Aaaand, here's the last segment of Blood! Evil duo time! And now the disclaimer...

Quoth the author; disclaim all! (And yes, for future fanfics, I will use a different disclaimer. I'm just having a lot of fun with this one! XD) Enjoy!

It first started with Pink.

John shot the cabbie to save Sherlock. Sherlock tortured the cabbie to gain information. At least, that's what it looked like. Their true motives, however, were much darker and it didn't take long for the crime-solving duo to discover their mutual fascination. They both loved Red and so they let each other in, sharing their twisted fantasies. After all, the fact that they were no longer alone made things infinitely more exciting.

They took turns restraining and cutting, the pleading screams of their victims a demonic melody that made their own blood sing in their veins and the sight of Red nearly orgasmic. And then they would run away together.

The combined feel of Crimson on their hands and the rush of solving the very crimes they committed left them feeling something new as they giggled from the thrill of it all. Lust, and maybe even something akin to Love, began to develop, and they began to share more as those new feelings grew more intense. They craved It, and now they also craved each other.

They tasted and touched as they moved against each other, feeling the same need that they felt when the bloodlust overtook them. And they LOVED it. But, still, nothing could ever compare to the ultimate high.


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