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Part Four


She waved that off. "You can go to bed with practically anybody, but being considered a best friend is a pretty big deal." She then ran her finger tips from the top of his arm up to his face, caressing him as she did so. "Thank you, Spaceman, for seeing me like that," she said softly.

"And thank you for seeing me in the same way," he replied.

She frowned. "I never said that; not out loud. Where did you get it from?"

"Didn't you?" He suddenly looked sheepish then. "I could have sworn…"

"The only way… You didn't! Oh please, Doctor, tell me you didn't go into my mind and dig that out," she implored him.

That nervous, frightened look was back. "I didn't go and dig that information out; not deliberately. It just sort of… fell into my head," he said meekly.

Yeah, like hell it did! "What else did you discover accidentally on purpose?"

"Not much that you haven't personally told me; apart from the liking me a lot bit. Enough to think of me as your best friend," he answered, ending on a despondent note.

Suddenly she felt mean for leading him on. He couldn't help reading her mind; it was second nature to him. She impulsively threw her arms around his neck. "My poor Spaceman! I enticed you in here and left you hanging. That is unforgivable. I am so sorry. Let me make it up to you."

"How are you going to…?" he wondered as her hand slipped downwards. "Huh huh! That feels nice. Oh yes, that is nice," he practically purred.

She wasn't normally this close to a bloke as she handled him, but for some reason she wanted to know every minutiae of his reaction as she smoothed her fingers up and down. Perhaps she ought to remove his underwear?

"What are you doing?" he fearfully asked when she moved her hands to grasp the elastic that would release him.

"Shh. Shh. It's okay, Spaceman. I'm just going to remove these…," she started to explain; but his hands shot to cover hers, stopping their progression downwards.

They exchanged a shocked look.

"Why?" he simply asked.

She sighed. "Spaceman, this is part of the deal. Sex cannot take place unless access is gained."

"But you'll see me," he said.

"And your point is…? You saw my breasts a few minutes ago," she stated. "There is no way we can do this without seeing each other."

"Oh no! You never said we had to…" He gulped self-consciously, and mimed the word 'see'.

"Then how were you expecting us to have sex? The shutting your eyes part is supposed to happen during sex, unless masks are involved. That's edging towards kinky before you ask me about it, and I think we should save that sort of thing for later." He still looked extremely concerned so she asked, "Would you be happier if we turned off all the lights, or should we climb underneath the covers to play tents? I promise not to look whatever you decide"

Relief fluttered on his face. "I erm… I think under the covers will be fine to begin with"

Still sensing this wasn't sitting quite right with him, she suggested, "Does it help to remember that you biodamped me once?"

"Funnily enough it does! Shall we…?" He held out his hand in invitation, and led her back to the bed. They jointly took hold of the top edge of the duvet cover and pulled it back far enough to allow them to climb onto the bottom sheet. "Are you going to lose the dressing gown?" he asked anxiously.

"I'm not sure I should, Doctor," she answered as coyly as she could. "You might get designs on my body; and that would never do," she breathily told him. "Not until I do this…" With a sideways dip, she opened a bedside drawer, fumbled with a box, and reappeared holding a small item. "Do you want to do the honours?" Her palm held out the item for him to consider.

He grinned broadly. "I'd love to!" he declared as he picked up the offered ring and slipped it onto her finger. "With this ring I re-biodamp you."

"Still for better and for worse," Donna added, grinning with delight back at him. "You may kiss the ex-bride."

To her surprise he raised her hand and kissed the ring upon her finger first. "May you always be my ex-bride," he murmured sincerely.

How could she resist the romantic fool after that? She tenderly caressed his sideburn and gazed into his eyes, willing him to want her; but more than that, she willed him not to say anything else that would break this perfect spell he had cast. Because of that, she was determined not to let him speak again, so she put his mouth to better use. She kissed him sweetly.

It was over too briefly for him; he wanted more. He wanted everything she was prepared to offer him, letting her lead the way. Edging closer, he went to return her kiss when he noticed she was struggling with her robe, so he helped undo the ties and slipped the lapels from her shoulders. As bare enticing flesh was once again revealed he felt his interest grow back; and he risked a tentative slide of fingertips across her skin as the dressing gown fell to the wayside and was kicked off the bed. Unexpected reactions happened but he was distracted from investigating by Donna taking hold of the duvet, and pulling it up over them as she laid down.

Oh! Yes, right. Lying down was good; especially when she rolled partly on top of him and straddled his hips with her leg. Above him in the half-light he could see her body almost begging him to touch. Hang on… that wasn't just an idle thought, he realised. Inadvertently he had raised his fingers to brush over Donna's contact points, and she was feeding him her suggestions. As his lips sought hers once more, he tweaked their settings so that he could 'hear' her thoughts continuously and she could 'hear' him in return. Now this was communicating!

Simultaneously they opened their mouths wider to taste each other more deeply, all sense of delicacy thrown completely out of the window. This was about enjoying carnal delights through lips, tongues and taste; drinking one another in as their tongues teased, slid, thrust and sucked. Points and counterpoints sparked between them, causing them to undulate together to gain any possible friction.

Letting go of her head, he smoothed his hands down the length of her body, feeling her spine as he stroked downwards; and landed on the waistband of her knickers. They had to go; aided and abetted by some jostling, until finally… Yes!

Her knickers were pulled passed her hips and were nudged further down and out of the way. Not to be outdone, Donna tugged at his briefs, sliding them slowly down until she could use a knee and then a well-placed foot to kick them out of the way as they tumbled together beneath the covers.

He felt her hands clawing at his back, his shoulders and then his buttocks; kneading his body and drawing him ever closer. She mentally nudged his hands, and he eagerly obliged. Her mewl of delight encouraged him when no encouragement was needed; this was a job he would happily do again in the future.

All his attention was focused on paying homage to her flesh when he was clean distracted by Donna taking a firm grasp, and he bucked under her hand once more.

The word 'condom' crashed across his mind, followed by several emotions. Seeking to reassure her, he pushed the image of him having an injection before entering her bedroom.

Silently he thanked the TARDIS. "Oh Donna! Yes! Rassilon, yes that is good!" he cried out loudly. Never had he expected it to feel so wonderful.

She had expected him to make some unusual noises, but barking like a fox hadn't been one of them. Fondly looking down as his blissful face lying on her shoulder, she couldn't be annoyed that he had finished way too early. She'd been expecting it after all.

He pressed a grateful kiss to her forehead, and rolled her body to the side to cuddle together partially draped over him. "Was that okay?" he anxiously asked.

"Yes, it was fine," she confirmed; rubbing a hand over his chest. "How do you feel?"

"Bloody marvellous!" he readily answered, unable to resist caressing her arm. "And a bit out of breath. How are you?"

She smiled back. "I'm pretty fine too. Was it what you expected?"

He couldn't help smiling. "In a way it was, but I'd say it was even better. Is it always as good as this?"

She lifted her head to look him square in the eye. "Not always for me it isn't." She then kissed him. "I'd say that was a roaring success for 'friends with benefits'."

He kissed her back. "Definitely," he agreed. "There is a slight problem though with that label."

"Really? What sort of problem? Doesn't sex count as a benefit?" she wondered.

"Lovemaking," he corrected her, "will always be a benefit. No, I'm referring to the label 'friends with benefits' my darling Donna."

Why was he calling her 'darling Donna'? She slightly frowned before asking, "You'll have to tell me as I'm obviously being more than a bit thick today. What's wrong with that label?"

"It's wrong because we are no longer friends," he explained.

"You what?" she gasped out in shock, and dragged herself from his arms to sit up in order to glare at him. "You're dumping me? Already? Good grief, you've learnt how to behave like a human male quickly!"

"No no no! You've got it all wrong, Donna!" he protested as he too fought to sit up. "I'm not dumping you, not by any account. Quite apart from the fact that I would be only too willing to make love with you again, there is the pressing point of our relationship status."

"You're worried what we'll put on Facebook? Since when did you care about that?" she demanded to know.

Facebook? Seriously! Facebook? He sighed in resignation and took hold of her hands. "I want you to listen carefully. Our relationship has moved on from friendship, primarily because of this."

Why was he holding up her left hand? She tried hard to work it out and then she realised that he was pressing down onto her third finger; her ring finger. "You mean the biodamp?" she tried to clarify.

The Doctor nodded. "The very same."

Her mouth opened and closed a few times as she tried out various questions. "No, you've lost me. For a moment there I thought you were going to say we are properly married!" she said, chuckling at her own joke. But he didn't laugh. "Oh come on! It wasn't that bad a joke; I've told worse."

"I know; so I have. Fortunately or unfortunately this isn't one of them. When we started getting 'sexy', for want of a better word, I opened our minds to each other and accidentally formed a link. A permanent link," he said with meaning.

She stared at him. "Nope, still not getting it if it means anything that couldn't be confused with a bonding ceremony, and…" Her eyes went wide in shock. "Oh bugger!"