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Love me

"Good morning, Sir. It is seven thirty-six A.M., Wednesday, June twenty-seventh. The temperature outside is twenty-five point four degrees Celsius with a forty-two percent chance of rain. Also, Doctor Banner is down in the main kitchen preparing breakfast."

Tony grinned, "Thanks, JARVIS."

He slid out of bed; grabbing a random shirt from his closet and pulling it on before heading down to see what Bruce was making.

"Good morning, Sleeping Beauty." Bruce smiled when he entered the room, "Bacon?"

"You need to ask?"

Bruce chuckled and quickly made up a plate of eggs, bacon, and sausage, setting it down at the eating ledge in front of the sink. Tony sat down and grinned, "You're a saint, Bruce."

Bruce smiled and made up a second plate for himself. He quickly cleaned up everything, placing the pans in the dishwasher and walking over to sit next to Tony.

"How'd you sleep?" Tony asked.

"Like a baby. I can't believe you gave me that room. I can't believe I took it! You convince me into things I never thought I'd do."

Tony grinned, "I love you."


"I love you." Tony told him again, "Completely, utterly, and insanely. I mean, I am honestly prepared to marry you and adopt kids and stuff. Hell, we can make Thor the uncle just for laughs."

Bruce couldn't believe this, "You… you're serious. Oh, wow… I…"

"It's cool if you don't feel the same yet. But now that I've finally gotten it out there, I'm going to keep telling you."

Bruce smiled and leaned over, pushing his lips to Tony's, "Well, it's good to know."


"Yes, Brucey?"

"What happened to AC/DC and Black Sabbath?"

The billionaire shrugged, "Pepper says that I need to listen to slower music sometimes to clear my head. I don't get the appeal, it's really slowing me down."

"Maybe because this is Paul McCartney's love song album?"

"It's called Kisses on the Bottom." Tony snickered, "Pepper bought it for me for Valentine's Day."

Bruce chuckled and shook his head, "Why this album? You could've picked anything else and you pick Paul McCartney?"

"Paul McCartney is a genius. I don't believe any of that 'Paul is Dead' crap, either. It's a good album, I must admit." Tony set down whatever he was working on and walked over to Bruce, wrapping his arms around Bruce's waist, "I love you."

"Thank you." Bruce smiled and twisted around, pushing a kiss to Tony's lips. "I love when you tell me you love me."

Tony grinned and let Bruce kiss him once again, this time a bit more passionately. Bruce smiled into the embrace, uncaring if it messed up what they were doing. Tony never minded. He loved making Bruce smile. The man had attempted suicide on multiple occasions and almost died once before, to see him smiling was like a blessing from a God he didn't believe in.

"You know, we have work to do."

"It can wait."

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