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Marvel pulled up at the theme park entrance. "How did you guys talk me into bringing you here?"

"You killed me," Rue states simply.

Marvel scowls, while Cato laughs and jumps out of the car. "Lighten up Marv! We need this, after that episode with Chocolate Rain, or whatever it was!"

Rue climbs out of the car after Cato. "Chocolate Thunder?"

"Ohhhhhh!" Cato and Marvel both say.

"How'd you know about her?" Clove asks, getting out of the car.

Rue shrugs. "A couple of the nurses were talking about her. They had weird names..." She trails off, frowning.

Foxface jumps out of the car behind Clove. "Who cares, let's go!"

"Right!" Marvel says. "First we have to get tickets. Thresh? You've got the money, right?"

Thresh searches through his jacket. "I think so." His wallet falls out of his pocket, and he bends down to pick it up. But before he can grab it, a five year old in a stroller snatches it up from under his nose. "Hey!"

Cato chases after the stroller, which is being pushed by a very pregnant looking woman. "Hey! Give that back twerp!"

The woman spins around, eyes flaming. "WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?!"

Cato, not understanding that she's big because she's pregnant, responds by saying "What's your problem? And cut back on the junk, you're massive!"

The woman let put a scream of fury and dumped her son's Goldfish on Cato's head. This was all the distraction Thresh needs to take the wallet back from the boy. "Stealing's not good kid."

"I'm offended by that Rockboy." Foxface says.

Thresh makes a face at her, and lines up for the tickets.