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The royals of Asgard and its citizens watched on as Odin stood before them, looking around with a proud, fatherly grin. Frigga sat on her throne, smiling with barely contained excitement as she also looked around the throne room. Thor and Loki stood behind the large curtains and doors separating them from the room, much like they had before during Thor's first (and thwarted, unfortunately) coronation. This time, there was no false pretense, no malicious jealously getting in the way - just love as they stared at the other with wide, crooked smirks.

Loki had Zuri cuddled into his arms and the girl cooed softly as he bounced the one month old baby. His body had gone back to normal by this point, but his muscle tone that his abdomen used to have was gone. The dark-haired male didn't care much though and figured he would get it back with time. Frigga had already told him before he was lucky the weight came right off, as women didn't seem to be nearly as lucky as men when it came to that.

"Thor. Are you certain that you are ready for this?" Loki asked quietly.

"The real question, brother, is this. Are you ready?" Thor countered with an amused chuckle. "Do not tell me you've got cold feet all of a sudden?"

"No...just doubts." Loki murmured vaguely.

"It will be fine, brother. We shall rule together over Asgard. That is only fair, as we will both be able to claim the throne this time around." Thor replied, giving him a friendly, wide grin.

"Yes, it will be glorious, won't it?" Loki asked, staring straight ahead at the doors now.

A warm, large hand came to grip his free one. Green eyes turned to stare into warm blue ones. He nodded in agreement, patting his younger brother's shoulders reassuringly. "Yes, it will be. I've waited so long for this moment."

"You and I both, Thor." Loki replied, his lips quirking upwards into a smirk.

The doors were opened suddenly by two guards standing nearby and the brothers swiftly strode down the long pathway that led to the throne. Their capes billowed behind them and they looked every bit the regal princes that they were at the moment. Loki held Zuri close to him, shielding her from prying eyes. They finally came before their parents and slowly they bent down on one knee. Loki placed the baby in the small, tiny bassinet they had placed in front of the steps that led to the throne, making sure she was warm before bowing his head down respectfully. Thor kept his head bowed as well, waiting for their father to speak.

"My sons, today is a glorious day. One which will be looked upon as an event to remember, always. Now, I shall do the honor of crowning..." Odin began, his tone loud and booming.

Thor nearly held his breath, their father's words fading out as he squeezed his eyes shut. There was a part of him that almost expected the title of king to ripped away from him again. And as much as he trusted his brother now, there was the fear that Loki still might have something up his sleeve somehow. And yet, moments later, he felt the weight of a helmet upon his head. It was like his usual one, but more well-decorated and adorned in ways that clearly showed it was more of a crown, not a simple helmet. He turned slightly to glance at Loki, seeing his brother also had a new helmet on.

"And so, I pronounce Thor and Loki both the new kings of Asgard! And hereby..." Odin paused, smiling proudly, "They are also to be wedded. You two can...well, you know...kiss."

"Give us a kiss, Loki." Thor murmured, and he quickly pressed his lips against the other man's to spare their father the sight which he knew was still uncomfortable for him no doubt. '

Flowers were thrown at them by maidens, wishing them congratulations as they threw the rose petals onto the ground. Everyone cheered, applauding loudly as the two brothers finally stood up once more. Frigga also stood, placing a proud hand over her chest. "My people, look upon your new kings with glad tidings! Your new rulers...Thor and Loki." She said loudly, coming to stand next to Odin.

"I cannot believe how grown up they are now..." Odin murmured as he watched people come up to the two brothers and congratulate them, some with simple words and others left gifts nearby.

"Yes, our boys have indeed become men..." Frigga replied.

"I just hope-!"

"Odin, do not worry. Thor will watch over him. Loki will be just fine." Frigga assured him.

"You are right. Let us celebrate now. The feast is soon is start and we must get there before Volstagg does." Odin said jokingly, taking her by the hand and leading her into the dining area.


The feast was incredible, as they expected. Soon afterwards, Loki set about feeding Zuri and placing her into her nursery. Thor came up behind him, wrapping his arms around his younger brother as they stared into the crib at their daughter. She gurgled loudly, yawning sleepily as her eyes eventually fluttered closed from exhaustion.

"Look what we have made...is she not beautiful?" Thor asked proudly.

Loki's face hardened slightly. "Sentimental..."

Thor backed away from him slightly, looking a bit wary suddenly. His face became more relaxed though when Loki turned to him with a genuine grin and added, "I return that sentiment wholeheartedly."

"Let us go back to our bedroom now..." Thor said suggestively, instantly catching Loki's attention.

"Are we going anywhere for our honeymoon? Or are we to stay here?" Loki asked suddenly.

The blonde god held up a pair of keys. "These can access Stark's mansion in California. He gave these to me not too long ago as a spare key. It's our, uh, vacation home if you will. He said we could use it...for...purposes such as this."

"That sounds wonderful." Loki paused. "But that means we will have to take Zuri."

"Mother and the other maids can watch her." Thor insisted.

Loki looked hesitant, looking into Zuri's crib with a conflicted look. "No, I cannot leave our daughter just yet."

Thor's face fell flat, though his eyes sparkled with mirth. "Overprotective mother, my goodness Loki. I never took you for the type."

"Says the man who hardly ever lets his daughter out of his sight, much less his grip. You are the overprotective one, Thor." The younger male replied evenly, giving him an amused look.

"One night. We'll only stay for one night, and we'll return in the morning. We can leave Zuri here in the meantime." Thor insisted.

"I suppose it would not be as romantic to bring a small baby along..." He sighed as he finally conceded, "Fine, very well. Let us go..."


Loki leaned onto Thor's strong chest in the warm, bubbling hot tub that they were situated in. The younger man sat in the blonde's lap, straddling his waist with his long, slender pale legs.

"This is nice." Loki commented suddenly, breaking the comfortable silence.

"Indeed. I quite like New York and New Mexico, but California is absolutely wonderful...it's very beautiful here." Thor enthused, looking around at the palm trees nearby.

The older of the two leant down suddenly, his mouth brushing against Loki's lips barely, a tongue darting out to lick the other god's mouth enticingly, trying to coerce him into a kiss. But those lips shimmered away, latching onto his throat hungrily, sucking feverishly against the vulnerable flesh.

A cry of negation fell past Loki's lips as the dominant male left him momentarily, but he returned swiftly, that body heat overshadowing his own. Thor's hands snuck downwards, gently rubbing at his tight entrance. A shuddering breath passed his lips as the blonde gently slid a finger in. The water didn't lessen the pain, but it did make the pain slightly more tolerable, especially considering the water was currently heated up and warm. The warm liquid soothed Loki's body as Thor added another digit, stretching him quickly, smirking at the almost inaudible moans escaping his refined lips.

Loki almost winced as his entrance stretched to almost unimaginable proportions, and it left him wondering how he so easily he handled it before. He noticed things had gotten more sensitive down there after Zuri's birth, and not necessarily in a good way either. Grunting, he shifted around uncomfortably as that large, pulsing manhood thrust into him completely, leaving him panting harshly as it slowly became more pleasurable once Thor grazed his sensitive spot slightly.

Then, possibly one of most startling things had happened in the midst of their coupling - Loki reverted back to his true form suddenly after awhile of quick, intense lovemaking. Thor became fascinated by the blue being he was thrusting into, their eyes locking intently. With one final thrust, the blonde grunted and stilled as he finally released his seed into the panting frost giant, whose red eyes were widened with bliss and shock from the intensity of his own orgasm. His entrance contracted almost painfully around Thor's length, causing the thunder god to groan slightly and wince. He kissed Loki heatedly, pulling out gently as he brought him closer to his chest.

"I'm so glad for this, Loki..." Thor breathed, still panting quite heavily.

Loki's eyes flickered upwards to meet his gaze and he could tell that the meaning of his words were deeper than what had just occurred. A soft smile lit his face up as he leaned forward to kiss Thor roughly, their tongues battling, as their bodies heated up again from the passionate intensity.

"Let us hope that we shall remain glad, brother." Loki told him seriously.

"We will. I'm sure of it."


A loud scream tore through the air, causing Thor to wince. Fandral sat next to him, patting his back reassuringly. "He will be fine."

"It's been nearly five hours. Surely, the child is soon to arrive? I thought labors after the first one went by rather quickly." Thor said loudly, his tone laced with immense worry.

Hogun frowned deeply. "Sometimes there can be complications, and furthermore, each labor is different. It's not always short. It can last a long time, no matter how many children you end up having."

"He will be okay, Thor. Sit down, your pacing is making me nervous." Volstagg said, folding his arms.

"Then leave my presence! I cannot calm down while Loki is in there suffering!" Thor yelled, slamming a fist against the wall.

Sif held the nearly three year old toddler closer to her, patting Zuri's back as she began whimpering. "Mama..." She cried softly, rubbing at her eyes as she sniffled loudly.

"Don't worry, sweetheart. You'll see your mother soon." Sif assured her, bouncing her gently in her lap.

Thor smiled slightly, nodding. "Yes, Zuri. And you'll have a new brother or sister soon enough. Is that not wondrous?"

"Mama!" Zuri yelled, her face turning red as she tried to contain her tears.

Thor took the child, instantly soothing her with his deep voice. The girl still looked unrealistically tiny in his large arms as she rested her head onto his shoulder exhaustedly. "Do not worry, daughter of mine. You will see your mother and new sibling soon enough."

The healer's assistant poked her head out excitedly, grinning widely. "We've got one boy! Hang on a moment!"

"What do you mean, wait? Can I see him yet?" Thor asked worriedly.

"There's another one coming! You'll have to keep waiting, sire." She said hurriedly, bowing to him before shutting the door. A scream of agony was heard loudly and clearly, until she shut the door and it became muffled again.

Thor had caught of glimpse of Loki - he was panting, red in the face, and sweating but somehow he still managed to look beautiful. His green eyes had locked with Thor's momentarily, before squeezing shut in pain as he leaned forward to rest his chin onto his large, rounded belly as he pushed again.

"Another? Another child?" Thor asked, sounding light-headed and dazed suddenly.

Fandral patted his back with a charming smile. "Congratulations, Thor. It's twins, my friend."

"T-Twins?" Thor stuttered, staring around the large hall as though in some sort of trance, "It cannot be."

"Perhaps it will be triplets." Sif said teasingly.

"Or more than that? Four, or even five?" Volstagg added.

They watched amusedly as Thor paled and sat down with his daughter securely tucked in his muscular arms. "Goodness, that would be incredible...although far too many children to care for at once."

"You two would manage, I'm sure." Volstagg said rather apathetically, waving his words off dismissively.

About ten minutes later, the same face peeked out again with a bright smile. "It's another boy. You've got two sons! Congratulations!"

"Is Loki alright?" Thor asked loudly, ignoring the news for now.

"He's fine. But he's very exhausted, so please try to remain calm and quiet around him. Come with me, please." She said, gesturing for him to follow her.

Loki did looked exhausted, even more so than he did after Zuri's birth, but that was obviously because there were no painkillers to aid him against the pain. He had to endure everything this time, without any drugs whatsoever. He looked joyful though as he held his twin sons to his chest. The boys were tiny and both had no hair whatsoever.

"Ah, they are bald headed, like their father. I had no hair for quite some time when I was a baby." Thor said amusedly, kneeling down next to Loki.

"Yes, they seem to take after you. All of our children do; you must have strong genetics." Loki murmured.

"Actually, the older Zuri gets, the more she looks like you." Thor observed, placing the girl next to her mother. The toddler squealed happily at the sight of Loki, clambering into his lap as best she could.

He was still a bit sore, but allowed his daughter to lay on his lap somewhat. Lowering the bundles a bit, he watched with a wide grin as Zuri peered curiously at the twin boys.

"Babies?" She asked in an adorable, soft manner.

"They're your brothers, Zuri." Loki informed her quietly.

"Brothers?" Zuri repeated, petting the top of their heads gently.

"I know you wanted a sister, darling, but...well, you'll just have to hope one of them is effeminate." He joked, and he knew she wouldn't quite understand his words, which only caused him to smile wider at her confused look. He then turned to Thor seriously, "I'm certainly not having any more children...much too painful."

"Oh, come now Loki. You've done a wonderful job siring my children so far. One more could not hurt." Thor said half jokingly.

"We'll see." Loki said seriously.

"I want a sister..." Zuri said sadly, her lip trembling slightly.

"Oh, sweetheart..." His face softened, before his sharp gaze went up to Thor who merely blinked back at him innocently. "We'll see what happens, Zuri. Until then, you have two new brothers. You'll like them, you'll see."

"Two younger brothers? Are you kidding, Loki? They'll annoy the poor girl, she'll be miser-!" He stopped when Loki glared at him meaningfully, his eyes gesturing between the blonde and Zuri.

"I mean, two little brothers? How glorious." Thor corrected himself quickly. "Zuri, you'll love them, I'm sure. And they will love you in turn as well."

"What's their names?" She asked curiously.

"Why don't I name one and you name one?" Loki suggested.

"Which is the firstborn?" Thor asked curiously.

"This one..." Loki murmured, gesturing to the one closer to Thor and Zuri.

"Torgny." Thor decided.

"Sindri." Loki said, looking towards the other boy.

"Our sons...they are beautiful. Not as cute as you though, Zuri." Thor said endearingly.

The girl giggled, blushing as she shyly covered her face. Thor picked her up and she squealed as he tossed her into the air a bit and hugged her tightly to his chest.

"Brother, come here." Loki demanded suddenly, his tone oddly soft and loving and yet husky all at once.

"Certainly. What is it?"

Green eyes flickered upwards and a smirk slowly stretched his lips upwards. "Give us a kiss."

"Ew!" Zuri proclaimed as they passionately smashed their lips together.

"Ten years from now, you might not think it so gross." Loki said seriously.

"But boys...have penises. And they're so yucky. Boys are gross!" Zuri said matter-of-factly.

Thor looked enraged. "Where did you learn such a term, daughter?"

"She was bound to find out eventually. I taught her a bit about anatomy."

"She's three!"

"Your point is?'

Loki turned to Zuri, ignoring Thor as he stared down at her endearingly. "Oh, come now, your parents are men. Furthermore, you have two younger brothers also. That's hardly nice." Loki said, though an amused grin belied his serious, reprimanding tone.

"Okay, I'm sorry...I love you, mama!" Zuri said adorably, shrugging.

"What about me? Hm?"

"I love you too!" She exclaimed, wrapping her arms around his neck and laughing when he tickled her. "Daddy, stop! Stop it!" She yelled through her laughter, her face turning red slightly as he relentlessly tickled her chest and feet.

Hours later, Loki laid in their bedroom resting from the birth while Thor watched over him and their daughter. Zuri insisted on sleeping next to her mother, at least until her bedtime, as she was worried about him much like Thor.

"Sir, I have an important message for you." The messenger stated, bowing before him. Thor gestured for them to step outside onto the balcony, so that the other two could rest peacefully without being disturbed by their conversation.

"What is it?"

"It's from Jotunheim, from Alvis himself in fact. There's been a disturbance there lately."


"Yes, sir."

"He is probably trying to escape...but this time we know more of his weaknesses, and we will be ready. Thank you for the news, you may leave me now." Thor said, placing his hands onto the golden railing with a pensive look.

'No matter what circumstances, Thanos will not win as long as there is the Avengers. As long as we're a team, he nor any other foe can win...I'm certain of that. Whatever happens...we'll be ready.'

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