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The Landlord of UCOS' regular haunt rang the last orders bell which cased Gerry Standing to jump out of his seat, collect his empty glass along with Sandra, Jack and Brian's empties for one last drink of the evening.

The team were out celebrating not only a now solved case but also the fact that yet another law suit had been dropped. This time Kenneth Dakins who was the prime suspect in the original investigation into the rape of Georgina Hodgkins tried to sue the Met under the grounds on mistaken evidence. His DNA had been flagged up as being found on the backseat of Georgina's car. With nothing been ever simple it turned out that Mr Dakins wasn't even living in the country at the time of the rape in 1994. Luckily Sandra had somehow persuaded him to drop all charges and once again the Unsolved Crimes and Open Case Squad was safe.

Jack, Brian and Sandra were making chitchat about what had gone on that day all thankful that they still had their jobs when Gerry's phone popped up with an email alert.

"Marie Sinclair" Sandra read as she was nearest to Gerry's phone.

"Isn't that the editor and head judge of Cakes and Bakes Magazine that Gerry entered a few months ago" Brian asked already knowing the answer.

"Yeah, that's the one, I wonder what she wants" Sandra asked peering over the bar to see if Gerry was on his way back.

"Perhaps she has finally found out that you and Gerry are not married and is asking for the money he won back" Jack teased causing Brian to laugh.

"Oh maybe they have just decided that he wasn't worthy of the prize" Brian chipped in.

"After two and a half months, I highly doubt it but I wonder what that email says" Sandra sighed as always the detective in her wanted to know everything.

She unlocked his phone she had watched him doing it so many times she knew his pass code, Gerry Junior's Birthday. Sandra was just so tempted to open it.

"Sandra, he's on his way back" Jack warned.

"I'll go and help him with the drinks" Brian said not wanting to get involved if she did open the email.

"Gerry, that Marie Sinclair from that competition has emailed you, you haven't entered another one have you? Oh thanks" She said as he passed her the dry white wine she ordered, as always.

"Oh has she, what are you doing checking my emails anyway?" he said handing Jack his bitter and sitting back down.

"I didn't the notification thing just popped up" she protested.

"Yeah, yeah, I better look at what it says before you bite my hand off hadn't I" he said unlocking his phone and opening the message.

"Dear Mr Standing, I hope you and your wife are well. I am writing to ask you if you would be interested in being a judge in our Cakes and Bakes bake off which will be screened on the Food Network next April. Myself and my team were so impressed by the standards you showed when you took part one of our competitions that we would be thrilled if you and Mrs Standing would like to be our guest judges for the televised programme. I look forward to hearing from you so we can discuss your payment for taking part if you are interested. All the best Marie Sinclair, Editor of Cakes and Bakes Limited." Gerry read aloud.

"Well fancy that" Jack exclaimed.

"Nice one Gerry" Brian said.

"What do you think Sandra, shall we do it?"

"What, go on national television as your wife, no chance mate" she said swallowing her wine harder than was needed.

"We already posed as husband and wife for the magazine, why not you know we would be great at this, we've fooled them once and besides it's only on a satellite channel it is hardly the BBC, go on Sandra what do you say?"

"If I say no does that mean you will take me to a fancy restaurant and theatre before proposing to me again" she said remembering what happened last time Gerry was plotting a money making scheme.

"If you will say yes again" he smiled hopefully.

Sandra looked at Jack in hope for an answer; it was fun last time she thought.

Jack nodded at her "I think you should go for it" he said.

"Me too, Esther is always watching those kinds of shows you'd be good at it" came Brian's attempt at persuading her.

"What so I can be made of fool of in front of you lot, no chance" she scoffed.

"Go on Sandra we are getting paid for it, I tell you what you can have of the money" Gerry offered.

"Three quarters of it, after all you got all the prize money last time".

"Fine email that Marie Sinclair woman and tell her we will do it, who knows it might be a laugh" she said getting back to her wine as she could she see the Landlord was ready to lock up for the night.

"Ha ha, you won't regret this Sandra, we make a good team you and I, thank you. I will reply to Marie right away" he said almost downing his beer in one go.

"You better hope that I don't end up regretting this for your sake" she said "Right I am off see you all in the morning, night"

"Good night Sandra" said Jack

"I don't suppose I could get a lift with you only my bike is still broken" Brian cheekily asked

"Night, Jack, go on then Brian just this once, night Gerry"

"Good night my darling" Gerry winked at his once again pretend wife.

"Save that until this food show" she said pointed at him.

"Night everyone, hurry up Brian" she said leaving the building without waiting for Brian. It had been a long couple of days and she was ready for bed.

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