WOW: store. Our word was light. Extra challenge: To celebrate Jeremy Carver's term as new showrunner; write a tag/missing scene for an episode that he has writing credit on.

A 3 x100 word triabble by Amberdreams, Dizzo and Edina Clouds (not necessarily in that order) presenting some missing scenes from Mystery Spot, therefore, there are spoilers for that episode.

Sam's finding it harder and harder to cope.

Disclaimer: we don't own them, we can only dream.


"A toy store ... seriously?" Dean muttered.

"Trust me," I sighed, "this has to be the safest place right now."

"Right … because we're inside some kinda Groundhog Day and you think nothing will get me here."

I nodded in agreement – this was a good plan, what could possibly go wrong?

Dean's face lit up.

"Hey," he cried excitedly. "Look at that?"

I stared up at the giant nine foot high Buzz Lightyear replica.

Moments later I was staring at Dean's body as he lay crushed beneath the giant plastic spaceman

"To infinity and beyond," I thought as time shifted.


Asia blared and I could hear Dean getting dressed, singing along in blissful ignorance. I refused to open my eyes, knowing what was in store.

Another Tuesday, another way to die. What was the point in getting up just to see that?

In fact, if Dean didn't stop that tuneless warbling, I might just kill him myself.

A lightbulb moment – what if that was what it took to get us both out of this eternal loop? A bit of fratricide followed by forgiveness and Wednesday in the morning…Then I remembered the axe and deflated.

"Up and at 'em, Sleeping Beauty!"


I didn't move; I wouldn't move.

For weeks this living hell had continued. Fatal encounters with dogs, showers, razors, a toy store, a pillow; I mean how do you suffocate under your own pillow? Then there was the funny taco; except, there's nothing funny about this, any of it.

There's nothing funny about watching the light go out in your brother's eyes every single goddamn day.

I just wanted to sleep, and dream; there were only nightmares in store when I woke.

But Dean wanted breakfast, so I went along.

And instead of more pain, I found hope.

Strawberry syrup.



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