E/O Challenge: Store

Plus Madd Aless' added (fantastic) challenge – to write a tag for a Jeremy Carver episode. Went with my favourite of his - A Very Supernatural Christmas. Can't believe I'm writing a Christmas story in July!


You'll see - I Promise

Their Dad had promised he'd be back, that they'd have a normal Christmas, be just like a normal family. He should've known better, should've realised Dad wouldn't keep his promise.

He stared at the "chick" presents Dean had given him (had stolen for him) and knew what he wanted to do -was sure of it in fact.

He reached over for Dad's gift, stored away in his jacket-pocket.

"Here ... take this," he said, insisting Dean should have the carefully wrapped package. His brother, after all, deserved it more; had tried to make it all better when he woke up.


He'd promised his brother that their Dad would be back; that they'd celebrate Christmas as a family. But even as he'd uttered the words - "he knows ... he'll be here" - he knew it was a promise he wouldn't be able to keep; knew Dad wasn't going to be back in time (if at all).

"It'll all be better when you wake up." he'd said that too and meant it. Sammy would have that normal Christmas no matter what.

But it was late and all the stores would be closed. No matter – he'd remembered the house on the corner.


You can't build a relationship on promises, you build it with love, determination, and trust!