

She slowly crawls out from under the covers and looks up at me. She looks as small and weak as her voice sounds. "Ally, are you okay?" I ask suddenly worried. She avoids the question. I sit down on the edge of her bed and she notices the cat in my arms. "What's that?" she asks gesturing to the kitten. I hand Ally the other Ally. "Happy early birthday," I tell her smiling. "She's adorable!" she tells me though her eyes said otherwise.

Oddly enough, she looks hungrily at the kitten. But she wouldn't eat a cat, right? That would just be extremely weird. "Uh, I gotta go clean my room," I tell her pointing out the door. "Oh," she says looking disappointed. I start to get up but she grabs my wrist. She's surprisingly strong for such a small girl. "You're sure you can't stay?" she asks me. I shake my head. "I wish I could, though," I tell her. She lets go of my wrist. "Thank you for the kitten, Austin. That was very sweet of you," she says. She leans in and gives me a kiss on the cheek. I can't help but smile. "You're welcome." I give her a hug before I turn to leave. "Ally, are you sure you're alright?" I ask her turning back around. She smiles sadly. "Yes, I'm sure." She sure doesn't look or sound like it, though. She clears her throat. "Go clean your room," she teases. She sets the cat on the floor.

I turn again and I tell her that I'd see her later. She smiles again. Right before I close the door, I catch a glimpse of her crawling back under her covers. I'm confused. Just two hours ago, she was so enthusiastic to go to the park and was strong enough to eat a footlong sub in a few minutes.

Something is wrong with my Ally and I really do not like it. But I will go to any lengths to find out what it is, I can promise you that, and I'm going to fix the problem when I find out what it is...

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