The sun was shining down on the beautiful city of Central City one afternoon. It was a completely average day, or as average as any day can get with super heroes and villains living along side normal people who are going about their everyday business. The Scarlet Speedsters had taken care of some thug and had them all wrapped up for the police to escort them to prison. One girl was particularly happy and had an energetic spring in her step. Kat had gotten the pleasure of meeting Kid Flash when he rescued her from some falling debris that was about to crush her.

Kid Flash was gentlemanly enough to buy her a new necklace from the Flash store. The one she had been wearing had came a loose and was crushed underneath the debris when he rescued her. He had insisted on buying her a new one, but Kat had tried to politely refuse the kind hero's offer. Apparently though, Kid Flash does not take no for an answer. In the end, she accepted and in the blink of an eye Kid Flash ran off into the store and came back holding a necklace identical to her previous one. The necklace had the Flash lightning bolt surrounded by a small gold hoop on a gold chain. Kid Flash's token rested just below her collar bone and caught the light in the most pleasant manner. It meant the world to her that the Kid Flash was thoughtful enough to give her something. He probably saved hundreds of girls before, but Kat doubted that he gave all of them a necklace. That thought made Kat beam and sigh dreamily.

The police had offered her a ride to her house but she had politely declined. She was entirely too excited to sit in a car for the several minutes it would take to get to her house. That is how she ended up walking (skipping would be a more appropriate term) home. She didn't know it at the time but that dazed choice to walk instead of getting a ride was going to change her life forever.

She shivered as a strong gust of wind blew through Central. The sun's warm brilliance was covered by a cluster of dark clouds as the sky rumbled. A storm was brewing and she was beginning to wonder if she would make it home before it poured down rain. She buried herself deeper into her jacket and continued her walk home. Everything in sight was covered in the shadow of the rain clouds.

Kat smiled as she looked at the streets. People were scattering about talking, and she saw two kids throw a ball back and forth until their mother came and beckoned them inside. She loved Central City, she loved how it was always so filled with life. People would brave the streets even if there was a foot of snow covering the ground; absolutely nothing could stop these people determined to continue their everyday lives. She knew it wasn't the prettiest city; it didn't even have the Gotham quality that made it strangely irresistible. The thing that set Central apart was the fact that it was so friendly. Sure there were its places where you had to be careful, but most people were willing to help. She heard some cheering and turned towards the noise. She smiled as she saw The Flash and Kid Flash surrounded by a group of kids. All the kids were hanging off The Flash with their attention solely on them. She could hear them animate how they defeated the thugs today. Even though it was one of their less exciting tales, the kids ate up every word like candy.

As she got closer, she made out Kid Flash's face as he talked. With each part he made wild gestures with his hands. "Then suddenly... BOOM! A wall began to collapse on itself with a girl right underneath it." The child gasped staring at Kid Flash wide-eyed waiting for the next part. "She saw the wall coming but she wasn't fast enough and..." He noticed her watching and smirked. "And... She's right here!" The children gasped and turned to look at me.

In seconds the mob of children swarmed around her and started to question her. "Did you escape?" "How did you get away?" "Were you crushed?" "You died didn't you? You were crushed to pieces and died. I knew it!" One of the bolder children went up to Kid Flash and yanked on his pants leg.

"And then what happened?" He asked looking up at Kid Flash with curious blue eyes.

"I think that she should tell what happened next," Kid Flash stated smirking at her.

"No thanks, I think you'll tell it better," Kat said trying to find a path out of the group of kids. They didn't help by clinging onto her pant legs and begging her to tell the story.

He caught her wrist and smiled at the kids "Do you think she could tell a good story?"

"Yes!" The kids chorused.

Kat sighed, she knew she had a weakness for little kids. She never could deny them anything. Oh well, how bad could it be she thought. "If you say so, well I was walking home from dance when I heard some shouting. I looked to the place where it seemed to be coming from and I saw Flash and Kid Flash fighting one of the biggest men I have ever seen. He was even bigger than Superman! I was busy watching the fight and I didn't notice the wall was beginning to fall until I heard it creak. I started running but I was too slow! I was going to be crushed! Just as the wall was going to crash on me, I was saved by Central City's own Kid Flash."

Thankfully, the children were satisfied with Kat's story, and slowly dispersed as their mother's came by one by one to take them away. Soon there was none left and it was just The Flash, Kid Flash, and Kat. Kid Flash and The Flash were talking while Kat was just standing off to the side awkwardly.

"You ready to go, Kid?" The Flash asked Kid Flash.

Kid Flash shook his head "I'll catch up," He turned to her and asked "Do you want a ride home?"

"I'll walk, besides I don't you have a car," She stated.

"I'm Kid Flash, I don't need one," He said cockily.

"Woah, woah, woah, buddy. Back it up. You're offering to carry me home? You don't even know my name," She said crossing her arms and raising her eyebrow.

"Well, what's your name, beautiful?" He asked smirking arrogantly.

"I can tell you it ain't beautiful," She said smacking his arm. It took her all of a second to realize she had hit a superhero who had saved her life only a half hour previously. "I'm so sorry…" She began but he cut her off.

"For what?" He asked. He seemed honestly confused.

"I just hit you…" She trailed off realizing that she sounded like a complete dolt.

"You call that a hit? I get hit harder than that on a daily basis," He copied her pose and she blushed. Smooth, first you hit him them you blush like an idiot. Way to go Einstein, he must think you're a complete dork right now.

After a moment, he said "Please tell me you can hit harder than that." He teased studying her.

"I've never tried to hit anyone harder," She shrugged.

"Hit me,"

"What?" Kat stared at him. I must have heard him wrong. There is no way he asked me to hit him.

"Hit my hand,"

"Why?" Her tone clearly stressed that she thought he might have lost his mind.

"While I enjoy rescuing beautiful maidens such as yourself, I don't have enough time to do it very often."

"Kid Flash doesn't have enough time?" She stated smirking.

He rolled his eyes and held up his hand "Hit my hand as hard as you can. Prove to me you don't hit like a girl and I'll stop bothering you."

"Two things," She clenched her hand into a fist at her side "One, don't call me beautiful, my name is Kat," She punched the outstretched hand "Two, I am a girl, Speedy."

"I think I know that you're a girl. Wait... Did you just call me Speedy?" He asked incredulously. A second later he chuckled and held out the hand she had punched. "Now that we know you can actually put up a fight, and at least attempt to defend yourself, how about lunch?"

"You realize its 2:30 right?"

"So, do want to come?" He asked pulling his goggles off his head.

Kat thought for a moment then shrugged. She didn't have anywhere to be at the moment. "Sure," she replied. Before she knew what was happening she had Kid Flash's goggles on her head and was being carried bridal style at a speed too fast for her to ever guess. She pulled the goggles down over her eyes and watched the scenery zip by. Most people she knew would have been made sick by the flashing colors that were the scenery, but it didn't bother her. She always been able to stomach her need for speed.

"What ya' think?" Kid flash asked her.

"It's fantastic! How can you see without the goggles?" Kat asked suddenly worried that they were going to run into a building.

"My powers help partially and I'm not going too fast,"

"Then what's considered too fast to you, oh superior one?" She asked looking up at his face.

She spotted his smirk as he replied "Nothing," Kat didn't dignify that with a response.

It only took them a few minutes to get to the restaurant. It was a small place with agreeable prices and Kat had gone out with friends here many times. She raised an eyebrow at his choice, and he shrugged throwing an arm over her shoulder "Let me introduce you to the finest restaurant in Central. The only place where you can get 10 foot sandwich for less that 10 dollars,"

Kat mock bowed to Kid Flash and said "Lead the way."

The rest of the night was surprisingly pleasant for Kat. They weren't swamped with Flash fans because Kid Flash came here often enough that people didn't really mind his presence. He was just another regular. Kid Flash paid for both of their lunches and they talked long into the night.

"So you're a dancer..." Kid Flash drawled to keep the conversation going.

She nodded "Yeah, I bet you could be too."

Kid Flash choked on his water for a millisecond before gaining control of himself. "What?"

Kat leaned on her elbows and nodded "I've seen the way you move. You have a dancer's grace. With some training you could the best."

He cast a nervous glance around before laughing shakily and saying "Nah... It's not really up my alley." His eyes fell to his drink and darted around nervously.

"Oh my gosh! You thought about it before! You wanna become a dancer!"

A hand clapped over her mouth and he whispered "Not so loud." He settled back in to his seat and said "Yeah... I considered dancing, but it was only for like a second."

"That's alot of time for a speedster," Kat pointed out and Kid Flash stood up.

"Are you ready to go Red?" He asked, he had given her the nickname during lunch when the waiter commented on her red hair.

"Okay," Kat stood and let the subject of dancing drop for the moment. "So… what do you do when you're not Kid Flash?"

He was saved from answering by a sudden explosion. He flung himself in front of Kat and pulled them both to the ground covering her body with his. Once the wave had passed, he stood up and pulled her with him. They looked to the direction the explosion had come from and simultaneously said "Oh no."