They looked in the direction the explosion came from and simultaneously said "Oh no,"

A second after the explosion, a face was projected onto the mist in the sky and Kat was immediately reminded of Star Wars. The man on the screen looked like some sort of crossbred between of Darth Maul and a mutated ant. He had Darth Maul's face but the antennas and pinchers of an ant. His face was the only thing shown.

He said something to someone off screen and bright white light flashed across Central City. Kid Flash and Kat covered their eyes by instinct but were still blinded for a moment. When the dark spots finally faded away from their vision the man began to speak.

"Elders of Earth, you are to give all residents under 18 to us. Kill Kid Flash," Was all that was said before the face disappeared.

Kid Flash snorted. "Like anyone will ever listen to- What the heck are you doing?" A crowd of adults were limping towards Kid Flash like sleepwalkers(or zombies depending on how many zombie apocalypse movies you watch), their eyes staring blankly ahead. His eyes nervously scanned over the adults slowly walking towards them. Something was wrong. Terribly wrong.

He was just coming to a break through when one of the adults took a swing at him with a metal bat, that seemingly came out of nowhere. Luckily, he was able to dodge under it, grab Kat, and was running before the man had even finished his swing. Kat righted herself in Kid Flash's arms and grumbled "Is this going to become a regular thing?" Kid Flash smirked and turned another corner. He had a rapidly growing suspicion of what was happening but he had to be sure, and he knew the perfect way to check.

He set Kat down on a corner and said "Stay."

She pulled her hands under her chin in the dog position. "Woof," she said sarcastically. Kat didn't have time to notice the fear in his eyes as he smiled and ran into the house. He was at the door of the house he was looking for in less than a millisecond. Already thinking ahead, he told Kat to wait near the front of the house so he could run out and grab her at the first sign of trouble.

He took a deep breath and opened the door calling out "Mom! Dad!" The house remained silent unless you count the echo of his voice bouncing off the walls as he continued to look for his parents in the eerily quiet house. He was beginning to panic. Kid Flash was relieved to see his mom sitting on the couch staring at the TV.

"Mom, thank god! I was so worried! There's some alien guy after me and I thought…Mom?" He paused mid sentence and realized that she hadn't moved from her spot since he came in and she was still staring blankly at the TV, slouching in the sofa with the remote lying in her limp hand.

It was then he noticed the pale yellow sheen covering her eyes and knew that whatever had affected the other adults had affected her as well. Someone enveloped him in a bear hug from behind and he instantly started to struggle. He elbowed his attacker and heard the air rush out of their lungs as they gasped with pain, but their grip didn't loosen at all.

One of their hands grabbed his face and he immediately felt as he had run across the USA (again), fought Count Vertigo and Batman 2 on 1 in the middle of the Sahara without the tiniest drop of water. The man pulled off his mask and placed his other hand on his face. The feeling intensified 1000 times and he fell unable to support himself. Slowly he could feel himself growing weaker and weaker until he was certain a tiny kitten could protect itself better than he could. The hands on his face followed him to the floor and flipped him of his back to get a better grip.

It was then he saw his attackers face. "Dad?" he whispered confused. Even though, he was pretty sure the alien dude was controlling his father he couldn't help his stomach knotting at the thought of his own father trying to hurt him. His father's facial expression didn't change as his son grew weaker and weaker with each passing second. He was just about to fall unconscious when he realized that whatever his dad was doing to him he was going to die if it didn't stop in the next few seconds.

He gathered his remaining energy and screamed, pushing himself away from his dad's hands. Once his dad's hands were off of him a little strength returned to him and he pushed himself even farther away. But he wasn't far enough. In two steps his dad was next to him again and his hands were on his face, just before he lost consciousness he saw a flash of red and smiled. Uncle Barry was his last thought before he drifted off into the realm of unconsciousness.

Almost the second Kid Flash left, it started to rain. Of course, Kat thought wishing she had a jacket. Lighting flashed and, its close buddy, thunder immediately followed. That's a little too close for me, she thought for a moment then went inside the building behind her. Surprisingly, the door wasn't locked and she was able to walk right inside. She saw the inside and realized it must be a police station.

She heard something crash and shouted out "Hello?" When no reply came she continued her search peeking into dark windows as she passed by. She heard the noise again and discovered it was coming from the door on her left. She slowly pushed it open and walked inside. It wasn't hard for her to figure out that it was a lab of some sort.

Kat flicked the light on and walked towards the nearest station. Everything was neatly put away into high shelves and all that was on the station was a journal lying face down on the white table top. Curiosity got the better of her and she opened it.

Today, Wally met a girl. He seemed to like her, and she seemed to like him. I asked him if he was ready to leave and he told me he catch up, in other words he wanted to spend time with the girl. I'll talk to him later and ask him about her. Might even get to embarrass him a bit.

Kat closed the journal realizing it was something private and probably belonged to the Flash. She walked to the window and looked out. From her perch up here, she could see the suburbs of Central City. One nearby caught her eye, the light was on and she could see two figures rough housing in what appeared to be a living room. She used the telescope by the window to get a closer look. The person paused for a moment and she saw it was Kid Flash.

That must be his house! He must be checking on his family! She realized turning to leave.

There was a crash of thunder and Kat tripped and fell into a rack of chemicals. Lighting struck her and the chemical a moment later and the room was lit up in an otherworldly purple light. She fell to the floor shaking. It seemed as if she lay there for hours withering in pain as the chemicals burned her skin and she could have sworn that she could smell burning flesh. As suddenly as it started it stopped and Kat sat up slowly expecting it to be back any moment. When nothing happened she looked at the clock to see how long she had been there. She was shocked to see it had been less than a minute.

How can it have only been a minute? It felt like hours. Kat jumped when she heard a scream. She ran down the hall, out the door, and towards the house she had seen Kid Flash in. Well, what she supposed to be Kid Flash because in reality she was really only reacting on a gut instinct. Kat was so busy hoping he was okay that she didn't notice that as not one droplet was pelted against her.

She burst into the house and ran down the hall to the living room and saw Kid Flash lying on the floor, mask off, with a man, that looked oddly like him, hovering dangerously over him. Kat didn't think she ran at the man and punched him knocking him out with one blow. A woman attacked her from her other side and she knocked her out with the same move she used on the man. A fleeting thought entered her mind, Oh my gosh, I just punched both of Kid Flash's parents. Mentally, she face palmed. I can't imagine a better way to get a guy to like you than punch his parents in the face. But as quickly as it came it left as soon as she caught sight of Kid Flash lying on the ground.

She knelt by Kid Flash's side and felt for a pulse. No words could describe her relief when she found one. "Kid Flash? Kid Flash are you okay?" No, he's not okay, stupid! He was attacked and now he's dying! Kat's mind told her. She told it to shut up and to stop being so negative about her actions I mean her mind controls her. Does it not?

"Kat, go upstairs and go to the third room to the right grab the black backpacks by the bed. Both of them," Kid Flash whispered as he attempted to get up himself and she ran up the stairs and to the room Kid Flash was talking about. She was about to leave when she spotted a science award. It was for Wally West, the guy who the scientist wrote about.

She ran back down the stairs and knelt by Kid Flash's side again. "I got them,"

"Good, in the smallest pocket there is a shot. I need you to give it to me," He said and Kat winced at how weak his voice sounded.

Kat found the shot he was looking for and handed it to his waiting hand. He plunged the needle into his leg and handed it back to her when he was finished. "I'll be better in a few minutes," he reassured her offering her a watered down smile. "I hope," he muttered to himself.

Should I tell him that I know? He might be angry but he deserves to know, After a moment of battling with herself, she took a deep breath and said, "I know your Wally West."

For a moment, it seemed he didn't hear her then he sighed, "How'd you find out?"

"I saw a science award with Wally West on it upstairs and I just assumed this is your house so…" She trailed off letting him think. "I won't tell anyone," She promised.

Grinning, he said, "You just assumed correctly." He winced then asked, "What happened to my parents?"

"I might have... Well... What would you do if I had accidentally punched them in the face and might have knocked the out."

Wally grinned. "I'd have to thank you." Sighing, he laid back down and murmured sleepily, "It might take me longer than I thought to recover fully. I'm going to go to sleep, wake me if anything happens. Then we can... We can..." His eyes slowly drooped and within seconds he was out like a snubbed candle.

For a red hair with a lot of freckles, he wasn't too bad looking. It's hard to pull the whole freckle look off, and Kat knows that. From what she saw earlier, his eyes were a grass blade green, several shades darker that her own. She looked away and turned on the TV. Kat knew she couldn't do anything 'til Kid Flash woke up and she had to do something, so TV was the best option.

Kat was about to change the channel when she smelt something burning. She followed the smell and saw that it was coming from the bottom of her shoes. On a closer expectation she discovers the whole sole was burnt black. What the heck? Shrugging it off as a harmless mishap, she continued to channel surf.

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