Break me, Hate me, Touch me, Hold me, Kiss me Love me... But Please, Don't Leave Me

Bruce gripped his hair, trying to cause a new pain to distract him from what he was already feeling.

Tony was mad at him. Tony was completely, and utterly pissed off. And it was Bruce's fault.

Bruce had gone for just for a few days to go study in Africa for a little while. He'd had the cell phone Tony'd made for him, he had a tracker that he'd gladly accepted and attached to his shoe so Tony could follow him, he had everything just so that Tony knew he wasn't going to leave.

It was his fault that Ross had found him. He'd gotten so caught up in the safe feeling of Tony watching him, he forgot about danger. It was his fault that Hulk had made an appearance. It was his fault his shoes were destroyed, the cell phone lost, and he was forced to stumbled along the foliage in shredded clothes with a broken spirit.

He sat in an empty hotel room in Rwanda, dressed in some of Tony's clothes, sobbing silently to himself.

Tony hated him. He was sure of it. He knew that Bruce and Hulk got along better. He knew that Hulk could've easily gotten him somewhere that Tony could've found him. It was his fault that all of this happened, how could Tony not hate him?

He heard the door open and a pair of shoes fumble to the ground. He pulled his knees up and buried his face in them. Tony wouldn't want to see him, so he might as well hide as best he cou-

"Bruce? Bruce, what's wrong?" Tony quickly made his way over to the bed, placing a hand on Bruce's shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Tony! I'm so sorry, I screwed up so bad!" Bruce sobbed, "I'm so sorry!"

Tony's hands lifted Bruce's face up away from his knees, "Bruce, I don't blame you. It's my fault for not staying with you. It's Ross's fault for being a douchebag. But none of it is your fault."

Bruce stared at him in awe, "You… you don't?"

"Of course not."

Bruce wrapped his arms around Tony and held him close, calming himself down as much as possible.

"Oh, poor Brucey. All that self-hatred is hard to get rid of, isn't it?" Tony smiled and, for the first time since the medical ward on the Helicarrier, took the initiative and kissed Bruce. The doctor clutched at Tony's shirt, returning the kiss with just as much as energy and need as Tony.

"I love you."

Tony blinked, "Really?"

"I love you. I love you so much." Bruce whimpered, peppering kisses all across Tony's face, "Tony, you are so perfect, I love you so much…"

Tony grinned, "Thank you, Bruce. I love you, too." Tony pushed another kiss to Bruce's mouth, "I'll go call Pep-"

Bruce tightened his grip, "No. Don't leave me. Please, don't leave me."

Tony smiled and closed his eyes, "Alright. I'll call Pepper later."

"Thank you."

The End!

Was it good? I mean... I didn't get many reviews...

I'm sorry that isn't wasn't done well. I'm not that good of a writer and my plots don't make sense and the characters are all screwed up... I'm just... sorry.

Thanks for at least reading it, though. Even if it is crap.