Chapter 10 the wedding and the first day of the honeymoon

I was woken up before the sun had time to get up. "Hey!" Hannah and the youngest girl from last night dragged me in to a big room with a three way mirror. "We're getting you dressed up and we don't have much time!" The girl said opening the curtains letting in blinding sunlight. My clothes where stripped off and a white lacey corset and matching underwear were put on me. "You're so pretty! I wish I could be as beautifully pale as you." Some thing was pulled up my leg on to my thigh."Okay some thing new the dress, something old your golden earrings, something barrowed "the fidgety blonde slipped a bracelet on my wrist." My bracelet, and some thing blue, the guarder belt." The lovely white dress with a spider web train was slipped onto me by Hannah as her helper rolled my hair into a bun.

A knock echoed into the room. "Is she ready yet?" "Not yet a few more minutes!" The blonde girl who I haven't learned her name pinned my web veil in to my hair. I was pushed along into the hallway before the ballroom door. There some one handed me a bouquet of red and yellow roses carefully laid down the thick veil I could see Aleister take my hand and lead me inside. Halfway down the isle the feeling of I'm getting married hit me with the joke Alois and I had last night. 'See you tomorrow at the alter' Alois said with a smirk. 'Okay I'll meet you there I'll be wearing a white dress 'I said back. Aleister gave my free hand to Alois at the alter then stood by Alois. "Ladies and gentlemen, family and friends, we are gathered here today to witness and celebrate the joining of Alois Trancy and Kira Sutcliff in marriage. With love and commitment, they have decided to live their lives together as husband and wife." The man next to us almost shouted the rest of his speech went in one of my ears and out the other till it was my turn.

"Do you, Kira Promise to forever love Alois as your husband, no matter what happens?" The man asked. "I do, and will always." My old ring was removed and a new ring was put in its place. And I put a silver ring onto Alois' ring finger. "You may now kiss your bride." Alois hesitantly lifted the veil and I smiled." I told you I'd be the girl in the white dress." I pulled him so it looked like he pulled me into the kiss. Alois was my first kiss and now I am Mrs. Trancy, and the kiss was like wow the spark and everything.

Both I and Alois took off out of the room laughing. We went to the dining room and took our seats at the head of the table. "Alois that was a good kiss you know?" He smiled and nodded." We might be able to have fun tonight after all." I have a feeling I know what he means. Well the dining room filled up, and before we had dinner Aleister made a toast to us as the new 'Mr. an Mrs. Trancy '

When we got half way into dancing and talking part of the party Alois and I were already half way wasted. Me and Alois left the crowd to dance all the wanted. We re treated up stairs to 'our room' Where before either of us got straight thoughts, we had already started ditching clothes around the bed and half way to making babies to put it nicely . The last sane thought was both of us were naked, in bed, screwing like rabbits. Yeah my spine is soooo going to hurt tomorrow.

My first thought came out of my mouth. "My back hurts so badly." Alois was still passed out on my back so I was squished tits and all to the bed. "Alois, wake up." I shoved him off my back then waited a bit before slapping him with a pillow." What happened last night?" He asked. I smiled and gave him a kiss. "We demonstrated a few times how to make babies." "A few times, How many times did we .. Uh do 'it'?" "I lost count after four."

I lay back down and did some thinking. 'if I had my period end the day before yesterday and we went more then four rounds last night. I could possibly be pregnant.' I sighed heavily "Alois we have walked in to a mine fled if we ever did." "Why?" he asked with his elbow in my back." I maybe pregnant from our activities last nights and if I am you're a daddy "I said with half sarcasm.

Okay guys Give me your ideas for the baby(ies) I Really could use them