Under The Covers

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of One Tree Hill.

Couple: Haley/Brooke

Rating: M

Chapter One

The Night Will Go As Follows

Brooke Davis and Haley James Scott were hardly what you would call best friends; in fact they were hardly friends at all. Haley was almost certain that the beautiful cheerleader was only paying for her bachelorette party because it was just another excuse for her to throw a party and spend her money. Up until recently, she had believed that she had only gotten married because she was pregnant, so she doubted that it was because Brooke believed in their love.

Still, although she would not admit it if confronted about it, she was having a fun time.

The night was still young and they had already partied on a bus, seen an attractive male stripper, and she had gotten a fake ID. Along with this, Brooke had thoroughly embarrassed her by somehow convincing her to change into some rather revealing lingerie. Haley had told her no, but Brooke insisted that she would strip her herself if she did not comply. Oddly enough, this comment had caused Haley's body to heat up and a blush to paint her cheeks with embarrassment, she had wanted her to undress her, but she had quickly dismissed those strange thoughts and gotten dressed herself.

Lifting her glass of champagne to her lips she took a sip of the beverage and awaited their next destination. Brooke said that they would be taking some classes, and that she would be the tutor for the evening, so she had no idea what it could be, but she had a feeling that it would not be trigonometry.

Haley was right. They were now arriving at a strip club.

"Brooke, what are we doing here?" She slurred out, intoxicated, as she stumbled out of the bus bracing herself by holding onto Brooke's hand.

Hazel eyes glanced down at her and a dimpled smirk formed on that perfect face. "Well, tutor wife, like I told you, we're going to take a class."

Haley smiled and stumbled as she slapped her hand against the diva's shoulder. "If I wanted a lap dance Brooke, I would have stayed at home."

This admittance caused Brooke's stomach to flip uncomfortably as she was filled with irrational jealousy, she hated that she was jealous of Nathan. It was not as if he had stolen Haley from her, she had never even attempted to win her over. At least not until now. She knew that it was wrong of her to chase after someone who was married, but Brooke had not realized her feelings for Haley until it was too late.

"First of all, too much information, second, this is a little different." Brooke informed as she dragged the tutor into the strip club by the hand. Trying not to enjoy the contact more than she should.

Haley was shocked, but not surprised to find that they would not be receiving lap dances, but instead learning how to give them. It seemed like a class that Brooke Davis would take, and it was fun learning all of the techniques. She filed a few away in order to give Nathan a little show when she got home. She hoped that he was not receiving a show at the moment, the thought made her feel sick to her stomach. She hated feeling like she was not enough for him.

"So, Haley." Brooke called from one of the chairs in the strip club. She turned to look at her friend with curious brown eyes.

"What is it Brooke?" Haley asked, walking toward her. Watching as her devious smirk spread and her hazel eyes shimmered with excitement, she was obviously up to no good.

"Why don't you show me what you've learned tutor-wife. We'll call it a pop quiz."

Even with the alcohol coursing through her veins, embarrassment overwhelmed the shy girl who looked away uncomfortably under Brooke's lustful gaze. Her heart was now racing in her chest at the thought of giving Brooke Davis a lap dance; she did not understand why it made her body react in such a way, so she just assumed it was because she was embarrassed. "Brooke, I don't think I can do that."

"Why not? I bet you'll do great." She raised a brow and looked the woman over from head to toe, admiring the way that her clothes fit her perfect body, and loving the way that Haley grew shyer under her eyes. Even if it was probably only because Haley was not all too experienced when it came to sex.

"Well, thanks." She deadpanned. "But isn't that a little, I dunno, strange?"

"Not at all. I mean, just think of it as practice for when you get home to Nathan. I mean if you can impress me, then I'm pretty sure he will be blown away." Brooke teased, although she felt a slight pang of jealousy and guilt for the way that she had to trick Haley into giving her a lap dance. This was wrong of her and she knew it, but she would deal with the consequences of her actions at a later time, right now she was going to get a lap dance from the woman she wanted more than anything.

"Well, I mean yeah, sure, I guess it'd be good to have a test run—"

"—then come on, show me what you got." The words caused Haley's heart to stop beating and her mouth to go dry as she just stared at the cheerleader. Brooke was wearing practically nothing, with her toned legs showing, and a sliver of her stomach exposed. She was sitting there waiting for her, and Haley could not even move.

"Come on tutor-girl, I don't have all day." She encouraged, biting down on her bottom lip.

Large brown eyes glanced down to Brooke's lip and then back up to her eyes and she blushed even deeper, moving toward her awkwardly. 'What the hell are you about to do Haley James, this is not acceptable behavior…' "Brooke, I don't think that I can do this, it's just so embarrassing—"

"—enough with the self-doubt. You're sexy Hales; you just have to believe it."

The compliment caught the tutor off guard, that and the usage of her name. She was still getting used to the diva treating her with respect and actually attempting to get to know her and be her friend, although she supposed that what was about to occur might blur friend lines. This was not something she would ever do with Lucas. In fact the thought made her feel disgusted, but the thought of giving Brooke a lap dance caused her body to react in a completely different way. A way that it usually only reacted for Nathan.

Her body was shaking, a thin layer of sweat coated her skin, and her heart felt as if it would burst out of her chest any moment, she was sure that if she was not inebriated she would have backed out. Moving toward Brooke she swayed awkwardly, tripping over her feet and causing the cheerleader to laugh. It was adorable.

"Okay, if you're gonna laugh at me, then I'm done." Haley groaned out, a pout on her lips as she ran her hands through her hair.

Brooke stood to her feet and moved toward the beautiful woman, holding onto her arm and pulling her body closer to her own. Causing both of their bodies to heat up at the contact. "Oh come on Haley, I was just laughing because you're so cute." She stretched her words and dragged the tutor back toward the chair, pulling her down on top of her.

Haley was forced down on top of Brooke and she found her legs wrapped around the other woman's hips, her knees digging into the chair. This had not been how she was taught to give a dance, there was supposed to be limited contact, and currently her entire center was pressed up against Brooke's stomach. 'If I just rocked my hips I could get some more contact and—no! God no!'

"Brooke, this isn't how she taught us."

"Mm…" She moaned out, causing a shiver to rush through Haley's body. "You're right, this is so much better." Brooke placed her hands on the tutor's hips pulling their bodies even closer and forcing Haley down against her abdomen, causing her to let out a soft moan. She tried to cover it up with a cough, but Brooke had heard it, and her eyes darkened with lust.

"Brooke, seriously, I should—" Again her hips were pulled down and her heated center pressed against Brooke's stomach causing her to let out a groan of pleasure. She wanted more, she craved more contact, but this was wrong, she had a husband. "Mmmm…"

"Was that a moan I just heard Haley James Scott?"

The use of her newly acquired last name reminded her that she was married and she pulled back, looking down into dark eyes. "I'm married, and this is not okay, let me go." Her voice came out more breathy than she had expected, and she quickly realized that she did not sound like she wanted Brooke to let her go, in fact she didn't want Brooke to let her go. Her body had never felt so on fire; she had never wanted someone so badly, not even Nathan, but this was not okay. She loved him.

Leaning forward Brooke whispered hotly against Haley's lips. "Are you sure you wanna stop?" Her voice was deep and raspier than usual.

Haley whimpered as she felt heated breath rush along her lips and down over her neck, a blush darkened along her cheeks and she felt her body move against Brooke's, seeking more contact. She wanted to kiss her, but she stopped herself. "Yes."

"Then, just get up and walk away Hales." She told her.

Haley did not move. Staring into hazel eyes and then down to perfect lips and back up. She shouldn't have wanted this, she knew she shouldn't, but she did. She wanted to taste those lips, to feel them. It was insane the kind of power that this woman seemed to have over people. Haley was pretty sure that Brooke Davis could have anyone she wanted. She just hoped that didn't include herself right now, she hoped that Brooke would stop, but she didn't.

Extending her neck just a little more, Brooke captured Haley's lips in a kiss. The contact elicited moans from both girls as their lips moved against one another and Brooke's hands tangled in the tutor's soft hair, pulling her closer to her as she sucked her bottom lip between her teeth nibbling on it. She loved the way that Haley tasted and she wanted so much more of her. Knowing that this would probably be her only chance to kiss her, she pushed her tongue past Haley's lips and explored her mouth, starting a dance with her tongue and moaning out loudly when she heard Haley let out a moan at the contact. It caused her center to ache with need and a wetness to form between her thighs just knowing that the woman on top of her wanted her, craved her, like she did.

It was intoxicating. Brooke was high on Haley at the moment and nothing was going to bring her down. She didn't care that the woman was married, that she did not love her back; she was not going to stop kissing her.

"Woooah! Dude, Brooke, Haley! I think you guys have had way too much to drink!" A voice interrupted the two of them and Brooke immediately recognized it as Peyton. In that moment she hated her best friend, as Haley pulled out of the kiss, Brooke growled out in annoyance.

"What do you want P. Sawyer?"

"Well, just thought I'd deliver you guys a reality check, 'cause last I knew you two couldn't even stand each other."

"That's not true." Brooke responded with a glare at her best friend.

Peyton laughed. "Oh come on Brooke, even if you guys are friends, I didn't think that you guys were y'know this close. I just figured that I would save Nathan some heartache, not that he will mind that you guys were like you know, kissing and stuff, 'cause he's a guy, but come on! Save some for the husband."

Haley's eyes widened with realization and she quickly moved to get off of Brooke, too quickly it seemed, because she stumbled and nearly tripped. But, when Brooke attempted to help her she pushed the diva away and told her that she could take care of herself before running out of the strip club, ignoring the throbbing between her thighs that was a reminder of just how badly she had wanted Brooke to touch her, just how badly she had enjoyed kissing her.


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