Creating Traditions

It is of vital importance that children have a sense of stability in their homes and lives, no matter the circumstances. One easy way of creating this environment is to create traditions for your newly formed family to follow. Holidays, both of memorial and religious significance are excellent times to enact these traditions.

- - -

Loki has been reading at his desk, all the while listening to the giggling in the next room. It isn't until Hel bursts in, squealing and laughing and pursued by Fenrir, that he realizes anything is at all out of the ordinary. Slowly he peeks under the desk, shifting to reveal his daughters hiding space.

"I'll huff and puff," Fenrir declares.

Under the desk Hel straightens her red hood and frilly dress. "That is the wrong story."

"I never said I was your big bad wolf."

Loki shakes his head, rethinking the bedtime stories. And then Sleipnir wanders in with a plastic sword between his teeth, a bed sheet wrapped round his middle, and a plastic Roman helmet sitting as straight on his head as his ears will allow. Which is to say it was tipping dangerously close to falling off. "What in your grandfather's name is all this?"

"Darcy claims this night the mortals are easily tricked out of their sweets by wearing these clever disguises," Hel answered from near his feet.

Ah. Yes. The holiday. Darcy may have had a difficult time explaining different traditions, but she'd found it easy enough to explain the concept of free sweets to his children. Or so it seemed. Loki rose and took the helmet from Sleipnir's head, magicing holes in the top before replacing it. "Right then. I cannot possibly discourage the tricking of unsuspecting mortals, can I?" He followed the group into the front room, only to be confronted with the sight of Darcy smearing black paint across Jory's nose. The entirety of his serpentine body more or less covered already and foam bat wings taped to his back.

Darcy turned to give him a grin. "What do you think? Not a bad Toothless, right?"

"You realize this is ridiculous and they will all have sugar afterwards."

"Oh, come on. All kids should dress up and eat enough candy to be sick on Halloween. Midgardian tradition."

"Of course." Loki is distracted by the tug on his pants.

"I need you to take this." His daughter passes him an empty pillow case, holding up her own in triumph. "One will not be sufficient." She tosses her curls, beaming with pride. Loki had the distinct feeling that he would regret this night.

Jory looked up, making the little foam wings taped to his back flutter. "Will you carry my sack as well, father? I have no hands."

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