Trick And Treat

E/O Drabble challenge, word: store.

Summary: Hiding behind different identities is fun – as long as nobody can see your real face. Tag to 5.08, Changing Channels

A/N: What a great extra challenge – it was hard to make a choice. But seriously: who can resist the trickster? Not me :-)

He stood motionless while the last flames around his feet hissed and died.

Soaked wet and scolded like a naughty child.

For once he had no witty remark in store. All the fun he'd had seemed suddenly hollow, as inane as his flaming words of destiny and duty.

What if the human was right?

What if fate was a huge pile of crap?

What if his father, trapped by a screenplay set in stone, had created billions of coauthors?

Writing their own friggin', dreadful, hilarious, fantastic stories?

He chuckled mirthlessly.

Maybe it WAS time to stand up to his family.