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When Akiza opened her eyes, she was in a nice soft bed with a dark red blanket wrapped around her like a cocoon. Akiza looked around the room as she lifted herself up. Her head pounded as she did this. She blinked a few times till she remembers the events that happen.

"Yusei..." She said as she as she kicked the blankets off and moved off the bed groaning and holding her head. She saw a mirror on a wall across the bed, she looked into it with a confused look. Her eyes were the same besides a small purple bruise on her cheek, she was most surprised by what she was wearing. A black dress that started at her shoulders and ended at her knees around the edges was a sparkling yellow that out lined her shoulder and her knees. The dress had long sleeves, as it got closer to her hand the sleeve narrowed down until it reached her middle finger. She gave the mirror a confused face, she didn't know where she was or why she was wearing this ridiculous outfit but it wasn't where she wanted to be. As she moved she used the cold stone wall as support, scuffing her feet on the stone floor.

"So the king brought that outsider into this castle?" Akiza heard a voice say quietly and stopped, leaning against the wall so she could get closer to the voices without being seen. Akiza peaked her head around the corner to see two steel armored guards standing by a door.

"Yeah, that's what I heard, but I don't see why?"

"Maybe he wanted another maid or something?"

"No, he doesn't treat the maids that nicely, he had the maids clean this one and she slept in the Kings bed last night."

Akiza was shocked. They think punching her in the stomach and throwing her against a wall was being treated nicely? But she was scared to find out how this Yusei treats his maids. She shuddered at the thought of the outcomes ran through her mind.

"I want our King back. This one doesn't raid villages and takes his place among the pathetic monsters and human of this world. He just sits in his room and talks to himself. I swear this King is even crazier then the last one."

"I guess, but whatever the King says its a little longer and almost done, I would sure like to know."

The guards continued their talk as Akiza narrowed her eyes walked down the hallway she had came from.

'Yusei... what are you planning?' Akiza thought as she rushed back down the hall and entered the bedroom once more, when she entered she stood frozen in the door way. How she hadn't notice the black haired teen sleeping on the couch across the bed, below the mirror, she'd never know but at the moment her eyes fell on his sleeping face, she felt rage fill her to the brim. She walked over to the sleeping boy's body with a murderous look in her eyes. Her hands made their way around Yusei's neck without waking the boy. Tears formed in her eyes and she began to squeeze. The purple eyes shot open and grabbed Akiza hands with a smile. The black haired teen yawned as if the fact that Akiza was attempting to kill him didn't bother him.

"Well isn't this a great way to wake up." He said with a bright smile. "Good morning Akiza... sleep well?" He asked

"Cut the crap you Yusei wanna be and tell me where the real Yusei is!" Akiza said squeezing harder. Yusei gave Akiza a bored look as her hands squeezed harder; sadly the king looked as if her attack had not effect on the boy. Yusei yawned again and looked at Akiza with his purple eyes.

"Haven't I told you this before? Stupid women." He said plainly. Akiza glared at the boy. Yusei sighed and raised her arm, as it glowed black. Akiza's brown eyes went wide as the familiar pain rushed through her body. Akiza yelled as she lost her grip on Yusei's neck. Falling back to the floor next to the couch

"Damn it!" Akiza yelled hold her arm as the pain subsided. Yusei laughed a little before glaring at the girl with dark eyes.

"You see now Akiza." Yusei started as he raised Akiza body by her pale neck, chocking her. She held onto to Yusei hands gasping for breath as the teen cut off air to her lungs "You can't hurt me... I have power, while you do not." He laughed dropping Akiza back to the ground with a 'Thud.' she began coughing and hold her neck as air filled her lungs.

"Fuck you." Akiza cursed as Yusei left the room locking the door. Akiza ran her fingers through her hair; she had no idea how to get out of this... or save Yusei.

"Damn it!" She yelled kicking the bed post, with the newly found pain in her toe. Akiza gave up and leaned her head against the bed post looking up at the ceiling.

"Damn..." She whispered to herself.

Luna and Leo ran to the garage after the schools last bell rang. It had been six days since Akiza left and almost a mouth since Yusei left. Two days ago Bruno told the gang that Akiza's runner was gone off the radar so they had no way of tracking her. So the plan was to wait until Jack was discharged from the hospital, then go and help Akiza. Today was that day, Jack and Crow sat on their runners ready to go when the twins entered.

"There you are. A little later and we would have left you." Jack said.

"Well sorry but we got here as fast as we could." Leo said glaring at Jack.

"Leo, stop being so immature. You guys can save your fights for when Yusei is here." Luna snapped. Leo stuck his tough out at the blond. Jack glared at the boy and smacked him in the back of the head.

"Ow! That hurt!" Leo yelled

"Good, it was supposed to." Jack smiled.

"Guys!" Luna yelled. The boys turned their back to one another. Bruno coughed getting the groups attention.

"Crow's and Jack's runner have the program installed, so Luna you'll be with Crow and Leo you'll be with Jack." Leo went to say something but what stopped by the glared produced by his twin sister.

"This is an important mission Leo! Do you want to lose Yusei?" Luna said, Leo closed his month

"That goes for you too Jack. Think of how hard it was for you to lose Carly with that whole Dark Signer junk? Same emotional stand point just a different person." Crow said getting an angry nod from Jack.

"Anyway... Try to keep your runners in good shape and try not to get to far from them, okay." Bruno said. Everyone nodded and placed helmets on their heads.

"Be careful." Bruno said. Crow gave him a happy nod and started up his runner. Jack nodded and started his as well. In less then a second they were off down the street with amazing speed.

"Bring them back safe please..." Bruno said quietly as he shut the garage door and flicked the grid where Jack and Crow's yellow triangles appeared as they made it to the Spirit World.

"Here we go..." Bruno said as he got comfortable in the chair and watched the screen.

When the four could see again after unlocking Accel Synchro, they were in a yellow field of what looked like wheat, Crow was the first to take his helmet off.

"Alright we're here, where do we go?" Crow asked the rest.

"Could we track her with the crimson dragon?" Leo suggested.

"I don't think we should try that..." Luna started.

"Why?" Leo asked

"Well Jack fell down a flight of stairs because of our marks... what if that same pain comes back even worse?" Luna stated, Crow nodded his head.

"Yes, but it could also lead us to Yusei." Crow said. "I think I could be able to handle that pain to find them but, what do you think Jack?" Crow said turning to the strangely quite blond.

"Let's do it." Jack smiled. Crow smirked.

"That's what I want to here." Leo yelled with a grin.

"Ready?" Crow said, the group gave a nod. With a gulp Crow closed his eyes and put his hand over his mark, as it began to glow red. Crow sighed as the darkness of his eye lids showed a path where it led him to a huge purple stone medieval castle, he flashed inside. There, a dark red long carpet connected the large wooden twin doors to the throne at the end of the hall. There where a number of small lit candles and a chandler, but no Akiza or Yusei, then he was moved to a door where a familiar black hair boy stood locking it. He turned and walked off down the hall with his hands in his pockets. Crow flashed through the locked door finding Akiza with her head against the bed post panting as if she ran a marathon. Crow opened his eyes to be greeted with the sun and the sky.

"Hey guys he's up!" Leo yelled.

"Finally." Crow heard Jack say. The redhead rubbed his head and lifted himself up into a sitting position. How did he end up on the ground?

"How ya feeling Crow?" Luna asked with a joyful look in her eye.

"Pretty good actually, but how did I end up on the ground?" Luna smiled.

"Well when you closed your eyes you kinda just fell." Leo said.

"None of you caught me?" Crow asked.

"No... I ain't your bitch, you fall, you're gonna get up yourself." Jack said rudely. Crow pouted.

"You're such a good friend."

"Thank you, I think so too." Jack responded. "But enough with this. Did you find Yusei or Akiza?"

"Indeed, I found both." Crow started. Leo and Luna's face grew bright with smiles.

"Is he okay!" Leo asked.

"Ya, he's fine." Crow said. Though he didn't believe so but it would cheer the kids up.

"How about Akiza?"

"She's okay too, but I don't know for how much longer." Crow whispered to Jack.


"Hey Luna, Leo why don't you watch the runners, me and Jack are going to take a leak, be back." Crow smiled, walking a good distance away from the oblivious kids.

"Okay, why wouldn't Akiza be okay?" Jack growled.

"It's Yusei." Crow said shamefully.

"What about him?"

"He was locking the door Akiza was in. I have a bad feeling we may have came a little late to help him." Crow said, Jack looked down and stomped on Crow foot making cry out in pain.

"Jeez Jack, why'd ya do that!" Crow yelled.

"You need to get it through your head, that if it was one of us in his shoes, Yusei would do anything to save us. Even if the only way was for him to kill himself, he would do it. So stop with this whole 'we can't save Yusei' bull shit! We are staying here until we get both Akiza and Yusei back!" Jack yelled walking back to the kids telling the get ready. Crow looked at Jack with smile.

"Looks like he's finally understood the logic of friendship. And it only took him like twenty years." Crow laughed and ran back to the group.

They started the runners up again and took off with Crow in the lead, following the path the mark took him too. When they came to the end of the field and the start of the purple rocks Crow turned to Jack and nodded, Jack nodded back as they sped off through the rocks.

"Your Highness! Your Highness!" Yelled the wizard banging on the royal study's door.

"Come in." Yusei answered as the wizard opened the door out of breath.

"There was another break through the barrier." The wizard said. Yusei eyes opened wide.

"How many."

"Three maybe Four." The wizard said. Yusei slammed the book he was reading on the desk.

"Damn it." Yusei said "Don't let them near the castle. I don't care what you have to do." Yusei said with anger in his eyes.

"Yes, your majesty. But may I ask why you are so worried."

Yusei glared at the small wizard who gulp at the kings stare.

"W-well, you w-were so happy when that girl c-came." The wizard stuttered.

"She was supposed to come... but not her friends. Just keep them away from here. That is an order Spell Striker." He said stomping off to his room with an angry look.

He unlocked the door and swung it open with a powerful force scaring Akiza.

"What do you want?" She yelled, Yusei grabbed her arm and threw her against the wall. Akiza yelled in pain.

"How did you do it?" Yusei yelled his voice reaching a dangerously low octave.

"Do what!" Akiza yelled. Yusei threw her against again, knocking the wind out of her. Akiza head began to spin as it became hard to get air into her lungs.

"How did you get in contact with your friends?" Yusei demanded.

"I d-don't know w-what y-you're talking a-about!" Akiza yelled as loud as she could while trying to fill her desperate lungs with air.

"You're lying Akiza... I don't like lies." Yusei said angrily.

"I already told you! I don't know." She yelled. Yusei let go over her arm and slapped her across the face.

"You're useless... I should just kill you. Yusei would like that." Yusei laughed looking for something that could cause pain, he found a lit candle. He took it off the holder, Akiza eyes grew wide with fear.

Yusei pined her to the floor and dipped the candle wax on to her arm. She yelled in pain as she felt the heat of the wax burning through her thin fabric dress, on to the flesh of her forearm.

"Y-Yusei!" She yelled as she felt the flame come in contact with her arm. Tears ran down her face like rivers as he screamed. Yusei soon got bored with the candle and gripped her throat and squeezed tightly, causing Akiza to chock out in pain as she felt her air being cut off.

"P-Please s-stop!" Akiza yelled weakly. Holding onto Yusei's hands on her neck desperately trying to get him to stop and allow air back in, when her cry of help left her lips and into Yusei's ears his murderous smile was wiped off and his face went blank.

"A-Akiza..." He said softly letting his grip of her neck go. Letting her breath Akiza started coughing and panting as air filled her lungs once again. She turned her head to Yusei whose eyes were wide. Yusei yelled loudly and gripped his head flinging himself backwards.

"Akiza..." He said, as half of his eyes became the cobalt Akiza knew.

"Yusei!" Akiza cried.

Yusei punched the wall.

"Damn it!" Yusei yelled to himself, turned to Akiza.

"I'll- be back for – you." He glared stumbling out the door. Akiza watched in horror, she never felt that kind of fear. She brought her knees to her chest as she cried.

"I-I though he w-was going t-to kill m-me." She whispered to herself, looking to her horribly burnt forearm. The pale skin was now a black pink and where the wax melted through were little, dry white clay tattooed on her skin. She cried, praying for someone to save her.

Yusei took off down the hall where he was currently on his hands and knees out of breath and grabbing his head.

"How could that woman's voice snap you out?" Yusei asked himself.

"Simple... She is special to me."

"That's the stupidest thing you have ever said!" Yusei laughed. "Someone special? Well after that, she'll want nothing to do with you!"

"Maybe... just as long as long as you're long gone, I'll take the risk to keep her safe!"

"Fuck you." Yusei said before darkness took over his scenes and he fell to the ground.

Crow and the others stopped and gazed at the castle with amazement. Crow looked around to find no guards guarding the entrance or anything.

"I don't like this... its too quiet." Crow said, well it was quiet until there was a familiar scream erupted from the castles walls.

"That better not be who I think it is!" Leo yelled.

"I hope so too, let's get going." Crow said. "Bring your deck. Better safe then sorry." Crow said grabbing his deck and duel disk.

"I'll go first." Jack said and he led the group down the stone path till they came to the bridge. It was silent, not even the wind was blowing. Jack and Crow's guard was up 100% as they crossed the bridge. As they neared the twin door Jack's hand began to shake ad the twins held on his long coat with fear in their golden-gray eyes.

"Too quiet." Jack said. Just as Jack said that, a large roar blasting through the doors almost blowing the group off their feet. Then a familiar dragon stepped out. It's dark scales glistening and its red eyes glowing slightly.

"Is that Stardust?" Luna yelled.

"If it is, Yusei got it some interesting upgrades!" Crow yelled. The dragon roared again, and then an other familiar monster rolled out.

"Crow... Look" Crow took his eyes off the four winged dragon to the new monster that came out.

"Junk Warrior?"

"What's going on Crow? Aren't these Yusei's cards?" Leo asked, fear planted in his voice. Crow gulped before he answered.


"Why do they look like that?" Luna asked.

"I don't know." Crow said as he looked at the monsters surrounding them.

"You are the ones his Majesty warned me about" Yelled a tiny voice.

"What was that?" Jack jumped.

"It was me! Spell Striker the Royal Wizard!" The monster yelled. "Now Dark Star Dragon, and Ebony Warrior, send them away!" The monster yelled. Ebony warrior was the first to attack as it came rolling at a fast speed with its ebony sword steady at its side ready to swing Crow drew a card from his deck as fast as possible and played that card.

"Black Wing Dragon!" Crow yelled as the dragon hatched out and warped its wing around the group. Blocking the attack with a roar.

"Jack, take Leo and Luna and find Akiza and Yusei... Get them out of there. I'll keep this joker busy." Crow said, Jack nodded and picked the twins up and ran. It seems that Ebony Warrior saw them because he started to roll towards them.

"I play the trap card Trap Hole!" Crow said, as he played the card a hole appeared at the warriors feet making the monster fall and explode into yellow shards.

"Oh, Well I still have Dark Star." The monster yelled.

'That's true and that thing could wipe out Black Wing with one attack. Gotta think.' Crow thought.

Jack ran through the halls of the castle hiding behind walls looking before running some more.

"Do you even know where you're going?" Leo said.

"Shut up, I know exactly where I'm going!" Jack yelled running into the first room he saw. The sight he saw made him drop the twins, as his eyes opened wide. Akiza looked up at them with tears down her face and her knees to her chest.

"Hey why'd ya do that?" Leo yelled from the floor.

"L-Leo? Luna?J-Jack?" Akiza asked her voice airy and breathless.

"Akiza..." Jack said walking to her.

"What happened? Are you okay?" Jack asked as he pulled Akiza arm out to see the burn wound that she had received only an hour ago. It still had its dark pink look. He also to notice to the dark bruising around neck.

"Oh my god Akiza, what happen?" Jack yelled. Akiza didn't have the energy nor the will to answer.

"Akiza! Answer me!" Jack yelled

"Yusei..." She said weakly "Yusei did it." When those words left her moth Jack and the twins froze.


"You heard me. Yusei Fudo, the Satellites Shooting Star, our best friend, our leader. Tried to kill me." Akiza weakly. "He's nothing but a fucked up sociopath!"

"But... I thought you came here to find Yusei?" Leo asked.

"Well that was before he tried to kill me" She said
"What!" Jack yelled. "Are you crazy? Yusei would never kill anyone!"

"I thought so too, but he's changed! He's nothing but a monster." Akiza said as her eyes began to close as tears feel from her already red and puffy eyes.

"Well that's not very nice to say that about someone behind their back." A dark voice said, making the group turn to the door. There stood Yusei, with an evil smile across his face.

"Sorry for that interruption." He said showing his purple eyes to his new audience. "More toys to play with. What a good day for me." He smiled. Jack felt a shiver run up his spine. There is no way that is Yusei.

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