Chapter 5: Black

The Pikmin had found something. Olimar could hear a series of excited cries as the Pikmin carried something back to the Onion. He came around the corner to see why all the Pikmin were so excited.

Each of the five Pikmin who had been sent out on the scouting party was carrying a large black berry. It looked a bit like the berries used in the Ultra-Bitter and Ultra-Spicy Sprays, but they were a very dark shade of blue. As Olimar watched, the Pikmin brought the berries back to base camp. But instead of taking the berries up to the ship, they split up and took the berries to their own respective Onions.

And then something strange happened. The Onion spit out seeds as usual, one for each berry. But when the sprouts came up, they weren't red, blue, yellow, or green.

They were all black.

Olimar cautiously walked over to one of these Pikmin. He reached out to it and gave it a quick tug, unearthing the creature below it: a black Pikmin.

The black Pikmin was fairly standard as far as Olimar could tell. Its eyes, rather than being the normal black, were bright yellow, which gave it a rather strange effect. On top of its stem, perched atop its leaf, was a strange ball like the top of an insect's antenna, except it seemed to be giving off a gentle yellow light.

The ship's sensors instantly went crazy. "Incredible!" exclaimed the computer. "It seems that these berries hold a rare enzyme which can alter the seeds manufactured by an Onion! It would appear that there is some kind of historical and evolutionary connection between these berries and the Pikmin; it is most intriguing! We should try to find out how the Pikmin obtained the berries!"

Olimar soon found a large plant which resembled the usual berry plants. The Pikmin carried back berries, making more and more black Pikmin. They then set out to continue the day's work: exploring the new and unknown area of the Awakening Wood. At first everything was normal, and the black Pikmin just hung back...until something happened to change all that.

The Pikmin had found an overhang which blocked out all light from the sun. The Pikmin, who had a rational long-bred fear of the dark (which often signaled the end of day), refused to enter the dark place.

That is, they refused to enter until a yellow light began to light up the darkness...

I bet you were expecting black Pikmin to be scared of light, weren't you? Well, close but no cigar.

The black Pikmin are spawned when the Pikmin give an Onion of any color a Darkfruit Berry, which resembles a normal kind of berry. The black Pikmin themselves appear like normal Pikmin at first except for one thing: a glowing ball on top of their leaf. They lose this as they mature; these balls are replaced by a luminous yellow flower.

Pikmin, who have long associated darkness with night and night with certain death, turn out to be afraid of highly dark locations. This applies to all except the black Pikmin, who produce a natural light both from their antenna-leaf or flower and from their glowing yellow eyes. But wait: that's not all they do! When black Pikmin enter a dark space, the brightness they produce allows OTHER Pikmin to cross in safety! They're quite useful Pikmin!

Fun Facts:

- The song this time around: "Harry Potter Friday Parody" by JckSparrow. Dobby Chihuahua FTW.

- This black Pikmin concept was specifically designed to be the opposite of Deadly Raptor's concept. I just think that a black Pikmin shouldn't have to be afraid of sunlight.

- The glowing yellow eyes on a black Pikmin are based off the Bomb Boo from Super Mario Galaxy. Once again, I am giving credit to Chuggaaconroy for having an SMB LP for me to watch.

- By the time I finish this, I have been writing this story for approximately three hours in the course of a day. Yeah, you guys are gonna flame me for making you wait on CQ.

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