Under The Covers

By: TracyCook

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Couple: Haley/Brooke

Rating: M

Chapter Eight


Haley had woken up earlier than all of the other women at the slumber party, and what she woke up to had been overwhelming. Brooke Davis had been lying on top of her with her arms wrapped tightly around her waist and her head buried in her chest; it caused a bright blush to form and her body to tingle with delight at the warmth. She hated how much she loved being held by the other woman. It was intoxicating and infuriating.

She knew how they had gotten in such a position, but the previous night it had seemed so natural.

Brooke had moved over to Haley in order to warm her up in the middle of the night, and then she had fallen asleep only to be plagued with nightmares. She was whimpering and letting out soft moans of distaste as her eyelids fluttered and her face contorted in discomfort. She had looked so vulnerable and broken; it was not how she was used to seeing the confident woman. Haley had watched for a few minutes mulling over the thought of waking her up, ignoring that she was scared, or holding her. Finally, she had decided on waking up the cheerleader, but when she reached over to shake her, Brooke had held onto her arms and pulled her body on top of her own.

Haley had struggled for a minute before eventually giving in to the other woman. She enjoyed being held by her and it did seem to be helping Brooke with her fears, so she figured that it would not hurt anyone to stay in that position.

Yet, what had seemed so natural in the middle of the night seemed so terribly wrong in the morning.

It would hurt someone, it would hurt Nathan.

The guilt was overwhelming and she pried her body out of Brooke's grip and grabbed her things before escaping out the front door. She did not know how to handle the strange sensations or the fact that she had wanted to stay in Brooke's arms. The feelings were too intense and too foreign for her to begin to comprehend. It had all started when they had kissed, before that she only felt this way about Nathan.

Instead of dealing with it, she ran. Naturally.

Staring at the front door of her and Nathan's apartment she started to fidget uncomfortably. She did not want to go inside. Not after the last text message that she had received from her husband last night. He had seemed so angry and jealous and she was worried that he would be even more upset when she arrived after the party. Still, she knew that she would eventually have to face him. Taking in a breath she lifted her chin as confidently as possible and opened the front door heading into the apartment.

It was a mess. There were bottles of alcohol everywhere and people sleeping on the floor and couches, there was even someone sleeping on the table in the dining room.

"What the hell happened here?" She muttered to herself, stepping over a few of the bodies and heading to the back room. Her stomach twisted in knots as she started to worry about what she would find in her and Nathan's bedroom. He wouldn't do something stupid just to spite her right? That wasn't who he was. He loved her.

Haley let out a sigh of relief when she opened the bedroom door and found Nathan lying in their bed alone. Perhaps it was hypocritical, in fact she knew that it was hypocritical, but she would have been so upset if she had walked in on him lying with another woman.

Nathan rolled over on his side and looked across the room at his wife. "Have fun at your party?" His tone told her that he was not happy.

"Yeah, actually I did have fun." Haley responded in a similar tone of voice. "Have fun at yours?" She placed her overnight bag next to the bed and pulled out her phone to plug it into the wall charger that she had forgotten to bring to the slumber party.

"Yeah." Nathan shrugged his shoulders and sat up in the bed, staring her down, searching to find answers to whatever questions were floating around in his head. "So, your phone really did die then?" He cast his blue eyes to the cellphone that was now resting on the table beside the bed charging.

"Of course it did Nathan, why would I lie about something like that?"

"I don't know Haley. I don't really feel like I can trust anything that you say anymore. I mean you kissed Brooke—"

"—She kissed me!" Haley interrupted, throwing up her hands in frustration. "And I told you about it right after it happened, so why wouldn't you be able to trust me!? I wouldn't lie to you, Nathan!"

He stood to his feet now, and started pacing in front of her. "Okay, I get it. I get that you weren't into the kiss, I get that she kissed you, but why the hell would you go and sleep over at her house after something like that unless you liked her!? I mean how pissed would you be if some girl kissed me and then I went and slept over at her house?"

"Nathan that is a little different, if it were a man—"

"—that isn't the point Haley! The point is that I don't want you seeing Brooke unless I am there!"

Haley stared at him for a moment with wide brown eyes and her mouth hanging open, her body shaking with anger, she did not know what to say to him. He was telling her that she was not allowed to see Brooke now. That he had to be there to watch them when they spent time together. Finally, she turned and grabbed some clothes out of their dresser and headed toward the bathroom. "I am going to take a shower Nathan. Please, try to have these people out of our apartment by the time I get out."


"—Just get them out of here, we'll talk about this later."


Nathan watched the bathroom door from the bed, he could hear the water from the shower and he wanted to join her. They often showered together, but he knew that today he would not be welcome. Not after how he had acted. He knew that he was probably being irrational, Brooke Davis had kissed so many girls while she was drunk, it didn't have to mean anything to her. He just couldn't shake the feeling that it meant something to Haley.

It made him feel sick thinking about his wife enjoying kissing someone else, enjoying being touched by someone else.

He did not tell any of his friends from school to leave. Most of them had drunk so much that they would not be easy to wake up, and honestly he did not care to kick them out. His mind was set on one thing. He needed to talk to Haley and get everything out in the open so that they could move past this.

Suddenly a buzzing sound brought him out of his stupor and he looked over to see that it was Haley's cellphone. It was buzzing over and over again.

'Texts from me…' He sighed. Last night he had been overprotective and possessive. They were not qualities that he was proud of but they were qualities that he possessed. Reaching over he opened the phone and started to sift through the messages. Noticing that most of them were from him, he deleted a good majority of them, not wanting Haley to have to see just how angry he had been. But, his finger froze above the delete button when another name was highlighted. It was a text message from Peyton. A picture message.

"What the…?" He wondered aloud as he pressed down on the open button and waited impatiently for the picture to load. What picture could Peyton have sent Haley?

Suddenly the picture opened on the screen and his blue eyes filled with a mix of emotions. First was confusion, then pain, and lastly anger. It was a picture of Brooke or at least a part of Brooke. It was a picture of her bare ass on his wife's cellphone. His body started to shake in anger and as Haley turned off the water and walked out into the bedroom in only a towel he knew that his anger was going to get the best of him.

"What are you doing going through my phone?" Haley asked.

"Why? Got something to hide?" He asked with a clenched jaw as he walked toward her, staring down at her with cold blue eyes.

"No, of course not."

Nathan laughed at this; Haley was lying to him again. She claimed that she wanted to be trusted by him and then he found half-naked pictures of the woman that he did not trust her with in her phone. "To answer your question, I was deleting the mean texts that I sent you from last night."

Haley's scowl turned up into a genuine smile at this, but she was perplexed. If he was doing something to be sweet to her then why did he look so angry? "That is sweet Nathan—"

"I thought so. You sure you aren't hiding anything?" He asked once more, giving her the benefit of the doubt.

"Yeah, I'm not hiding anything."

Nathan laughed again and lifted the phone twisting it around and showing the screen to Haley. "Really? That's funny, 'cause this sure as hell looks like something that you are hiding from me." Her large brown eyes landed on the screen and she blushed at the sight, it was a picture of Brooke's ass from when she pulled down her pants at the party. 'Wait? Why would I have a picture of that in my phone… Peyton!'

"Oh god, Nathan. It isn't what it looks like! I didn't even know that picture was in my phone!"

"Sure you didn't! It just appeared there, right?"

"It was part of a dare; I swear that I hadn't even seen it. Peyton took a picture of Brooke and she was supposed to send it to someone, I guess that she sent it to me. It really wasn't anything." She tried to wave it off like it was no big deal, but he still looked furious.

"So, she pulled down her pants at the party? Right in front of you?"

"Well, yeah, but it was a dare." She squeaked out nervously.

"Okay, say it was a dare. Why the fuck would Peyton think to send this picture to you of all people, why not Lucas, or some guy that was interested in Brooke, why you, if there is nothing going on?"

"Nathan, I don't know. She was drunk—"

Before Haley could start to delve into the mind of Peyton Sawyer and why she would possibly think that it was a good idea to send her that photo, Nathan interrupted her. "—I don't care. I don't want you to talk to Brooke ever again. I don't want you to hang out with her, call her, text her—"

"—you can't tell me who I can and cannot—"

"—it's her or me Haley."

These words silenced Haley. She stared up into his serious blue eyes and she knew that he meant his words. Nathan was making her choose between Brooke and him. She felt like if she chose Brooke he would literally walk out on her then and there and never look back at her. She could not handle losing him; she loved him more than anything in the world. "Nathan… Don't make me do that."

"No, I am gonna make you do it. I can't be in a relationship with you if I gotta worry about you and Brooke. So, it's your choice."

She closed her eyes and breathed out in a soft whisper. "Then if I have to choose, I choose you Nathan."


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