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2. Disturbance

"Lavi," Lenalee called to the flamboyant redhead as he made his way down the trail. He looked up as the girl called and quickly masked a look of relief as he looked around before stepping into the under brush away from the only path that lead to civilization.

"Hey Lenalady." He greeted her quite subdued for his exuberant personality so she could guess trouble was nearby. "There was a disturbance in town. We need to get back to the campsite and move out soon."

"Is that why you are coming back empty handed?"She noted as they carefully covered their tracks path before heading deeper into the forest area. "What happened to your contact?"

"Busy, everyone was in an uproar. There was a Yokai and some hunters." He sighed.

"Hunters, huh?" she asked with an amused twinkle in her eye.

Lavi just grinned brightly back at her, "I'll go over it all once we get everyone together."

"Not going to tell I see, well it may take a while. Marie just came back and we're still waiting on Kanda and Alma."

"Where did Yuu-chan go off to?"

"They went fishing." Lenalee could tell Lavi was trying very hard to keep a subdued response to this.

"Fishing eh, well hopefully Marie was successful." He grinned.

"Lavi." She admonished him.

"What? Yuu-chan can fish by himself, but with Alma…" He let the statement go as they approached the campsite. From the opposite direction they saw Kanda and Alma arriving with something or someone white over Kanda's shoulder.

"Yuu-chan!" Lavi called abandoning his prior caution. Lenalee was sure if Kanda hadn't been carrying someone right that moment he'd be trying to kill Lavi. "Find you somebody special?" Lavi asked making the already irate Hanyou livid.

"Baka Usagi I will kill you." Kanda growled practically throwing the limp person at Noise before going for his sword.

"Kanda, Lavi, please not now." Lenalee groaned before ignoring the two in favor of checking who the brothers brought into camp. "Who is he Alma?" she asked as the rest of the group inspected the new person.

He looked like a young boy in almost solid white clothes and hair. Well they may have been white before someone decided to drag the poor boy through the mud. The clothes reminded them of the outfits that the order had the novices wear before they were deemed ready to follow a priest.

"He washed up on the shore." Alma said helping the blind priest settle the boy onto one of the sleeping palettes. "Some hunters were chasing him." She noted that he was almost protective of the new arrival as he fussed with trying to clean him up.

"He's a yokai." Bookman announced examining one of the boys limp tails. That's when she noticed that he had two.

"Oh, a nekotama!" Lavi exuberantly supplied.

"Yeah, baka here refused to leave it." Kanda huffed as he sat down.

"Aww Yuu-chan you did find a…" Lavi was quickly interrupted.

"Finish that sentence and I will skin you alive." Kanda growled as he held him at sword point.

"It is dangerous to bring any Yokai here without knowing anything about them."Bookman said ignoring his apprentice and the hanyou. He was closely examining something in his hand before leveling Alma with a serious gaze. "Even a young one such as this can be deadly."

"But hunters were after him Bookman. They had him in a net." Alma's kicked puppy face would never work on the old man but it never stopped him from trying.

"Hunters?" Lavi asked perking up. "Did you see them?"

"They were the Earl's." Kanda supplied. "We saw them on the other side of the river looking for it." He gestured quickly at the still sleeping cat boy. Alma made an unhappy face at the statement but didn't say anything.

"Did you hear anything?" Marie asked.

"They were talking about the earl wanting Cross and his apprentice." Alma supplied.

"Could these be the same hunters you saw in town, Lavi?" Lenalee wondered.

With this almost everyone in the tent gave Lavi their attention. "I would say so. I saw a mob confronting them at the bridge, but I didn't get that close. They had something white looking in a net. So I have to guess that, was our little neko-chan here." Bookman narrowed his eyes at Lavi as if he expected that the redhead was leaving something out.

"Did see your friend?" Marie asked the same question that Lenalee had asked earlier.

"Nope," Lavi could only give them a lopsided grin. "Mob got in the way."

"I bet." Bookman hummed as he gave his apprentice another suspicious look, but changed the subject anyway. "Marie got a message from the Order while you were off playing."

The others ignored Lavi's sounds of protest to focus on the blind Priest. "A message was sent to Komui to have someone pick up an important package from an order member."

"Did sister-complex say who or where we're supposed to meet?" Kanda huffed. None of them wanted to stay in the area anymore. There were too many signs of unrest and rumors of disappearing people."

"He said that we'd be left a sign."

3. Waking up

When awareness came to Allen, he didn't know where he was. Just that something soft had been shoved under his head, which helped with the pounding headache. There was noise not too far away that sounded like a conversation. In the moments that it took him to identify the noise as voices the memories of what occurred earlier came rushing back. The hunters.

In fear of being captured he bolted upright surprising everyone around him. This of course had been a bad idea due to the massive headache and nausea that overwhelmed him. "You have a concussion." One of the voices told him. "You might not want to do that." It was human.

The voice wasn't what startled him the most, but the proximity. The human was too close. In Allen's delirious mind all he could remember was the mob and what they wanted to do to him.

Instinct had him backing up across the room before he even could see his surroundings clearly. He first backed into another human and then straight into something hard. Before Allen knew what was happening he fell over backwards and box fell onto his already sore head making spots dance before his eyes.

"Oi! Don't tear things up!" A gruff voice yelled at him. Unable to escape and dearly holding on to what ever consciousness he'd gained Allen just whimpered slightly in response.

"Yuu! You're scaring him." Another voice interrupted. Now Allen could see who was around him. There were two dark haired Hanyou, a one eyed red head, a large dark man with headphones and an old man with dark circles around his eyes. From beyond them he saw another Hanyou, a young girl with long dark green hair. His sluggish nose told him none of their scents were familiar, but that was not a comforting fact.

"We're not going to hurt you." One of the Hanyou said approaching him trying to make calming gestures. He was a Bakeneko with a short messy hair and a small scar across his nose. "We're with the Or-"

He was quickly interrupted and shoved aside from the long haired hanyou. They had a familial smell but Allen's sluggish brain was not catching up to what that meant. "We need to find out why those bastards are after it, not make friends." A sword was shoved into Allen's face.

"Stop it Yuu!" The other one shoved the sword wielder aside. "Threatening him isn't going to help."

"Kanda, Please calm down," The old man interrupted the beginnings of an argument. He only received a soft 'che' in response before the hanyou stalked to the other side of the tent. "I am Bookman." The old man said addressing Allen. "That was Kanda and this is his brother Alma." He said indicating the other bakeneko that was now trying to pick Allen up off the floor. "The red headed idiot is my apprentice Lavi, Lenalee and finally Noise Marie." He finished off pointing to each individual. "Now who are you?"

"Allen Walker." He was unsteady on his feet as Alma helped him back to the sleeping palette he had been on before. He didn't think he could bolt yet so Allen decided to wait till at least the drugs had worn off. They had hanyou in their group so they were at least safer then the human mob or the hunters.

"So tell us young one," The elderly man asked, "How did you manage to get one of these?" He held up a gold cross pendant with many rays between the beams. Someone gasped at the cross, probably Lenalee it sounded female. Alma visibly stiffened beside Allen before backing up a step. From the various reactions Allen figured the old man hadn't shown them the cross.

"Master's Rose cross," Allen tried grab the object, but was unable to do more the lurch to the side. The tranquilizer was seriously hampering his reflexes.

"Don't get up." The older man said this time pushing Allen back before handing him the pendant. "Now who is your master?"

Allen held the necklace close relieved that he still had it. His master Cross had given it to him promising extreme pain if he ever lost it. "Marion Cross." He answered automatically not even pausing to think if giving out the information was a good idea or not.

"Do you know the significance of this cross?" The old man prodded again for more information.

Allen looked at the old man suspiciously. "If I may say sir, I have to ask you that same question." Allen honestly knew very little of the cross and what it represented, but he knew that it represented a secret that he wasn't at liberty to give out to just anyone. The old man cocked an eyebrow at Allen's response and someone else in the room snickered. Allen just met them with a level gaze waiting for an answer.

Bookman muttered something about 'Cocky brats' before pulling out a gold cross of his own and waving it before Allen. At this the younger appeared to soften. "Master Cross told me about the Order before he disappeared." Allen finally admitted. "I know that we were suppose to travel there together. They would…" Allen appeared to struggle with his next word. "He was training me as an apprentice."

"No!" Kanda interrupted anything Allen was about to say. "We're not taking this thing to the Order with us!" He growled. "It's bad enough that we're dealing with a cursed yokai, but now it's involved with that pervert. Probably got left behind on purpose."

"Now you look here. I didn't bring myself to your tent, someone else did." Allen growled back. "I may be cursed, but Master Cross didn't abandon me! He left me with an important case we are suppose to take to the order." With each word Allen slowed down as realization dawned on him. Cross did abandon him.

"Heh, poor kid." Lavi said throwing an arm over Allen's shoulder startling the younger. "It's okay he just probably didn't want to go to the order, and just left the case here for you to meet us."

"Che, I still think it's a trap to take in the Moyashi." As dismissive as Kanda's tone was, he lost his aggressive edge. This didn't make Allen happy and he looked like he was about to argue.

"Lavi's right, Kanda. Cross was never like making appearances at the order. The message Komui sent didn't say it was from Cross, but it did say we'd see a sign." Marie said interrupting any more possible protest. "So where is that important case?"

"Case?" Allen momentarily looked confused, before panic broke out on his face. "Oh my good the case!" he yelled jumping up before falling again. "I have to go back to town!"

"That would not be wise with hunters wandering around." Bookman counseled, many of the others nodded in agreement.

"They're probably still looking for you, and the townsfolk will kill you on sight." Alma looked worried at the thought of going into town.

"I have to go. I hid the case in our room before I went to look for Master."

"Marie and I can go." Lavi offered.

"Master's Allies won't let you in. Not without me or the Master." Allen countered.

"Even with proof we're from the order." Lenalee asked from her quiet corner.

"They don't support the order." Allen replied giving the girl a level gaze. "Their business is not exactly what you call among a religious order's acceptable practice."

"So it's a brothel." Bookman guessed.

"Let's go to the Brothel!" Lavi cheered while Kanda swore.