The girl runs as fast as she can, her heart hammering in her chest as she breathes in short, shallow gasps. Her legs and arms burn and a heavy stitch sits at her side – and yet she still runs.

She has to... because if she doesn't, what's behind her will catch her and end her life.

The sharp, audible snapping of heels to concrete fill her head, make a whimper burst out of her mouth. The thing... it isn't even trying.

"Run child, run whilst you can." The woman, the thing, laughs – a deep, rich noise that echoes around the girl.

And she does – she can't just stand around, waiting for this woman to kill her... because that's exactly what she intends to do. Kill her.

As soon as the girl had laid eyes on the woman, she's known exactly what she was, something dark and dangerous... evil. It had made her sick to the core.

Suddenly, with not even the hint of a warning, a black cat shoots in front of her. She lets out a scream as she struggles to keep on her feet – but she doesn't remain upright, she falls on her face instead.

It hurts, but something else hurts more, a sharp pain in her back – the woman has placed a heeled foot on her back, keeping her pinned there.

She squirms as panic and fear ricochets inside her, makes it difficult to breathe. She has to break free, get away – but she knows she won't. She knows she's dead already.

The foot removes itself and before she can wriggle away, a blow to her side and she's kicked over onto her back. She looks up into dark, bottomless eyes.

The woman, the demon, smiles at her with lips as dark as blood, a wicked flash of teeth. The girl lets out a whimper as the demon bends down.

She raises a hand and slashes quickly across the girls face, letting out a delighted laugh when she screams in pain as blood trickles down her cheek. The demon lifts her hand and licks the sweet blood from her fingers.

The girl's fear is beautiful to her.

She stands the girl up and smiles at her; it's a smile that belongs to the very soul of all evil.

"I'm sorry, so sorry – I swear it! Please don't kill me. P – Please!"

The demon laughs mercilessly. She places a hand on either side of the girls face, her eyes lighting up with a joy that words cannot describe.

"Goodbye." She breathes.

She twists the girl's neck, snapping it with one quick jerk and a satisfying crunch. She drops the girl to the ground, a small shudder raking her body with the pleasure of another kill.

She turns away and as she sashays off, the body of the girl - the empty shell - bursts into flames, burning brightly and lapping hungrily at the human flesh. The demon vanishes into a puff of black smoke, her job well done.