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SUNDAY MAY 10 1998

Harry sat under the stars contemplating his life and purpose.

It had been three weeks since the fall of the Dark Lord, Voldemort. Tragedies had struck everyone in Wizarding Britain. Brother, sister, cousin, parent, child, friend had turned on each other. Some to survive, some on different sides, and some just caught in the middle. None suffered no loses. There was not one person or being who had remained untouched.

But out of everyone, none suffered quite like Harry Potter. He was the savior of the Wizarding World. Lord to the houses Potter, Black, Gryffindor, Prince, surprisingly Snape made him his heir, and Slytherin, due to ancient laws Harry inherited the Slytherin vaults once he took down Voldemort. Spoils of war. He was the richest man alive. Yet he felt nothing but pain.

Everyone from the Weasley family had died in the war save for Mrs. Weasley and Ginny who were tortured to insanity. Hermione was found soulless after a surprise attack by Death Eaters and dementors. Ron committed suicide soon after. Luna was stepped on. Remus went feral and Harry had to kill him to save his own life and the life of a child. Sirius and his lover Severus died back to back in the final battle. Most of the teachers at Hogwarts were suffering permanent injuries or were dead. The only one of his friends still alive was, surprisingly, Neville. And even he was injured; he lost his left arm.

Harry was truly alone. No one understood his restlessness. He was a warrior, a protector with no one to fight against. His purpose was gone. Maybe if more than one of his friends had survived he wouldn't be doing this. But he felt he had no other choice. There was nothing left for him.

That was what led to Harry looking up at the stars in this empty field. He stared at the Dog Star, Sirius, and made up his mind. He had nothing keeping him here and nothing to live for. He was ready to move on to his next great adventure, to be with his friends and family. Harry's soul was weary and lifeless. It was time to move on.

Harry silently picked up the silver knife he had prepared earlier. Slowly he pulled the blade over his wrists and neck. As the blood flowed from his veins and his eyesight grew fuzzy, Harry felt peace. He was moving on. Soon to see his loved ones.

The last sight he saw of the world was the Dog Star up in the sky. Then all went black.


A circle mass of crumpled and mangled bits of flesh and bone appeared in an overcrowded train station. It faintly glowed and pulsed gold and silver. Shoots of flesh would grow from the mass only to be compressed into it again. As the pulsating flashes of gold and silver became more frequent, so did the mass take shape. When the shifting and molding was done, a pale teenager with wild raven locks floated in the air. He slowly dissented from the air to lie on the ground.

Harry slowly became aware of his surrounding as he awoke. Picking himself up off the ground he noticed a couple of things. The first thing he noticed was he was naked. The second thing was that he was once again at King's Cross Station. Unlike last time there were people boarding the trains. Some of their own free will and some forced; all nude. Well this is different. Holy shit, that man has a HOT body. Too bad his head is gone.

Harry slowly started to walk around and take in the sights. He didn't know why, but there was a weird sense that came off of some of the people. A sense of wrongness. They didn't belong here. Why he was so sure of that fact, Harry had no idea. All he knew was that, some of them SHOULD NOT be in this realm. Weird.

"Harry Potter." A voice called out to him. Turning around Harry saw a pale white haired woman. She wore long flowing red robes and black gloves. Her hair was done in a French braid that fell to her waist and she had a delicate figure with soft curves. If he was not gay he would be salivating. "Follow me," her voice was commanding and soft at the same time.

"Yes ma'am." Harry answered. He followed silently as she led him, through the crowd, to the exit of the station. Upon exit they found themselves in a warm study filled with earthy tones. The both went to sit down.

"Now don't interrupt me. I am Death. You can call me Morana," When Harry opened his mouth, she held up her hand. "One thing you must know is that I am not a God, I am an entity, a power. You have mastered me. You don't fear me and you have not surrendered yourself to me for selfish reasons like others of suicide. You have mastered all three hallows. And finally you have died three times. Once when you were one, again three weeks ago, and now. You are now the Master of Death; a god. You have two choices. You can accept your duties as a master, or you will spend eternity alone; living without life, undead and feeling all the pain of the dead." Her speech was said softly and clearly.

Harry panicked for a bit. Undead? No this can't be happening. I just want to move on. Harry quickly started to feel depressed. He could never die. Never move on to his family. He would be trapped in a world of sadness and pain. Forever. With no other choice, Harry found himself having to ponder what being a Master of Death would entitle. "What does it mean to be a Master of Death?" he whispered, his voice little more than a silent wind.

Morana smiled. The smile was cruel, understanding, kind, arrogant, comforting, and frightening all at once. "Well as a master of a power you become immortal. You have a number of duties. Your main job would be to take out those who are trying to escape death, like the former Dark Lord, and prevent as many unnatural deaths or deaths before a person's time; that includes some man caused deaths like murder and so forth. It is hard because you must listen to your instincts on whether or not it's the person's time to die. You also bring peace to those worthy." She paused and allowed Harry to absorb everything so far.

"You can become invisible, summon ghosts, you will feel the emotions and nature of those around you, if you die your body will heal or regenerate and your soul will return, your element is winter or ice and metal, and you can change into any nocturnal and moon based animal you like. You'll be able to communicate with snakes and ravens; my symbols. Also you can communicate with passed on spirits. Before you gain life again you can choose how you look when you go God. Going God allows you to have a life outside of the duties of Master of Death.

"You like everything else have weaknesses. You'll be completely vulnerable without your medium or weapon. It basically allows you to change forms and use your magic. Without it you could be struck in your god form or human form and not able to do magic. When not in your God form the only magic you would be able to use is shields and apparition. And even that would easily tire you out."

"Now make your choice."

Harry thought about what she said. While being a master would prevent him from moving on, he could have his God persona separate from his life. Also he could still fight to make a difference and help people; having a reason to help people. With the fact that accepting is duties as master he could summon his parents to talk to, it was like a dream come true.

"Yes." Harry whispered, firm in his decision.

"Yes what?"

"I will become the Master of Death."


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