WOW: store. Extra challenge: To celebrate Jeremy Carver's term as new showrunner, write a tag/missing scene for an episode that he has writing credit on. I selected 'A Very Supernatural Christmas' therefore this whole two-chapter drabble is a spoiler for that episode.

That little exchange of gifts said so much without saying a word (and broke my heart). We join the boys on their Christmas shopping trips ... outsider POV

Disclaimer: I don't own them, so I'm just going to pretend, okay.


Chapter 1

It sucks working at the only store in town that opens Christmas Day; especially when your boyfriend's relaxing at home.

Although my day improves when a young guy walks in; reeeaaal tall - and hot.

He scans the shelves, eventually selecting a can of oil, a candy bar and a bottle of eggnog.

He looks distracted.

Juggles his shopping in a bandaged hand as he fumbles in his pocket.

Definitely distracted.

"Merry Christmas," I smile as I take his cash.

He smiles back kindly, but the smile's forced; doesn't reach his eyes.

Haunted eyes.

"And happy new year, sir."

The smile fades.